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  1. This was the first thing that came to my mind! Tommy was a guitar god!
  2. He was on the Today show a couple of days ago with his wife talking about the book. Seems like a good guy: https://www.today.com/video/meet-for-the-former-nfl-player-studying-mathematics-at-mit-59518533528
  3. If you truly represent Bills fans, you will stand in the middle of downtown and scream at the top of your lungs "IT WAS A FORWARD PASS!"
  4. Its gonna be a looooong 3 days til the draft.
  5. Is this the All - 22 of Bodine, Ducasse and Mills?
  6. Did the PFN author really mean Gase was LOOKING at people the wrong way?
  7. Are you still hungover from the loss to the Pats?
  8. He certainly brought interesting insight, but as oldman stated, very thin-skinned if some of his insight was questioned.
  9. I honestly dont remember the exact nature, but I know he had some back and forths with a few here and pretty much said he was leaving. I know he was certainly subjected to some over the top snipes, but he was also quick to dish some out. Handle might have been Tim G, not sure.
  10. Tim used to post here but left in a snit a few years back.
  11. Not to mention that was years ago and he hasn't been an issue since.
  12. I think Morse went over to the Jet message board and came across some Jimmy Spags posts, and thought "Buffalo, here I come".
  13. Gotcha. I actually thought he started well early last season then tailed off after an injury. If healthy I think he would be a good pick up for someone.
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