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  1. "Baby, please (Baby) go all the way
    It feels so right (Feels so right)
    Being with you here tonight
    Please (Baby) go all the way
    Just hold me close (Hold me close)
    Don't ever let me go (Don't let me go)"

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  2. The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in
    With its words of a lie that could almost be true
    Ah Mother American Night, here comes the light
    I'm turning around that's what I'm gonna do

    Goin' back home that's what I'm gonna do
    Turnin' around
    That's what I'm gonna do

  3. 4 minutes ago, Rocky Landing said:

    I don’t often disagree with you, but I sure do here. 

    if you look at the Bills current roster— and I’ll say including reserve/future— at what positions would you say the Bills are thin?


    To my eye:


    QB, excellent 

    OL, adequate 

    WR, thin(ish)

    RB, adequate 

    TE, deep


    DT, thin

    DE, thin

    LB, adequate(ish)

    S, thin

    CB, thin


    And where were the majority of our injuries last season? We ignore defensive depth at our peril. 

    You are making sense but remember when Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, and Andre were getting old at the same time? Instead of thinking about their replacements, the Bills drafted cornerbacks. It obviously didn't work and I would hate to see this happen again. Diggs isn't getting better from where I sit and certainly isn't getting younger. Also, guards are now suddenly getting the big bucks. OL depth is wonderful to have.

    We might never have another QB as talented as Josh. Now is the time to give him more weapons and protection. 

    As always, jmo.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, BringBackFergy said:

    Diggs, Shakir, Hollins, Samuel, Shorter…even Kincaid (WR/TE). Nice WR room.


    Face it…we need an interior O lineman or a safety.

    Deal with it.  

    Great suggestion!  It was a smart move to pass on Mahomes and draft a cornerback. We also should not have drafted Josh Allen if there was a good safety available. Actually I'm kinda surprised this didn't happen. 


    I sure do pine for the Levy/Jauron days. With McDermott, there is perhaps some chance that he won't take a first round safety. :( Is Jauron still available? 👍

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  5. On 3/12/2024 at 1:01 PM, Alphadawg7 said:

    This is a move that I do think makes the Ravens better…how much is yet to be seen, but seems like a no brainer fit.  Makes the Saquon deal look even worse IMO.  

    Good for him!!! Henry is a great guy and has been for years. 


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  6. 3 hours ago, 34-78-83 said:

    My goodness I would sure hate that! And the first person I would want to check in on would be @Bill from NYC :)

    Yes, if it happens please do. A first round DB this season would not be good for my health. That said, I will be better equipped to handle it than I was in 2006 when we drafted Donte Whitner at #8.

    The truth is that I never fully got over that disaster. :) 


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  7. 14 hours ago, PromoTheRobot said:


    There is that argument. And football is not basketball. But part of the appeal of the NCAA basketball tournaments is every team, all 360+ schools, can become national champion. In football it's only 4 schools that are picked by a committee.

    True enough, however UMass and University of Texas might not be such a big draw or great game.

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  8. 1 hour ago, PromoTheRobot said:


    As long as they give the G5 (or how ever any non-power conferences there are these days) a couple seats. If I ran things every conference champ would be in.

    I can understand this. I would feel the same way if I didn't care about the quality of the teams.

  9. So I went to the corner
    Just to ease my pain
    Said, just to ease my pain
    I got troubles, whoa-oh
    I got worries, whoa-oh
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    (Yeah) I got troubles, whoa-oh
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  10. Just now, boyst said:

    So you're saying there is a chance?  Cmon. It's a thought exercise. Amuse us. ... And just for that I'm praying to Football Jesus that we draft a safety and corner in the first two rounds. 😜

    I expect it but hope that McDermott isn't THAT stupid.


    As for Bowers, he has a chance to be as good as Gronk. He is shockingly good and I expect him to be gone in the top 10. I would draft him in a heartbeat.

  11. Stiff all in the collar, fluffy in the face
    Chit chat chatter tryin', stuffy in the place
    Thank you for the party, but I could never stay
    Many things is on my mind, words in the way


    I want to thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
    Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin

  12. 6 hours ago, boyst said:

    Would you be tempted? Could you? I won't go into a million hypotheticals but the draft is deep in WR. There are only so many first round grades on WR. This is the top TE in the draft.


    Now that Knox has restructured maybe he could be traded.

    There is a greater possibility of me getting a date with Margot Robbie than Bowers being there when we pick. 

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  13. Hold me up to all whom you've deceived
    Promises you break you still believe


    And all your weight
    It falls on me, it brings me down
    And all your weight
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  14. They will now have Bill O'Brien and Doug Marrone on their staff, two coaches that we Bills Fans are quite familiar with.  These two were coaching together for a short time at Alabama and were both quite unpopular with the fans. It is even widely speculated that Saban politely ushered them both out the door. Marrone was the offensive line coach for the Crimson Tide and certainly the less popular of the two. O'Brien had a good W/L record, but he did have the misfortune of following Lane Kiffen and Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator, both clearly superior offensive minds and both better coaches. 


    I am a very small (and fairly successful) bettor, making only a dozen bets per season, perhaps fewer. I think that betting against Boston College will be a good chance to make a few dollars, but this of course is JMO. If I could pick winners year after year I never would have busted my a$$ working, believe me. Still, I suspect that these two might be a disaster.


    Again, JMO







  15. All of the people around us, they say
    Can they be that close
    Just let me state for the record
    We're giving love in a family dose


    We are family
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah
    I got all my sisters with me

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  16. 14 hours ago, JimBob2232 said:

    NCAA is dead...


    should have been 6.  Winner of Big10, Pac10, SEC, ACC and PAC12, and highest ranked P5.  2 Byes. 


    or if 8...Winner of Big10, Pac10, SEC, ACC and PAC12, and highest ranked P5 and 2 at large bids. 


    But now they have gone crazy.

    I think that with all of these extra games, conference championship games should be eliminated. It is not a popular opinion. 

  17. Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?
    Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
    The sun is up, the sky is blue
    It's beautiful and so are you
    Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?
    Dear Prudence, open up your eyes

  18. Whatcha tryin' to do to my heart
    Whatcha tryin' to do to my heart
    You go around, tellin' lies, and now you wanna compromise
    Whatcha tryin' to do to my heart
    You better run, you better hide, you better leave from my side

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