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  1. Miami will be praying that the Colts win tonight. They won’t want a return ticket to Orchard Park.
  2. Stills is the insurance policy. Good cover for Beasley or any WR injury or Covid absentees in the next 5 weeks. Look what happened to the Browns last week at the Jets.
  3. My preference is 1pm on Saturday because I can't wait ! And more rest before the Divisional Round the following weekend.
  4. An upgrade for sure. But expensive and the Bills have more pressing needs for those cap dollars. Also Fitz may prefer an option where he sees more potential game time. Barkley seems to have a nice chemistry going with the team. Let's see him in action in week 17.
  5. and next season we need to find a space for Isiah Hodgins returning from IR. So thats our top 7 WRs sorted already assuming they all return. Mix of experience and youth.
  6. Sorry Dafan. The tiebreaker doesn't work that way when determining seedings. Divisional records would be disregarded to separate teams with same win/loss records playing in different Divisions inside the AFC.
  7. Our first possession in Tennessee ended when Andre Roberts tipped a pass into the hands of a Titans defender. Our WR Corp looks a heck of a lot stronger now. Doubt Roberts will get another target from Josh unless we rest all the starters in Week 17.
  8. Fromm sounds perfect. We may want to lose the Week17 game to ensure a Play Off game against Miami. And eliminate the Ravens (even if they win out) in the process
  9. TEN winning at GB makes no difference as long as Bills win, Colts beat Pitt and Browns beat Jets. That’s because Steelers play Browns in Wk 17 so one of those teams finish 12-4. Bills win any 3 or 4 team tiebreaker at 12-4.
  10. The Titans game started with Andre Roberts tipping a good pass by Josh into the hands of a Titans defender. Andre is now WR6 or WR7 on the depth chart and won’t see the field besides returns. The Titans will notice the difference if we play them.
  11. You would need the Steelers to win out to finish 13-3 also. Our head to head with KC is disregarded and it goes on Strength of Victory. We need a lot of help.
  12. Correct. And with the Browns finishing with the Jets & Steelers you would think they would finish 12-4 also. So with a win in Foxboro we can still field the back ups against Miami. Perfect.
  13. Some teams can deal with Prime Time games. Others not so well. As someone once said “it’s on to New England !”
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