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  1. You tell me you're lonely, I know how you feel
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  2. 6 hours ago, Buffalo716 said:


    I think players should have the option of transferring without consequence but it should be a one-time deal

    This sounds great and I would be in favor of this, however; I am not a lawyer, but I have serious doubts about whether this would stand up in court. For instance, if I am a college student (non-athlete), am I not allowed to transfer from school to school at will?  I would think so. It might slow down my obtaining a degree but as you well know, many of these student athletes don't care all that much about college degrees.  


    Don't get me wrong. I am an Alabama Fan and I started this thread to express my misgivings about the Proctor situation.  One would think that a group called the NCAA would possess a certain amount of intelligence but this doesn't seem to be the case. The ever divided US Supreme Court actually ruled 9-0 against them fairly recently. I get the impression that soon the NCAA will not exist.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    At the pro days, do you know if the teams get to meet with the players?  Or is it just watch them work out?

    I assume they can but I can't say for sure. Belecik was a frequent visitor to Tuscaloosa. It is hard for me to imagine Saban (his friend for about 50 years and fellow Croatian) not introducing him to players.

  4. 7 hours ago, NORWOODS FOOT said:

    I chalk it up to the fact that he’s a big kid in a man’s body. He left Bama because he was homesick (apparently) and is returning to Bama because he went on spring break with some of his buddies (supposedly) and they talked him into it. Homesick. Peer pressure. Indecisive. I say with no malice, this is kid stuff. And the rules allow for this right now. 

    Yes but I heard Coach Ferentz say that he went off with the bulk of the NIL money that Iowa had. It is apparently legal but it does appear to be somewhat sinister.

    Proctor has all the potential to be great. Tbh he looks more like a dominant RT to me but I could be wrong. As a Bama Fan I just hope the kid has his head on straight.

  5. 2 hours ago, Beck Water said:

    Does Alabama have any good WR?  Serious question....

    Jermaine Burton is VERY talented. He would have much better numbers with any of the  previous four Alabama QBs. MUCH better. Playing with Milroe at QB makes him tougher to rate and will more than likely cost him in the draft. The only caveat is that he is said to be a bit of a head case. I think that if he has himself together he would be a very, very good target for Josh.






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  6. 25 minutes ago, zow2 said:


    Admittedly it's a sweeping generalization.  I'm aware of the hundreds of draftees from there, many have made it big.  It's a factory.   I'd want the hardest workers and guys who love football, from all the draft picks.

    Agreed. The good Bama players do keep on coming. The Lions had Williams, Branch, and Gibbs help them get to the Super Bowl. I posted my opinion of this class about a month ago. It isn't their strongest class by any means but there are some very good players there.

    8 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    AJ mccarron led a legacy 4th qtr comeback drive ON THE ROAD in the preseason. 

    Dwayne Haskins was pretty good as well. Oh wait, different school.



  7. 3 minutes ago, zow2 said:


    Bama players have been kind of dicey to me.  Hugely productive at the college level, but when they come to the NFL and things don't come as easy, I don't feel like they handle it well.  

    Very true. Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Davonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle all pretty much suck. Oh, and I forgot who led the NFL in passing yards in 2023, and who took the Eagles to the NFC Title and the Superbowl. Those two are also very dicey. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Solomon Grundy said:

    Has there ever been an Alabama prospect that has excelled in a Bills uniform? 

    I heard that Cornelius Bennett was OK.

    1 hour ago, TheBeaneBandit said:

    They have a DE and CB both considered top 20 picks....could keep an eye on them in case one slides. Just another angle of the draft madness.

    They have 2 corners who will almost certainly go in round one.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    Looks like a nice player to me.  Appears to have played SS, General DB and FS

    Has a knack for taking it to the house when he gets the ball.


    4 Defensive TDs in the last 4 years  + Championships with TB and KC



    Stats are pretty good. I like it. Maybe this will make McDermott hesitate to draft a first round safety.

    Fingers crossed. 

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  11. And I'm not so sure how to feel about this.


    Last season as an incoming freshman he was a 5 Star and a Top 10 overall recruit. He has unreal strength but weighed in at 360 lbs., perhaps more. He was good, but far from the best Alabama has seen in recent years (although only a freshman). Imo, he needs to lose some weight.


     He transfered out when Coach Saban announced his retirement and signed with Iowa, his home state. Why he is coming back is not clear. Also, the kids in Tuscaloosa are busting their asses working out. Is he working out in Iowa? Who knows? Why should he? Can he even if he wants to?


    The portal rules are now screwy. If I am correct they are allowed unlimited transfers. Also, he almost certainly got money to come to Iowa. Does he return it? How does this work? 


    Yeah, I just don't know how I should feel but at this point I am somewhat skeptical.



  12. 11 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    There are always people who want to throw a first round pick at any perceived position of need.    Even if it's devalued.   There is a very vocal minority that often suggests RB in round 1 every year so any position outside of ST only will please some people if it's a perceived immediate need.

    So true. I've seen folks call for a 1st round safety. Amazing.

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  13. 5 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    Then there are the rumors about Diggs being a bit of a headache - the stuff we see in the public like not showing up for OTAs and a meeting that led McDermott to say he was "very concerned"; arms raised yelling at Josh on the sideline during the Bengals playoff game; dipping out of the locker room and away from the press after two successive playoff losses; and any inside rumors there might be of stunts he's pulled behind the scenes or behavior in the locker room that's not the best.


    If nothing else, a trade partner has to ask "if the Bills are willing to incur a cap hit and trade the best WR on the team, Why?"

    Your paragraph above would seem to be a more than sufficent answer to the bolded question, or am I missing something? :) 

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  15. 1 minute ago, BillsFanForever19 said:


    We just extended Dion Dawkins and Spencer Brown's coming off a very good season. Why would we spend our 1st on a Backup Offensive Tackle?

    I was responding to the scenario that the poster raised. My preference is WR, however; top quality OTs are worth their weight in gold, and obviously players get injured. Also Dawkins, a fine LT imo, is huge and will be 30 next month. He would seem to be a pretty decent candidate for an injury.


    With Josh Allen at qb, protection should be our #1A concern, with 1B being weapons. Now, we can certainly waste another #1 pick on a corner (to play in a zone), an easy to find safety, or a MLB. This is what I expect McDermott (notice that I didn't say Beane) to do. I consider it to be counter productive but this is his history and he even trades up to waste picks (another thing that would fail to shock me). 


    In any event, taking a LT (assuming the top WRs are gone) would be fine with me. Of course, this is jmo.





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  17. On 3/14/2024 at 8:52 PM, Dan in Owego said:

    Hypothetical let's say we are stuck at 28 can't find a way up or down. Due to a run on QB and WR an OT like Taliese Fuga falls to our spot, Chop Robinson is also there as well, who do you pick?

    VERY good question. I don't know anything about the OT you named but if he is thought to be a fine LT and is still there, I would say grab him.

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  19. On 3/18/2024 at 4:52 AM, Pete said:

    1967-1972 and 1989-1994 are the two greatest musical periods in history IMO

    Both were excellent periods. The early 90's were great and stayed that way through much, though not all of the decade. In 89, Jerry Garcia was sober, or at least close to it. The Dead concerts in Philly, Buffalo, and the Meadowlands were superb.


    A case could be made that 1967-1972 changed the entire musical scene. 


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  20. 11 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    Man, the Bears front office is so reminiscent of the Bills drought braintrust.   @PromoTheRobot would be like a pig in sh!t shouting down rightfully angry fans and defending that clown show. 😂

    Well, look where we got Jauron from!!!


    And for unaware posters, you knew Jauron would suck as a coach and said so almost the very second Levy signed him (Jauron was like his clone in many ways). The two of them had a special team/secondary love fest and ignored OL and QB and yes, some fans defended them. 

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