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  1. Ah the Rickenbacker 4001 - Dreams of Geddy Lee and Chris Squire. sigh . . .
  2. Prefer flats, will eat both - agree with Dean-O. Crispy is a must, the hotter the better. Locally, there is a place a called The Peanut Bar - wings are "ranked" #6 n the USA. The sauce is FOAMY!!! WTF is that?!?! They do serve them crispy, but the sauce was a real letdown. Local bar called Brewer's has the best wings around - usually crispy and their Death Sauce is tasty and quite spicy - i can order an extra to ensure full coating/finger lickin'.
  3. Sheesh - we're you at Paula's donuts the other day?
  4. the usual BS from these jerks. POints have all been made Ancient QB's; cap issues; 20th in drafting? A deep run into the playoffs will cure all of this. BTW, aren't these all the same guys who said Lamar Jackson should be a wide receiver? Now he's the "superstar" QB?
  5. I saw it in the morning skies last weekend and finally;y spotted it in the evening last nite with binoculars.
  6. that;s one heckuva camel toe she's sporting . . . 😮
  7. A very close relative of mine has gone from acid-dropping hippie at Altamont to the staunchest Trump supporter i know.
  8. The resort we were originally booked for isn't reopening 'til November - we were rebooked for the same dates at a different, larger Sandlas. We did lose out on the private pool 😒though.
  9. Ha! Neil in a Red Barchetta. Nice touch.
  10. Nah, she has a pig face . . .
  11. Still on for St. Lucia in September - my main concern is American Airlines going out of business 😨
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