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  1. To be honest its not really a mystery. The lack of DTs and D-linemen in general not being able to get off blocks. It doesn't help that they are very undersized on top of it. Ed Oliver is completely usless at the 3 technique if he can't get pressure on the QB. Guy needs to go. I am not going to blame the secondary. Or even the linebackers... AJ Klein sucks though
  2. If it wasn't raining it would have been worse.. Also, the Bills basically played not to lose and did not play to win. They sat back on defense, rarely brought any pressure and KC just shredded them on the ground and with short passes.
  3. I don't get this take. You don't even know hes in the game on most plays. Very little impact
  4. As crazy as it may seem.. the Bills are 17th in defense still
  5. I mean its 5 games now with very subpar defense
  6. Honestly, imo Edmunds is fine. He needs some help up front. The D-line has not been good. AJ Epeneza is having a terrible rookie season, and Ed Oliver is a huge undersized DT bust. Jerry Hughes is getting old and Trent Murphy is probably under league average for DE production. They have personnel issues that Beane needs to address NOW. Otherwise, they will be lucky to beat the Patriots for the division
  7. The NFL went into this season with no real plan how to navigate it with people testing positive for Covid. This is not baseball where you can just play a double header
  8. Ya, but they can't stretch the field like the Rams. Especially with Ruggs and the other rookie out injured.
  9. I think we need to see Dotson on the field more vs the Raiders IMO
  10. I watched quite of the game vs the Rams over again, and I noticed that the defense was in 2 LB sets for a large majority of the game. Taron Johnson got blown up on run plays. Yet the Bills continued to stay with the nickel package. With all the dump downs the Raiders like to do, I would assume that you would see more 3 LB sets. I am predicting the Bills put up a more stout effort on defense this week
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