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  1. RJ was the first pick of round 4, but we gave up the 9th pick of a draft for him, and a 4th rounder. JP cost us a 1st, 2nd and a 5th. Trent was a 3rd round pick. All 3 young QBs showed promise of one kind or another. Then, they all went down the tubes. Was it coaching? Lack of pass protection? Lack of individual talent (it would not appear to be this factor wrt RJ and JP)? I guess we will never know what the biggest factor was, but I feel like speculating just for fun. RJ and JP had very good arms, as well as the ability to run. Neither was good at making decisions, but this is where coaching would seem to matter. Trent, at his best, seemed to be very accurate and smart. He wasn't blessed with the pure talent of the other 2, but for a short while he was winning football games. Below, I will list what imo was the primary factor in the demise of our 3 young QBs.: RJ: He had it all in terms of talent, but he was 1 walking injury. Also, he didn't get rid of the football. If the Bills had blocking, would he have been able to manage games and be successful? Looking back, probably not. I just don't think he could have seen much success unless he was on a team like the early 90's Cowboys. JP: Very talented as well, but I will always think that he was thrown in too soon. TD and MM were very angry about losing to Pitt, and seemed to blame Bledsoe. Now, Drew was finished, but JP needed more time to learn and perhaps make better decisions. Would it have worked? You tell me. Trent: Like RJ, I thought the kid had much promise. Again, in hindsight, I don't think that he was physically able to do the job. I cringed every time he got hit, which was far too often. His body is too fragile for the NFL, or so it seems. The concussions were the icing on the cake. In summary, while Trent needed to go (although I would have liked ANY draft pick), it sucks to see yet another promising QB go down the tubes. Obviously, we hope Nix/Gailey have better success with the next QB, and that they will draft players who are able to protect him. I would like see opinions of what fellow posters think was the lead factor in terms of the failure of these 3 young QBs.
  2. Maybe this is why it happened so soon. The above is approx. $1000,000 per week. I guess this is worth more to Ralph than trying to get a 6th or 7th round pick.
  3. Good point Promo. Despite the fact that I had high hopes for Trent, it was clear that he had to go. The only question I do have is whether or not they could have got anything for him in a trade, and I do mean anything whatsoever. If he is signed tomorrow, it would lead me to believe that they MIGHT have been able to salvage a late round pick. What do you think?
  4. Thanks to the OP for this post. I now consider myself an optimist.
  5. I HATED the pick and never called him a bust. But then again, I don't jump up and down with glee about every move the Bills make so I guess I was out of line too.
  6. Not at all, but I would have thought that a team might have coughed up a 7th round pick, no? I thought the kid would be good, and wish him well.
  7. Again, it depends. The need for a LB is clear, especially given the constant injuries to Poz. But, if the Bills are in the top 5, a LB would have to be quite exceptional to go that high. If you think there is a Lawrence Taylor, etc. out there, you take him. However, it is the QBs and LTs that go early year after year as you stated. Also, I have not given up on our rookie defenders. Guys get hurt and they will get their chances to perform. We must hope that the defense looks better at the end of the season, and logic tells me that it will. Next year will probably dedicated to the offense, and I look forward to it.
  8. It depends. If the Bills are in a top 5 slot and a qb is there that they think will be a great one, they will probably not be able to pass up the chance to take him. A team which picks that early is well placed to fill other needs after round 1. For instance, a solid RT can sometimes be found late in the 2nd round (see Jeremy Trueblood). Very early 2nd round picks also have much value in terms of trading down. With all of the differing opinions on this board (a good thing imo), one thing I think most of us can agree on is the fact that in April/11, the Bills will be well situated to make vast improvements to the team.
  9. It would be far more appropriate if you took your numerous personal insults off the board Joe. If you do so, I will be only to happy to point out some areas in which you fall oh so short, but I am above going there on the wall.
  10. Fitz would appear by far to be the quarterback most suited for this team. During the game they flashed some horrible 3rd down conversion stats. It appeared that we had almost no chance at all of making a first down until yesterday, and Fitz gets the credit imo. His running skill alone makes him the right guy for the job, but he also has some heart. I hope he stays healthy because he is the best we have right now.
  11. There is nothing fans can do to make the management of a football team efficient, or even not a laughing stock. You are right. But I am also thinking that yelling "sis boom bah" at every stupid move they make time and again might not work either, ya know?
  12. I have. There are a bunch of loyal fans here that spend a ton of time and money, and want their favorite team to be constructed and managed in a sane way. They also want the Bills to win. That is one group. Then, there are a couple of posters who want to stifle discussion, ridicule others, and wave pom poms at every move the Bills make (or don't make), continuous losses notwithstanding. Have a great day!
  13. I will believe this when I see it. It is not even imagineable imo.
  14. Well, we lost the game but he was very exciting.
  15. He couldn't cover anybody. He went the wrong way on a simple post and gsve up a TD, and worst of all shied away from contact on the 5 yard TD run in the mid 4th quarter. If anyone doesn't believe me I ask you to watch the tape. But as to the OP yes, he is a bust; he was always a bust. Yeah, I know.....he didn't draft himself. Dopey Dick Levy gets credit for that. But he is a big mouth, and a small player with diminishing skills and effort. He belongs on the bench and special teams.
  16. The whole game was pressure C.R. I spent the last 2 weeks in Arkansas. More than half of the men, women and children were wearing Razorback gear. They interviewed his parents on TV. And, they were playing an elite, extremely well coached, championship team. I have been wrong a million times, but I am all but sure he is a top 5 pick. As the draft approaches, GMs and yes, owners will want that kid on their teams because of his freak talent.
  17. You kill me wrt Drew my brother. By the time we got him he was already shot from the hit that almost killed him, yet he was still twice as good as all the qbs we have had since.....combined. Passing stats Now, throw in 251 TDs. This is bad? Again, he was shot when he got here. Mallett has talent that only comes around every so often. The Bills need to have balls and draft a kid like this. Can he be a bust? Sure, but he can also be coached up. Picks like Whitner, Maybin and McKelvin suck anyway. Why not take a chance. And if Ralph wants to sell tickets (and I don't blame him btw), this kid throws 40 yard square outs, 25 yard safety valve checkdowns, 50 yard flat footed rope post patterns (who, if even Elway could do that?) and 70 yard bombs at will. If Spiller is as good as the consensus here thinks, he can run all freaking day and Mallett could reach him.....easily. Oh, and leave Bama alone!
  18. He can stand flat footed and throw a 50 yard rope on a post pattern. This is impossible but I saw him do it on film. Don't say no to a superstar my old friend. I want blocking on the Bills as much as anybody in the entire world and imo you simply HAVE to take this kid if you can. Jmo.
  19. I am not sure, but I think Jeremy Trueblood is a UFA next season. I hope the Bills offer him a contract making him the highest paid RT in football history if that is what it takes to get him. Then, draft Ryan Mallett and look for a LT in round 2. Finish the above with WRs, LBs and interior blockers in later rounds. There Sir, is a winning formula.
  20. Ramius, a good guy, is NOT correct nor dead on. He is wrong and has been a defender of both the pick and Levy. Additionally, he told us how JP was the real deal. Now, let me be clear.....Making mistakes is what we do here. I thought RJ was going to be great, and thought Pat Williams was finished when we let him go. The thing is, a mindset has crept in here that we must praise everything the Bills do, at it concerns me a bit to be honest. Knock the Spiller pick and watch what happens. As for Whitner.....keeping his nose clean? He had a domestic incident, and an arrest outside a club. He plays hard but he is hardly a poster boy for good conduct, and his talent is marginal and not at all improving.
  21. Bulaga was suited for RT or perhaps OG and the scouts/GMs knew it. RTs are easier to get, but of course we don't have one of those. We could have traded back and drafted Bulaga while picking up an extra #2. Instead, we drafted a gadget player who plays a position at which we were deep. Spiller will have a few dynamic TDs. I am sure of this. People will watch the replays, look at stats, and say he is "good." And they will be correct too, but "good" doesn't cut it after more than a decade of losing game after game. We need a foundation.
  22. Stop using narcotics. Whitner was the first of many costly, idiotic decisions be Levy/Mauron. We are still payinng the price for the fact that they took a 4th round talent at #8.
  23. Bingo. In fact, his selection at #8 was one of the sickest, saddest jokes in franchise history.
  24. Fitz is more mobile and has a better chance to stay alive behind this putrid OL. Deano, this is much like the old days when you were up here and we watched Flutie have some success because he was able to run away from trouble. Things don't seem to change with our Bills.
  25. They probably saw him trying to cover the tight end, and thought about his draft slot.
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