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  1. This group will be far and away the most interesting during camp. It would be great for everyone if Claypool earned a role on the team IMO Samuel Coleman Shakir WR4 Equal rotation of MVS, Claypool, Hollis
  2. Whatever the case.....he was virtually a non-factor down the stretch and we were winning games. He's been a no-show in the playoffs most games. I loved him, but IMO it may help Josh become a better QB / leader
  3. I doubt he's actually traded. Just like Deebo
  4. At this point, part of me is good with the WR room we have. & after Diggs, I'm not a fan of this public drama. However, if he gets traded here and gets $$$....maybe you get 2-3 years out of him at an elite level without the nonsense. I'd be willing to do it. A fair offer IMO is 2025 1st + 4th. Extension 28 mil per range with a lot of it guaranteed
  5. prime Kamara doesn't drop multiple TD's in big moments. I think Cook is good. Maybe a Top 15 RB. Not sure what to expect this year Ray Davis IMO could really steal a good % of touches
  6. This would be a mistake. MVS has been a big time player for KC in their playoff games...he's clutch
  7. The offense may be better if the top 5 WR's are all actually used and reliable on gameday Sherfield brought almost nothing and had multiple drops against KC. Harty was a complete non-factor all year save his PR TD to win us the division MVS and Hollins are absolutely upgrades from both players. Both have shown they can produce when given a role. MVS is a big game performer.
  8. the NFL is way more upset about a Kicker expressing his personal convictions at a religious school ceremony than they are about actual crime think about how absurd it is
  9. MVS would have made the plays that Diggs and Sherfield didn't He is a big game player and has consistently delivered in the playoffs
  10. not exactly overly encouraging
  11. I don't expect anything.....however if they wanted to, they could do pretty much anything. Contracts can be backloaded, more $ can be freed up yet
  12. Samuel Shakir Coleman MVS Claypool Hollins Hamler Shavers, Shorter, Isabella Practice Squad Send it
  13. Luck. Miracles. Angels on the field. Something like that I didn't know 3 teams could all be better than the SB winner!
  14. What is it with the undervaluing MVS on here? Did everyone not watch KC's last 2 playoff runs? He was a very important player for them in the post-season.
  15. Claypool working and earning his way into a starting role on this team would be good for everyone. He's still only 25 and has the physical skills.... There's a small chance this could be the best value signing in the entire NFL this year Again....he could be a changed man. Everyone develops/grows at a different rate
  16. I'm expecting there to be less of an actual "pecking order" this year if you will. Especially with "everybody is gonna eat" comments I'd say at the moment there are basically groups On field the most, moved around Samuel Shakir Coleman WR 3-4 in various packages / alternate by committee MVS Claypool Hollins Battle to make roster Hamler Shavers Shorter Everyone else
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