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  1. He needs some lessons from T White.
  2. Bad offensive game plan today. WTF did Daboll do for two weeks? Hopefully preparing for the Eagles.
  3. You ball you get the call. Ever hear that?
  4. Interception and forced fumble were gold...great player.
  5. I dared Fitz to throw to T White's side of the field...he did it and got burned. That interception was the game changer.
  6. Seemed like he looked at he defense or looked to run before the caught that 3rd down drop. Yes he's young but no excuse for dropping a sure first down.
  7. well - all of the PS players have some sort of issue/weakness so you have to build your PS with the best available out there
  8. Gruesome injury on the 33rd anniversary of a similar career ending injury to Redskins QB Joe Theismann. Hope Alex gets well - maybe he will be in the booth someday.
  9. Dude is solid and a really good backup center. Was very happy he didn't miss time with the neck injury he had. Another good pickup for the Bills.
  10. Put all their eggs in the Ramsey basket....wow that's gonna hurt. Speaking of hurt, did his back magically heal now that he's been traded??
  11. Has to be the worst ever. Seeing it makes me wonder when (not if) a bad call will cost us a game.
  12. They signed Duke and Perry to the active roster so they had two PS openings. One went to Wyatt Ray (DE) the other to Jordan Veasy (WR). Looks like they also bumped Byron Marshall off the PS...meaning one PS opening remains?
  13. Nope...not worth a damn thing at this point...unless he runs against a Rex N Rob defense.
  14. You can go back to that time by simply shutting down your device.
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