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  1. So I have mixed feelings on this Brandon Beane actually tried to trade for this fool but as luck would have it.....fate decided we have taken enough of a beating and past us over
  2. Was playing very well with Flacco last year before Flacco went down. So.....this really is not true. Brown - big play Cole - steady play
  3. An asset as in the style of play - He run blocks....which Deb likes - Physical size/Physical style - Catches the ball in traffic....FIGHTS for the ball We can see this in the little we have seen of him....of course he has not proved it in an NFL game....do we not give him a chance because he has never proved it? At one point EVERY NFL receiver was a rookie....you could say this guy is a little more seasoned because he comes from the CFL
  4. I just think back to Kelvin Benjamin How many times did Kelvin receive passes....often for touchdowns....that he flat just dropped? Does Duke drop those same passes? I dont think he does....if that is the case then how is he not a asset to the team?
  5. It was nice of them to parole you in time for the season!
  6. John Brown is definately NOT Marvin Harrison.......he is a good receiver....Harrison was a GREAT receiver
  7. I think we get first dibs if someone trys to sign one of our practice squad players....and I TOTALLY would cut that 10th offensive linemen to make room for him
  8. All I know is Duke fights for the ball......if the defender is on him it is not an automatic that it is a non catch.....he fights for it
  9. Was happy he cleared waivers and there to be put on practice squad at some point this year I expect to see him up with the 53
  10. I swear to christ I have never wanted a team to flop as bad as the raiders Just watched the last episode of hard knocks.....did Gruden REALLY not meet personally with the players he cut? That has to be one of the most fake ass people I have ever seen. I hope Keelan Doss comes back and catches 5 touchdeowns against that team
  11. I realize that Bates will probably be an inactive a lot of this season.....but he frankly has really shown me something especially at center. If he is only backing up at center I hope he is inactive every game but I am going over the pre season games....the kid can play....I wonder if he is not a future left guard if Spain is only a one year rental.
  12. That is a bit of a loaded question. Yes he was productive for us..... Did his salary stop us from bringing in some other players that could help us even more? I dont know. I really just want to err on the side of mucho respect to what Shady gave....regardless of the contract. At the end of the day I would MUCH rather draft running backs and have them on cost control contracts. Look at how much work Beane has done and we STILL have over 90 million in next year's cap. If Singletary works out....we are that much closer.
  13. I just remember how much we missed Robert Woods blocking when he was no longer here...... Im not saying Duke is Robert Woods...because I REALLY liked Robert Woods....only that they are both physical players
  14. obviously very important AFC game AFC east game
  15. What I am voicing is I believe that IN THIS PARTICULAR defense......a pass coverage linebacker is ultra important. You may agree or not...that is my opinion...:)
  16. Sir....please Edmunds looks outstanding in his 2nd year at OLB and totally fits what McD wants from his middle backer.....WHY would we do this? We should just figure out who is gonna be the replacement at olb
  17. After we just got done using a 3rd round pick on a running back? Our RB's are now on cost controlled contracts to include a future HOF'r Why would we do this?
  18. Yeah I think this is the last year for him......I was hoping we would see more from Vason Joseph but it looks like we stashed him
  19. Lorax? Or Maurice Alexander? I think Lorax is retiring after this year?
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