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  1. Don't know why he throws the deep ball on 3rd and 4. Get the first down- throw a deep ball when it is 2nd and 1 or something!
  2. McD's tirade at the officials reminded me of Marv Levy. He'd chew on the "over-officious jerks" every game.
  3. I don't blame him either, but he will be sick when he sees the film.
  4. we win out, cheatriots win 2 more we have the same record at 12-4. What would the tie breaker be AFC wins? The loss in Cleveland is the one we should have had.
  5. we win out and go 12-4 and win the AFC East.... Then I woke up
  6. Plays like Gilmore's get blown dead every week. Finally happened to the cheats. waaaaaaaaaa
  7. The line got abused today. I agree though no screen passes, no quick slants to counter the pass rush was also a problem.
  8. Josh didn't look to run at all on that last play. It parted right down the middle for him with nobody there in the middle. Probably gets a 1st down.
  9. What does the lack of pass protection today have to do with Allen's deep ball accuracy in previous games?
  10. He's a good returner but today he made several poor decisions to run it out rather than take a touchback.
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