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  1. I have seen Nabers play and he looks like an excellent receiver. That said, this is not a move that I would be in favor of. 


    In 2014, an undisciplined, impulsive Doug Whaley gave away the store for Sammy Watkins and it proved to be a disaster. True, we didn't have a decent QB on the roster (let alone a great one like Josh Allen) but if deals like this turn out to be a mistake they can cripple a team. This draft is said to be quite deep at the WR and OT positions. I favor staying put and filling the roster with early picks at these positions. 


    I readily admit that I suffer from shell shock after decades of Bills stupidity and really do hope that McDermott surprises me and does this the right way.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, That's No Moon said:

    That one shook a little harder, this one lasted a little longer.

    Agreed. As I said my chair was rocking sideways with the legs leaving the floor on the last one. This one was noisier and as you said, lasted longer.

  3. 1 minute ago, SinceThe70s said:

    My son is in College Park, MD and they felt it. A co-worker in RI felt it as well. He was on a call with folks from Philadelphia who felt it a few moments before he did.


    That is how fast these thing travel. 


    Approx 12 years ago I was on the phone with my daughter. She said to me "I have to go" and hung up. She was living in Herndon, VA. I had no idea what was happening to her and was scared. Less that a minute later my chair was rocking from side to side. I'm not sure that this one was as bad.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Gregg said:

    I am in Ramsey, NJ. I felt it over here. 

    My cousin told me that Tewksbury, NJ was the epicenter and she live just a few miles from there.

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  6. Imo the most important change has to be wrt the transfer portal and NIL. I am not against either mind you. Far from it but they really do need somne sort of regulated system.


    OT Kadyn Proctor was a 5 star, top 10 overall player coming out of HS. He played well (not great) as a freshman. Proctor hit the portal after Coach Saban retired and went to Iowa Univ. (his home state).  A few weeks later he decided to re-enter the portal and return to Alabama.  Coach Ferentz wished him well, but he also stated that Proctor took more than 1/2 of Iowa's NIL money with him. 


    As an Alabama Fan I suppose that this should make me happy but it does not. I mean, what is there to stop a great player from signing with the Tide, taking our NIL money, and splitting with it?  As it now stands, the college players have more freedom that NFL players. Mahomes can't just decide that he wants to play for the Dolphins. He is under contract. 


    Again. I am all for players getting paid but college football is in need of a fair system.

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  9. I am thinking that perhaps I'm going against the grain with my opinion. I have been very tough on McDermott but my initial reaction to this trade is positive but with a caveat.


    If he dedicates the early picks to WRs and OTs, I think it was a good move. I don't think that Diggs is getting better, and a #2 is frankly a bit more than I expected. This draft appears to be loaded with receivers and OL, and now is the time to focus more on the offense and these positions specifically.


    The caveat? If McDermott drafts safeties, corners and other defenders with the early picks we will be heading right back to the Levy/Jauron days and lose football games. I truly hope this doesn't happen but again, at this point I support the trade.



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  10. Mine is Jermaine Burton - WR - University of Alabama. I'm calling him a sleeper because he is a first round talent imo but I don't often read about him being selected in round one. here is why:


    1) He is said to be a bit of a head case. 


    2) His quarterback (Jalen Milroe) isn't so great imo. Some of the passes in this video were very good. Others didn't hit Burton in stride. Milroe is not very accomplished at short to mid range passes imo.


    3) It is worth noting that at the Alabama Pro Day, Burton chose QB Ty Simpson to throw to him over Milroe. 


    I really can see this kid as a great #2 for Josh, who is 100x better than Milroe. I think that Jermaine would be open all over the field and score TDs.

    As always, JMO.



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  15. 12 hours ago, Victory Formation said:

    28. Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA

    60. Ja’Lynn Polk, WR, Washington

    128. Roger Rosengarten, OT, Washington

    133. Tykee Smith, S, Georgia

    144. Ben Sinnott, TE, Kansas State

    160. Mason McCormick, OG, South Dakota State

    163. Justin Eboigbe, DL, Alabama

    189. Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville 

    200. Marist Liufau, LB, Notre Dame

    204. Tanor Bartolini, OC, Wisconsin 

    Eboigbe at 163 would be an absolute steal.

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  16. 3 hours ago, strive_for_five_guy said:

    This board would explode if Beane ever had a draft like that (Whitner, McCargo, Youboty, Ko Simpson, Keith Ellison).  Silver lining is we landed Kyle Williams in that draft.

    Trust me, I went off big time. I said back then that it would set back the team 5 years. The truth is that I underestimated. 


    Levy/Jauron were one of the worst combinations in NFL History.

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  17. 2 hours ago, BullBuchanan said:

    Ko Simposn had a big rookie year for us and Whitner, while a bit of a disappointment, was a day 1 starter who played for 11 seasons. Far from our worst draft.

    The thing that everyone always overlooks on bust drafts picks, is that in the vast majority of cases (unless you're Jacksonville, the Raiders or New England) that guy who was a massive disappointment for your team, was getting drafted in the next couple of picks if you didn't take him. The draft is just as much luck as it is skill.

    If we didn't draft sammy watkins #4, he was going in the next couple picks. Same for Mike Williams, Ej Manuel, JP Losman, etc.

    We had the #8 pick in rounds 1 & 2, and the 5th and 8th pics in round 3. With these four premium picks we wound up with 3 players: S Whitner, DT McCargo, and DB Youboty. With 4 picks!!!  In round 4, we drafted Ko Simpson. All this on a team with no quarterback and a pi$$ poor offensive line. 


    In all sincerity, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this and all other issues. That said, I'm sorry; how you could think that this was a good, or even half decent draft for the Bills is beyond any level of comprehension of which I am capable.



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