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  1. Also, in their entire draft class Edmunds is 6th in Career AV and Allen is 10th...pretty impressive. And that is before Allen's year this year which might catapult him to #1.
  2. Very nice....and this won't even include the Diggs trade since he wasn't an FA but has added a huge amount of AV for this year... I think sometimes it helps to see things in perspective compared to other teams when we might be upset that player X from round Z hasn't produced more, but then you start looking around the NFL and realize that we have done really well overall...
  3. Tomlin has the 6th highest career winning percentage for coaches with more than 200 games at .658. His worst record as a head coach has been 8-8(3 times). He has won double digit games 9 times out of 14 seasons. Pretty sure while the FO might have helped, he is a damn good coach.
  4. But even last year people were talking about that there was something wrong with him and that he wasn't playing well...I think this is a case of the stats not lining up with how he was actually playing.
  5. Watching Wentz looking absolutely clueless this year and badly regressing makes me really wonder...how much was Reich responsible for his successes? It seems like he started downhill once Reich left and this year he has hit rock bottom...he may no longer be a starting caliber QB in this league. And that is what I worry about with Allen a little bit...Daboll has been instrumental to his success and maturation into a star for us...how much would Allen regress(if at all) if Daboll leaves for a HC coaching job this offseason. There are expected to be a lot of opening, more so than any other year in recent memory perhaps, and Daboll has been a hot name for a year or two now.
  6. Some games he definitely would be in the discussion, others not so much. Still working on consistency but his floor has moved up tremendously since his rookie year. Josh playing his worst game is still good enough to probably beat half the teams in the league of not more. Also...as an aside...has Josh ever thrown a pick 6? I don't recall seeing one...some QBs have a tendency for those type of INTs like Winston(and Matt Schaub going back a while) and others never seem to have them happen...
  7. Shouldn't this be posted on other fans message boards??
  8. Wouldn't Hodgins be that? 6'4" and some said he had the best hands in the entire draft.
  9. The crazy thing is, every one of them has worked! And not just worked, scored a TD. Very few teams scheme up trick plays that well...many times they are covered and we only get to see the highlights of the ones that actually worked. Some of these plays are pretty awesome...would like to see Daboll try the one at the 1:33 mark of the video... Best trick plays of all time(college and pro)
  10. Apparently even dudes playing with him at first didn't think he was very good... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tyreek-hills-first-impression-of-patrick-mahomes-i-thought-he-was-trash-041028592.html
  11. This year might see the most head coaches getting fired that I can remember in recent memory...not good for our chances of keeping Daboll as OC, or for that matter maybe even Frazier as DC.
  12. If you see the title of the graph tho, it says "expected win probability LOST by kicking in go situations"
  13. No what it says is the Bills are best at making decisions to go for it when they should and kick when they should based on his statistical models. This is a good thing.
  14. It is a default ejection now by rule. They usually announce "This is the player's first penalty towards ejection from the game"
  15. I can't either...basically the GM tells him this is what we want to do and Overdoff would give them the implications for that and if they decided to do it they would give him the general terms and he would draft up the contract. I don't see how he got thrust into being some type of bad guy.
  16. I am shocked they didn't ask for concessions from players...in the long run they are the ones getting screwed in all of this...the stars will get paid its the guys on mid term contracts and vet minimum contracts that will end up bearing the brunt of it.
  17. Rule also is if you go on IR a second time after coming back you are done.
  18. I just can't see ot dropping that much...unless they get players to accept 90% of their salaries or something for next year to avoid a huge number of cap casualties and low contracts in FA. The players may be smarter to accept 90% of their salaries versus have a huge number of players get cut and then have no money to sign them.
  19. They will likely do something that taps into future year salary cap increase projections to balance it out I am betting....maybe leave it flat for a period of time until the revenue increases past the point of the losses and then let it start going up again... The cap was designed to make it fair for all teams. How is it fair when some teams are able to have fans at the stadium and others are not? How it fair when some stadiums are at 25% capacity and others are at 10% or less? While much of this goes towards the cap, teams do get to keep club seats and booth revenue as well as concessions, etc. I don't think the teams will allow the cap to have a huge dropoff due to circumstances far beyond anyone's control. Under normal circumstances you would be right. But these are far from normal circumstances.
  20. But they still rolled up 23 first downs and 27 points...would have likely been 30+ if not for the silly fumbles.
  21. Carson Wentz is so bad now it's comical...Eagles had negative yards of offense and no first downs prior to the last drive where they scored right before the half...against a historically bad defense. How this is only a 1 score game I have no idea...they suck.
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