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  1. My friends are so distressed
    They're standing on the brink of emptiness
    No words I know of to express
    This emptiness


    I love all of you
    Hurt by the cold
    So hard and lonely, too
    When you don't know yourself

  2. Then that time I went and said goodbye
    Now I'm back and not ashamed to cry
    Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!

    Here I am baby
    Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours

  3. Life's too short to make a mistake
    Let's think of each other and hesitate
    Young and impatient we may be
    There's no need to act foolishly
    If we part our hearts won't forget it
    Years from now we'll surely regret it

    Give me just a little more time
    And our love will surely grow
    Give me just a little more time
    And our love will surely grow

  4. I woke up this morning and my wife gave me a kiss and said, "you are a great guy."

    I said OK, and went downstairs and called the TSA at JFK Airport and told them what she said.

    The guy said to me, "Why the f%#k are you telling this to me?"

    I responded, "Well, you said that I should report any unusual activity."

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  5. It's much too groovy a summer's day
    To waste running 'round in the city
    But here on the sand I can dream away
    Or look at the girls in their pretty


    It's a turn down day, nothin' on my mind
    It's a turn down day and I dig it

  6. 8 minutes ago, Chaos said:
    1. I am not saying McDermott should be fired
    2. I am not saying there is obviously a better coach to replace McDermott

    I am saying, I am sincerely baffled by why anyone would measure the Bills record under McDermott to the drought era Bills, Marvin Lewis, or Andy Reid or any other non-relevant data point. 

    n all walks of life people's performance is measured against expectations.  In the NFL 14/32 teams make the playoffs every year.  If everything was exactly equal in a five year period a team would be expected to appear in the playoffs twice. Eight teams advance to the divisional round, so in a five year period, it would be expected to make the divisional round approximately once. So in a world where schedules and rosters are exactly even, the Bills have been very successful during the last five years. The math says that is not disputable. 

    In the real world however rosters and schedules are not equal.  Another bit of math that is not really disputable, is that the production from the QB position during the last five years by virtually all measures has been top 2 in the NFL.   Its hard to determine the talent level on the roster as a measurable against other teams. For discussion purposes, lets say the Bills have had a top 10 roster (excluding QB position) over the last five year.  So top 2 QB, top 10 roster, AFC east schedule during the last five years.   What are the expectations for that situation.  In my opinion it would be odd for the Bills to not win the division every year for the last five years, given the QB and roster we have had.  McDermott has delivered on that expectation.  But not much more than that. 

    Question 1:  What is the appropriate expecation for the Bills with Josh Allen and the type of roster the  Bills have had over the last five years

    This question is the root cause of most arguments over McDermott. It is not really about McDermott.  It's about the Bills delivering or not delivering on expectations.  Much of the defense of McDermott is in the form of "your expectations are unrealistic, my expectations are realistic, and McDermott succeeds in meeting my lower expectations not your higher expectations."  This is an entirely reasonable fan argument. But it does not provde the answer for question 2. 

    Question 2: Would a different head coach meet, fall short of, or exceed the expecations, that I set for McDermott. 

    Many McDermott defenders shift the bar dramatically when discussion the merits of a change. This type of argument is "a different head coach does not guarantee a super bowl".  But I don't believe that is a reasonable argument.  

    Personally I think most (not all) of the current NFL head coaches, would win the AFC east in 2024 with the Bills current roster.  So if that is my expectation to measure success against, I think it is a low risk decision to make a change.  

    Question 3: Do you ever raise the bar of expectation for the Bills to "winning a super bowl" or "playing in a super bowl"? This is a yes or no question

    For the fans who answer question 3 "no", I think they will likely be happy with either Sean McDermott or a different head coach. For those that answer question 3 "yes" we are led to question 4.

    Question 4: How many seasons do you keep trying to get to the super bowl with the same head coach, before making a change?


    From  a purely historical perspective, despite the narrow-minded fans, McDermott has already been given a very long time.  But that does not answer the question of how many seasons.  (note if your answer is "infinite seasons", that means you answered question 3 as no, and question 4 is not relevant. )



    This was an interesting post and i enjoy posts like  this.  But with all of these questions, I think that it would help (or at least help me) if you ended it with some sort of summary. It is hard to see what it is you are driving at.


    Thanks once again for the post and I'm pretty sure that the issue is mine, not yours lol.

  7. This is just horrible news. I am glad that he was able to enjoy the lyrics thread, in which he was a big participant. His video was eye opening and poignant and he is right. We need to enjoy the little things that we take for granted. All of us.


    I pray that God blesses his family and provides them with solace in this time of sorrow.

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  8. Judge said "Son, I know your baby well
    But that's a secret I can't never tell"
    Dupree said "Judge, well it's well understood,
    And you got to admit that that sweet, sweet jelly's so good"


    Well you know son you just can't figure,
    First thing you know you're gonna pull that trigger
    And it's no wonder your reason goes bad,
    Jelly roll will drive you stone mad


    * Robert Hunter claims to have never written a song while tripping. He did however state that he wrote one song drunk, "Dupree's Diamond Blues."  This of course is an excerpt.

  9. Damien Harris is a very bright young man.  He just did a broadcast with Paul Feinbaum and I think that he will go far as a commentator. 


    Damien always gave his best. He was a strong runner, good receiver and a very willing blocker. I am glad that he retired to avoid serious, long term injury. At Alabama he was always a favorite of, and was often praised by Coach Saban because of the above and his intelligence.


    Good Luck Damien and thanks.



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  10. 8 hours ago, Beck Water said:


    With respect, I'm not sure the message is so much "heartfelt support" for McD, as 

    1) impatience with the OP for his campaign

    2) finding the McDermott/Jauron comparison inapt



    You make sense. McDermott is better than Jauron ever was, no doubt.


    I will however say this: Jauron, McDermott and yes Levy focused primarily on defensive backs. In 2006, we entered the draft with the #8 pick in rounds 1 and 2, and the nos. 5 and 8 in round 3. We came out of this great situation with S Donte Whitner, DT Josh McCargo, and S Ashton Youboty and to achieve this, Levy/Jauron traded away one of the 3rd rounders in a trade up for the inept McCargo. In the 4th round, these two Ivy League Grads drafted the famous Ko Simpson. You know, the one who asked his arresting police officers "Do you know who I am?" 


    In 2017, we all know how McDermott traded away the Mahomes pick and drafted a cornerback. At the time, our QB room consisted of Tyrod Taylor, Cardale Jones, and EJ Manuel. McD however did not fully neglect the QB position, whereas he did draft Nathan Peterman in round 5. 😯


    I think that it is very safe to say that history tells us that McDermott tends to focus more on defense than he does on offense. Despite all this. I do however agree that McDermott is superior to Jauron. I guess that it becomes a question of how much better.  Even Jauron, however painfully awful he was, didn't have Josh Allen, and McDermott does. I hope that his GREAT talent gets us a Super Bowl.

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  11. 13 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:


    And now he calls critics narrow minded for wondering if the Bills will win a SB with him as HC. You have to belive at this point the thought has crossed Beane and Pegula's mind.


    I don't think that he has to worry about Beane. McDermott brought him in and imo he can fire Beane at will. McDermott runs the ship and was in charge before Beane got to town. 


    I'm surprised to see the heartfelt support that McDermott is getting in this thread. Yes, his record is good but his quarterback is Great! I don't know, do folks think that McDermott was the only coach who could have achieved this record with Josh Allen at QB? Could no other coach have done a better job in the playoffs, or provided Josh with better tools?


    Yeah, it's hard for me to grasp the blind loyaly but as always, jmo. 

  12. Come Saturday morning
    I'm goin' away with my friend
    We'll Saturday-laugh more than half of the day (ay-ay-ay)
    Just I and my friend (my friend)
    Dressed up in our rings and our Saturday things
    And then we'll move on
    But we will remember long after Saturday's gone
    (Come Saturday morning, come Saturday morning)

  13. "Son," she said, "have I got a little story for you
    What you thought was your daddy, was nothing but a...
    While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen
    Your real daddy was dyin'
    Sorry you didn't see him, but I'm glad we talked"

    Oh, I, oh I'm still alive
    Hey, I, oh I'm still alive
    Hey, I, oh I'm still alive

  14. You, you give me love, and all of the things, that I will want forever
    Yes you, sweep away pain, giving me joy, I know will last forever

    You little trustmaker, you're no heart-breaker
    Yes sir
    You little trustmaker, you're no heart-breaker
    You little trustmaker

  15. 15 hours ago, SoonerBillsFan said:

    Heading into the draft, I feel pretty good about the Bills.  The only thing lacking is a pash rush from the front 4.  I am concerned Groot has had a couple seasons now and needs to step up and be a 10+ sack guy.  I don't like depending so much on Von. Other than that I feel all the other positions are solid. 


    WR is still #1 on my list followed by DL.  Safety in the 4th, along with just BPA from there on out.



    Would you like to rephrase this? I'm not being snide but the sentences seem to contradict each other.

  16. 5 minutes ago, WhitewalkerInPhilly said:

    If we can't get a gamewrecker, would we say no to another 3rd or 4th round pick if Beane lets someone trade in from the back end?

    Well, I disagree about WR not being a "dire need." And in terms of losing #28 for just another 3rd or 4th, I would say no way. The last thing that I want is for the Bills to get stiffed again as they did in the Mahomes pick for Tre White fiasco, and I don't trust McDermott not to repeat something this ill advised, or shall I say stupid.


    Now, If a team wanted to give us a 1st and a 2nd or 3rd in 25 and a 3rd this season, I would at least consider it. What I don't want is for McDermott to make another stupid trade up to get yet another defensive player.






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  17. Gotta find a woman be good to me
    Won't hide my liquor try to serve me tea
    Cause I'm a stone jack baller and my heart is true
    And I'll give everything that I got to you, yes I will


    Easy wind
    Going cross the Bayou today
    There's a whole lotta women
    Out on the streets in a red today
    And the river keep a talkin'
    But you never heard a word it said

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