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  1. The shirt I had from that show had "First Farewell Tour" emblazoned on it.
  2. You'd think that someone at Pro Football FOCUS would actually know this...
  3. Crosseyed and Painless is my all-time favorite T-Funk Heads song - and it was the encore? wowsa.
  4. Talk about rent-free living space.. who gives a flying f*** at a rolling donut?
  5. I've been a very harsh critic of Edmunds. That said, I'd rather the Bills pick up the 5th year option than extend him at the moment, and then let him walk.
  6. Right, but who the hell is gonna block for him?? Bad pick IMHO
  7. Well, he won't fall to us @ 30 , but if he falls to 22, then go get him.
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