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  1. Yes. Last year he made a massive impact in the Rams, Titans, Ravens, Jets and Chiefs game
  2. Von was very good until he tore his acl. Every big signing has risks
  3. social media driven narratives that snowball and pressure groups / corporations / authorities to take action
  4. every day. When I see players laugh after dropping a pass or a QB being hog tied and then called for grounding.....yes
  5. Innocent until proven guilty. People rushing to judgment to condemn is the new trendy "social justice" nonsense
  6. Well, guess he just needs to have another 3 takeaway game in Philly!
  7. Douglas is playing at a top 10 CB level right now. Maybe higher. a backup????! No. 3rd in the league in INT’s since 2021 some real clown posting in here from “experts”
  8. I want him. May not be who he once was, however a fresh start could bring that back. the energy, physical play and playmaking ability. We just added an absolute stud in Rasul as CB1 (nothing against Tre, but Douglas is a better player right now) along with Linval Joseph, This would be 1 physical player added at each level of the defense.
  9. John, I’m sure you’re reading this thread. Sincerely hope you’re doing okay
  10. We MAY get them at the right time. They are 9-1 coming off a big win in KC. Hopefully they decide to take the week off.
  11. He'll end up having multiple contenders interested in adding him. He'll sign for cheap for the rest of the season
  12. If the team doctors give the green light, absolutely. There is a chance he just needs a fresh start. Battled injuries the last 2 seasons and they changed their defense Risk is low. Reward very high. He is another very physical, high energy playmaker. Similar to Rasul in that sense.
  13. He hip checked Sauce who took out another Jet and nearly a 3rd on Shakir’s TD want to see him used more on intermediate plays and screens
  14. This nonsense needs to stop. Splash plays happen every week in the league that are RUINED by refs blowing their whistle in the middle of play every turnover is automatically reviewed. There is ZERO need for a whistle to be blown when a play like the Douglas Fumble Recovery and lateral to Hyde happens
  15. he stayed in the stadium was the last I heard. Wasn’t taken to hospital
  16. he’s a beast. Very physical aggressive player. Ball hawk. We badly needed that in the secondary
  17. Ideally Eagles win an emotional game over KC then take next week off
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