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  1. Honestly. "We won...but I'm not happy about it!" LOL.
  2. Welcome to the board and good to see another central NJ fan here. Millstone is a nice town, love the pizzas from Albivi. And as others stated, you are not old!
  3. It may not make sense, but it does seem to be the norm these days as far as the backup not getting any reps, or barely any during the week. And in Daniel Jones case, it doesn't seem to have hurt him so far: https://www.nj.com/giants/2019/08/the-mistake-giants-simply-cant-make-after-qb-daniel-jones-great-preseason-whats-next-for-rookie.html
  4. Yeah i dont get this, the other thread was talking about Giselle's weird rituals with Tom. What you posted is totally different. I guess we need to read every single page of that thread to know this topic was going to be in it???? 🙄
  5. Jim Rome makes me fall off my chair: hah you just beat me to it!
  6. I think its too soon to label him mediocre. Not saying he's great either, but I see potential in him to be a good QB. Full disclosure: I did want him to be drafted by the Bills but certainly was not dissapointed with Josh as the pick. But just as a football fan I think he can be better than mediocre.
  7. I really feel for Darnold. He deserves better than this clown for a HC............but then again its the Jets so I'm giddy 😁
  8. Plenty of other options available that are still better than Bojo.
  9. If A. Brown were serious about playing with his life long helmet, then he should have no qualms about leaving the NFL and playing in this league. Do it AB, I dare ya!
  10. Maybe they take a page from their own history book and trade Zeke like they did Hershel Walker. granted they would not get the same type of return, but they could certainly get some premium draft picks for a player still on the rise.
  11. Good lord, worried about McD, worried about Spain, worried about the 3rd string QB, worried about Ed Oliver's attitude, worried about worrying......these threads really bolster the need for a shortened preseason!
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