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  1. Azucho98

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Obviously you didn't listen to what some of the scouts were saying about him..... I was making fun of the scouts, not Josh Allen. I guess I need to draw you a picture.
  2. Azucho98

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    HIs competition was garbage remember? lol
  3. Azucho98

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Dolphin killer
  4. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Look at the QB's the poor guy had...I'd run it too.
  5. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Was that the playoff year (1980) that Fergy played on a badly sprained ankle?
  6. Azucho98

    RIP Chuck Knox

    RIP Chuck Knox....good coach for us back in the day.
  7. Azucho98

    Are you a fan of Josh Allen?

    If he was a Patriot I'd say No.
  8. Azucho98

    Josh Allen - Game Film Links

    That hit reminded me of the one Bledsoe took...the one that started the Tom Brady era.
  9. Azucho98

    RD 6, 187 Ray-Ray McCloud - WR Clemson

    Didn't Train Edmunds run a 4.50? lol
  10. Azucho98

    Beane cost us the 3rd overall pick. JMO

    Armchair GM's at work yet again...
  11. Azucho98

    Bills Go 7-9 this Season

    Don't think it will be that good...way too many holes to fill, especially if they trade away too many picks to move up in the draft.
  12. Azucho98

    Who was the best QB from the 2004 Class?

    JP Losman
  13. Cause Nimrod is gone?
  14. Azucho98

    Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Love how people react and predict the future of players, especially QB's, after they started TWO games and one of them was in a snowstorm....