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  1. Maybe its a new hobby now that he's done with football.
  2. Guess we made out pretty well trading him for Shady.
  3. In Tecmo Super Bowl, try to go through a season and win the super bowl as the Patriots. They were so bad back then. Steve Grogan throws nice floater passes. lol
  4. Almost makes you wish Vlad was back at LG...ALMOST!
  5. He can't catch, is afraid going over the middle...off field issues...etc....etc....He dropped that pass at the goal line against the colts because he closed his damn eyes when the defender reached his peripheral vision.
  6. Johnson was sacked how many times? The dude was horrible and impossible to watch. Best since Kelly/Reich.
  7. Hausch hasn't been himself since he took that cheap shot last season. Ball just doesn't have the same pop....
  8. Say it ain't so Roscoe! I'm sure Chan Gailey shed a tear over this.
  9. He was watching Ed with his eyes closed....the same way he should keep his mouth.
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