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  1. I too was at that game and in 8th grade at the time! Yeah, late night for sure for a kid in school, and made even later because my dad forgot to make note of where he parked in one of the big lots and it took forever to find our car, having to wait until most of the others had departed.
  2. John, thanks for the confirmation about the pool. That's funny about the bleachers souvenirs. Sounds like the kind of thing I'd have done if I wasn't so young, though I think dad would not have been amused.
  3. When I was a young lad our dad took my brother and me to a few Bills games there and some Bisons games as well. Considering that was a long time ago and I was rather young, I could be mis-remembering but I seem to recall some times at the Bisons games a ball would occasionally land in some pool or fountain and the announcer would say "splash". I also recall being at the last Bills game played there and seeing fans after the game tearing down the goal posts.
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