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  1. Gabe has dominated from the slot when used there hasn't he? Ideally we draft a true outside WR and acquire another via trade or signing Diggs excels from everywhere and should be moved around much more. Diggs Trade/Signing (Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, OBJ, etc) Top 3 Rounds Rookie Davis Shakir Of course, none of that will happen.....
  2. 1. Brady 2. Montana 3. Manning 4. Marino 5. Elway 6. Favre 7. Brees
  3. 3 straight years in the Divisional Round or better. Besides KC, anyone else in the NFL have that currently?
  4. If we find a way to acquire a new starting Guard and new starting OT before the draft then absolutely. 1 via UFA, 1 via Trade
  5. He'll be a Dolphin or Patriot this summer. Book it.
  6. realistically, has a team that went 14-4 ever fired their coordinators?
  7. The plays were there. Diggs was open early for a 40+ play. Diggs was open 2 more times for TD's that Allen missed. He also overthrew Knox for a TD. Gabe dropped a big play as well. 150 yards and multiple TD's left on the field.
  8. The Coaching Staff seems to lack some passion. Leslie has no energy on the sideline and the Defense has started to follow suit How do you show blitz while having your DB's 8 yards off the line on 3rd and 4? It's just insanity
  9. Or perhaps allowing 1400 yards in 3 playoff losses while trying to play "bend but don't break" against elite QB's is why
  10. The first 2 picks are a home run. If Edmunds is retained, hopefully a quality WR is on the board in the 3rd
  11. LT 1st Round Pick /Trade LG Signing / Trade C Bates RG 2nd Round Pick RT Dawkins
  12. I want royalties! This was my idea that I posted weeks ago!
  13. Ed Oliver + Isaiah McKenzie for Brandin Cooks seems fair
  14. Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, OBJ, DJ Moore, Elijah Moore, Jerry Jeudy, 1st Round Pick, Other?
  15. This & Allen went away from trying to get Diggs the ball unless it was man coverage with no safety help
  16. Did Dion Dawkins play RT in college? LT- 1st Round Pick / Trade LG- Bates C- 2nd or 3rd Round Pick / Morse RG- Risner / Spencer Brown RT - Dawkins
  17. Dream world is Ed Oliver + 2nd + 5th for OT Tunsil (UFA in 2024, current cap hit 35 mil = restructure and extend)
  18. Diggs was overthrown on an open 40+ yard play early against Cincy. He was also overthrown on 2 passes to the end zone
  19. Oliver should be traded for a good starter at Guard or RT. Surely there is someone around the league that can be had. Throw in a draft pick if needed to make it happen. I would consider trading Tre White This team needs to pour resources into the Offense. Ideally we find a way to significantly upgrade the Oline at LG and RT. Along with drafting a plug and play Center. We also badly need a dynamic threat at WR2
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