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  1. Teams should absolutely be calling Washington to get Antonio Gibson out of there for a late draft pick, doubt he's a fit on the Bills though. He's a pretty solid RB and his usage is baffling, I'm guessing Ron Rivera does not trust him because of his fumbling issues last year, that's the only thing that makes sense. Brian Robinson looks so average but Rivera straight up said he's the lead RB and he got all the carries last night.
  2. About a million things went wrong for the Bills yesterday but your focus is on Zack Moss? He had a damn nice run and made a big third down play on his 5 touches, not a bad day.
  3. Crazy how much Melvin Gordon fumbles but keeps getting the ball.
  4. Tua is honestly the worst looking QB I've ever seen, he looks like he's throwing a shot put out there. But is it just because he's a lefty? Because WTF he actually looks decent when the tape is switched around.
  5. Mahomes is the king of getting away with should-be interceptions, that was a pick.
  6. I really hope he earns that second contract and is there for a long time, they'll be mediocre as long as Tua is around.
  7. Only reason to scratch Shakir is if he’s hurt. Had a spectacular camp and pre season and is rewarded with being inactive week 1?
  8. My wife after work yesterday "Did you see the Von Miller hype video? I had chills.. and may have cried a little bit."
  9. Keeping expectations low seeing as we lost game 1 to the ***** Steelers last year.
  10. Glad they got in done now, he's probably going to have a big year. Would have been nice to get it done before the absurd Njoku contract though, stupid Cleveland definitely cost us some money.
  11. I'll be interested to see how Hodgins does for the Giants.
  12. I figured he would make the team no matter what because of his contract, but yeah that is brutal.
  13. I'm not a fan of trading Moss, what could we possibly get for him anyways? He was apparently not 100% last year (ankle surgery recovery), he's solid in pass protection, is an OK receiver, potential goal line back. I'd like to keep him around if Singletary ever missed time.
  14. I really don't know but their kickers last year both had solid seasons FWIW, Brandon McManus in Denver and Randy Bullock in Tennessee.
  15. How many other teams are desperate for a punter now? Besides Indy.
  16. Nobody here knows what happened so impossible to pick a side. You don’t know anything either but you’ve concluded he’s guilty? Bills knew the situation and still cut their other punter, they likely know something we don’t.
  17. If he did have sex with her, does it matter if he knew her age or not? That doesn’t seem like a plausible defense in this situation.
  18. Kind of reminds me of one of Moss' longest runs in college (0:52 of this video) in that he gets a bit lucky because of contact near the line of scrimmage. He seeks out contact in this one, spins off the guy, and this is gone for the 91 yard TD. Might be lucky but I'll give him credit for taking full advantage of the open field.
  19. Director of QB Development for the whole league? Seems like an odd position for a pro league.
  20. Maybe Tommy Sweeney for a 7th? Just to give him a chance to play somewhere else. OJ Howard hasn't had a great camp but I also doubt he gets cut. Quintin Morris also made a nice catch in pre-season so maybe he'll get a look with the team.
  21. haven't heard much about Sweeney at camp, good to see him making some plays.
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