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  1. Azucho98

    Caption This: Derek Anderson

    "It wasn't funny, I take this ***** seriously." OR. "Now I understand why Vonte quit at halftime".
  2. Azucho98

    This offense actually hurts your eyes

    B Bruce was a fat, unmotivated rookie in 85.
  3. Azucho98

    This offense actually hurts your eyes

    This offense is worse than 84 and 85...which I didn't think was possible until I witnessed this hot mess. The defense is better than 84-85. Jim Kelly arrived in 86 - major improvement in full swing.
  4. Azucho98

    What is your final straw?

    Yea and the coach stands up at his press conference and says "This is the right move for our football team". What a jackass
  5. Azucho98

    What is your final straw?

    I've been a fan of this team for over 40 years....I obviously don't have one.
  6. Azucho98

    This offense actually hurts your eyes

    Offense of the 84 and 85 Bills was better.
  7. Azucho98

    Who to start against NE?

    Pats 48 Bills 3 on MNF
  8. Azucho98

    Who to start against NE?

    Jim Kelly
  9. Azucho98

    Bridgewater or Bust

    HAHAHHAHAHA! Why bring anyone in. TANK the season - 2-14 and get the best pick you can get. This team has ZERO talent on offense.
  10. Azucho98

    Rex continues to be delusional

    Your scheme sucked Rex...and so did your brother. Glad neither of you are coaching.
  11. Azucho98

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

    69 - he goes down in the 2nd quarter and Peterman becomes our starting QB.
  12. All it will do is F up our draft position....This team will never get over the hump finishing with mediocre records. Start Peterman and tank it baby.
  13. Azucho98

    For those still complaining about Star..

    Maybe he's saying Lorenzo Alexander is a star?
  14. Azucho98

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    Watkins is trash and certainly wasn't worth two number 1 picks from that WR class. We could have had any other top WR from that draft for ONE pick. He didn't do squat with the Rams offense, and he's on his same pathetic pace with the Chiefs offense. Woods and Hogan should still be here. Goodwin was always hurt so not surprised they didn't keep him around.