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  1. Kind of hard to tell when the interior pressure was crushing us…you’re not supposed to win games like that and we’re winning them by 2 scores this year. You can game plan til the cows come home but a lot of the game comes down to your big guys up front winning and somehow we have an absolute freak at qb that can mask a lot of that
  2. Could look at it glass half full…saints have proven the bucs are def beatable as they pulled it off with a 5th string qb lol
  3. I think you’re comparing our roster to an ideal team in an ideal year…the reduced salary cap has left all teams with pretty glaring holes. If not the bills who do you see in the super bowl from the afc? Seems wide open and I’d bet on the team that’s plus like 130 in point differential lol our two losses feel more unlucky this year compared to us getting absolutely embarrassed twice last year
  4. Gotta limit turnovers against New Englald especially with how their offense is built now…chargers didn’t get the memo I guess and just handed them the game
  5. Yea seemed like a lot more underneath routes / screen (attempts) lol still took some josh Allen magic to get the ball into the end zone though he had a huge scramble for a third down conversion where any other human would’ve gotten sacked and he got absolutely hammered on a deep post to diggs for a td
  6. You could be right….I like to think it’s not and the guy with the best stats just happens to be the most valuable usually but who really knows what goes through those peoples heads lol
  7. It really is starting to seem the refs let our opponent do whatever they want in these games that have us blowing someone out potential lol
  8. How does the bills oline have anything to do with josh being mvp…it’s not a ‘who has the best stats’ award. In fact josh being successful with a travesty of an offensive line improves his case. He’s been better than last year Not to mention two of the competing guys Herbert and Brady have looked very mediocre today
  9. The play where groots helmet got ripped off and gasecki pushed off to be fair lol seemed like whenever we looked like we were gonna run away with the game the dolphins were no longer allowed to commit penalties 😂
  10. Tough to separate how much of the credit goes to the dolphins interior defense and how much blame goes to our offensive line. I think we’re underselling the dolphins defense effort a bit…at least I hope so 😂
  11. Yea I think we’re looking at their team record and assuming they don’t do anything well but that is very true
  12. I think that was an above average game by Allen again…we played some nice complimentary football for a few weeks but we’re back to the josh Allen carrying the offensive unit show lol He’s probably back to being pretty close to the betting favorite again imo…remember we’re a game behind a lot of teams if you’re just looking at stat sheets. He just has too many outrageous highlights to not be in the conversation. By definition he is the mvp in my eyes…our offensive line has been dreadful most of the season. Someone like dak has a stout oline and a running game to support him. The bills offense has been the josh does everything show
  13. He was very meh except for that one play where the dolphins offense committed at least two obvious penalties lol
  14. See we covered anyway lol people make wayyy too much out of the first half of football games
  15. Defense was good…there were at least 2 penalties on the dolphins offense on that big play they hit that set up the td. Daboll and josh made some nice adjustments in the second half
  16. That play looked like it was there to me just wasn’t a good pitch cuz he smashed into his own lineman
  17. I know we have a long history of complaining about ticky tacky officiating but this season the refs are making disastrous mistakes not in our favor it seems like
  18. I’m scared to say he’s not that good with the game still in the balance so I’ll say Fitzpatrick was a significant upgrade for the dolphins lol
  19. Whoever said they’re worried we got figured out like the chiefs this is exactly what the chiefs do not do. Crazy how stubborn OCs are
  20. Disagree….if he can’t run out of the sack there you can’t go for it on 4th down…that was a super high risk play where he trusted his athleticism right up there with anything else you said. Also sanders was open on the play I think you’re talking about from the titans game 😂
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