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  1. Azucho98

    Peterman starts preseason game 1

    Its the FIRST preseason game....the starters are going to play a series...maybe two. Does it really matter who starts at QB for this game? I hope they give Josh Allen a lot of playing time...like the 2nd quarter on.
  2. Azucho98

    CJ Spiller

    He needs a blow
  3. Azucho98

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Yet another Whaley waste....
  4. Azucho98

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Obviously you didn't listen to what some of the scouts were saying about him..... I was making fun of the scouts, not Josh Allen. I guess I need to draw you a picture.
  5. Azucho98

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    HIs competition was garbage remember? lol
  6. Azucho98

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Dolphin killer
  7. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Look at the QB's the poor guy had...I'd run it too.
  8. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Was that the playoff year (1980) that Fergy played on a badly sprained ankle?
  9. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    RIP Chuck Knox....good coach for us back in the day.