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  1. I see....so lets take one of maybe TWO contract he has done while he is here and ignore the several other contracts he has done well...... Cool beans
  2. Its all in the details of the contract......we all know Beane knows how to do this pretty well
  3. I mean I think that is fair the d has been good the o not good and that does constitute a lot i will say that McDonald’s shows the abilirlty to admit mistakes and make changes
  4. My prediction? Robert Foster takes the next step and becomes a bonafied number 1 receiver this next year.......with at least 2 other WR's making big contributions
  5. Ford is GOOD.....going to be a cornerstone RT for years to come for us.
  6. My point is she could have gone that route and instead once again chose to do the right thing
  7. And the Buffalo QB suddenly looks like he could make the team
  8. Beane doing work! And getting Ford in the 2nd round should save us money
  9. An entitled snot? Did you miss the years of the series where she was going place to place freeing slaves? Or almost died in the desert from starvation..... Or was sold off by her brother to be a ***** for that Kahehsi dude Or basically have up TWO of her dragons in fights that really were not hers? She could have been attacking Kings Landing with all 3 dragons....a calvery of Dothroki.....and a complete army of unsullied...it would have been a slaughter and she would HAVE the Iron Throne What? I am not going to say that she has MORE of a claim to the throne....but as far as rulers go you could do much worse then someone who actually has a heart but a firm hand when needed
  10. Will say it again A working offense will do wonders to help this defense.....the ability to run the ball and control a game to keep our D fresh will IMMENSELY help this defense
  11. Id look at teams that just drafted DE's high for a possible trade
  12. OMG Hughes is gonna feast on Rosen
  13. Dawson Knox I think he beats out Jason Croom and is the 2nd TE in two TE sets
  14. Did the jags not just take a DE high? They are against the cap Toss them a later pick for their DE
  15. I know that you are high on Ford......I think our first 2 picks were slam dunks I think there will be at least 3 immediate starters out of this draft
  16. Until we drafted Ford I would have disagreed with this I feel really good about him being a Swing OT though......to me this OL could make a huge turnaround
  17. The bills will be top 3 in rushing yards People will complain that we are not throwing the ball enough..... The offense for the bills will take a huge leap Dawson Knox ends up becoming a stud TE
  18. Oh I definately think he feels this is his team This is the way I see it.....I look at Singletary as that talented guy that is sitting in the pitcher's box while the starters are doing their thing......but Shady has also had issues with hamstrings over his career.......and Gore I like much more as a relief guy. This is going to all work out.....I think Singletary is going to be a stud and his time will come.....I like having too many good player at a position then not enough
  19. Im thinking Perry and Wade....but that is jmo
  20. Anyone else just not that upset by this? I still think if Murphy can get past the injury bug (the same issue Ziggie has) he is actually the BETTER player......Lawson is still here for another year....we did pick up depth in free agency and drafted a DE and we might not even be done yet....still 30 million in cap space before teams start releasing players
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