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  1. I think that is not the case but you are welcome to your opinion
  2. No it really is not....your points just need to be logical So your assumption is that because he didnt work on his families farm in the past year (or even the past years since he away at college) that coming from a farm is to be downplayed? How about coming up through a JUCO.....how about the 1000 inquiries he sent out trying to get a Div 1 scholarship and only getting 2 bites? Is that being overplayed as well? I
  3. Why is this reminding me of the movie "The Great White Hype"
  4. There are a lot of players that get snubbed because they are not a big market team and young Tre WHite IS top 3 to 5 at his position....and the numbers bear that out.
  5. True.....bu when you are arguably top 3 at your position......I think you are more then 'decent" Also....context i everything....it was a top 3 at his position....PLUS a number 1 pick
  6. I agree it was a mistake....but what were the legit choices at the time?
  7. I am not saying that White equals Mahomes/Watson but that is the the equation It is White (plus a 1st round draft pick the following year) and does THAT equal Mohommes/Watson And even THEN....it does not make it a bad pick because we ended up getting a top 3 to 5 at his position in the first round.....this cannot be construed as a loss
  8. I think we were in the middle of a rebuild and he just decided to ride it out. He went balls to the wall attempting to fix things this offseason Kind of odd that you would talk about a 2nd year player like that who was considered totally raw when he was drafted and needed to sit a year.
  9. This is absolutely idiotic..... I understand that you didnt get the players that you wanted....but to take players like Tre White (arguably top 3 at his position) and the 1st rounder that turns into Josh Allen the next year and say they were BAD picks just does not compute in reality. They could have easily been Shaq Lawson type picks......and they were not
  10. In all honestly no I missed the info on Conner.....actually I thought he was a Fullback.
  11. I wonder if he could have been better if used in a different way I dont know.....I do know that running Spiller inside was no bueno....just could not do it
  12. So you are saying prior to James Conner getting touches in Pittsburg fans knew who he was? Cant dismiss any team.....just pointing out that their OL was not good last year and it looks like they made very little effort to upgrade it.
  13. I think it is important to note that Bell's productivity is tied to how good he was behind the steelers OL.....which then turned around and made a unknown RB a name Now Bell goes to a team with a crappy OL......
  14. When looking at McD's 6 and 10 season I think it is important to remember that our OL was SO BAD that we literally were wondering WHEN not IF quarterbacks were going to get injuried.... And injured they were.....all except for Peterman who was just aweful. I have high hopes for this years OL that they wont suck....which also means we might have a running game as well This will factor into wins and losses
  15. Like I said....definately always open to improving especially the back end of the roster and McD and Beane do a lot of tinkering with this..... I am thinking more of the type of LB.....(I dont know a lot about Foster) Julian Stanford fits that athletic cover LB that it looks like the D wants to employ in the middle of the field.....
  16. We actually have a couple of no name guys who are pretty interesting.....i am not saying we should never stop looking to ugrade though
  17. Actually it is The argument is being made that someone can get a job/is expected to get a job based on looks my arguement is they might not be the best candiate for that job
  18. I will say this That heavyset girl might work her ass off.....not take sick days.....show up on time......etc etc That little hottie might be lazy as hell....constantly lining up her next date while she is working.....sick all the time....etc etc Just saying
  19. I mean....your not lieing..... I walked into a diner with my woman a couple of weeks ago.....help wanted sign on the door. A heavyset female came in while we were waiting....manager comes out takes her application and says we will get back to you.....little hottie comes in with no application dressed like a hooker looking for a job....gets sent straight back to the manager's office. its not equal.
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