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  1. Chiefs ran dime almost exclusively against us, even with Knox and singletary in the game. Guess that’s how much they respect they didn’t have for our running game
  2. Diggs signaled to the ref that he was on the line, and was therefore covering the TE, Gilliam
  3. With regards to jets and giants fans in Albany, I’m not sure how people in the state capital can root for teams that play for a city that has no care about anything upstate
  4. Tied for most touchbacks and 2nd worst in net yards. I feel like his inside the 20s were mostly close to the 20. Anybody have an inside the 10 stat on him?
  5. Not that bad of a pick considering the rest of the bottom half of the round
  6. Could have been 5 minute video. Absolutely horrible editing or lack there of. Almost unwatchable.
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