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  1. That guy on Tucker Carlson's show should be a politician. He said a lot without saying a thing.
  2. Old stand by: Dave's Total Insanity Sauce New Fave: Moore's Habanero Sauce Local (to Buffalo) Fave: Krista's Hot Sauce When we're back in town, we always stop at the Tops in EA on our way out and load up on Krista's and Dave's - Can't find either here in PA. And i do love Tabasco - has a great, tangy flavor. Hottest I've ever tried: The Vontae Davis Sauce at O'Neills at Abbot & Soutwestern - That messed up my plumbing for a couple days.
  3. Maybe we should have beaten the p*ss out of the Phins. Apparently, that's the key to being a contender these days.
  4. The NFL is trying REALLY hard to get me to not watch pro football any longer.
  5. r/nflstreams always has at least one stream of the game. As a former Sunday Ticket Streamer, i can tell you that these are FAR better than what you pay $199/season.
  6. Hammer Silent Found After the hammer fell silent, McBeane found his damned train whistle.
  7. An hour at a pop for some advice - rosters, drafting, etc. is great. The 8 hours of it yesterday were beyond intolerable -
  8. Yeah, he's built like a tight end . . . The guy is massive!
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