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  1. r/nflstreams always has at least one stream of the game. As a former Sunday Ticket Streamer, i can tell you that these are FAR better than what you pay $199/season.
  2. Hammer Silent Found After the hammer fell silent, McBeane found his damned train whistle.
  3. An hour at a pop for some advice - rosters, drafting, etc. is great. The 8 hours of it yesterday were beyond intolerable -
  4. Yeah, he's built like a tight end . . . The guy is massive!
  5. Been on a serious almond kick for a while now. Love 'em.
  6. Ha ! i just re-connected with a friend from high school, and he related the story of the first time we heard "Come Dancing" by the Kinks, sitting in a car outside of a house in So. Buffalo buying weed.. Good times...... good times.
  7. All of my personal favorites have been mentioned with the exception of: The Kinks - One For the Road. That album made the summer of 1980 for me. U2 - Live At Red Rocks - That version of Bad is one of the best things i've ever heard. When i saw Genesis in '07 they were offering a soundboard recording of that night's concert at themusic.org. So i have that and it's really well done. Last, the bootleg i have of the opening night of Rush's R30 Tour in Nashville is fantastic and my favorite live "album" of all time.
  8. Early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable.
  9. Every year there's some moron who predicts great thing from the Phins. Didn't John Clayton predict them to win the SB the year that they went 1-15??
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