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  1. Yea could be...I dont feel that way mostly because josh was basically thrown to the wolves his rookie year lol and now we have to keep hearing how terrible he was with no mention he was throwing to Kelvin Benjamin and zay Jones with a pretty shaky oline 不 they got him the tools to be successful eventually but that first season we did josh zero favors
  2. Very uphill battle for both teams...hard to see the ravens not winning 10 games at the very least with the schedule they have left and more than likely 11. Colts browns and ravens have pretty easy schedules left
  3. I wonder how much credit daboll really deserves for Josh's development...seems like Josh is putting in a lot of work on his own to shore up his mechanics. What he's been able to do is pretty rare and I feel like daboll is gonna have these unrealistic expectations following him wherever he goes now
  4. I never realized how hard acting was until I saw athletes trying to do it haha
  5. If were comparing their play recently and not just comparing resumes the chiefs offense has looked pretty out of sorts lately. Obviously mahomes has a more impressive resume that doesn't even seem relevant to bring up not sure what teddy was doin lol at least hes better than Rodney Harrison but that isn't saying much
  6. That could be it haha I think its mostly all the hype they had last year and they were bad and now this year its like ooooh theyre so good what a heartwarming story 不 I mean is that really impressive or did they just underperformed wildly last year lol Id like to see the dolphins lose actually...pats have no chance in catching the ravens anyway. I got real sick of all the ooooh look at the dolphins point differential talk 不
  7. Thats a win win right there lol seems like a pretty terrible slate of games today. Dolphins pats is interesting and saints chiefs. Saints win gets us a longshot chance at the 1 seed. I would love to see the giants beat the browns. I despise the browns more than other afc playoff teams for some reason 不
  8. The game didn't make me cry but the post-game interviews almost did 不
  9. Lol do we think cuomo is actually a bills fan or he just pretends to like the team that actually plays in New York for appearances 不 seems like the jets fan type haha
  10. They've gotten a lot better at everyone being on the same page and knowing what to do when josh is scrambling and the play breaks down it seems.
  11. I think it depends on how much emphasis you place on the most recent games vs the season as a whole...the chiefs have looked a bit off as of late. Granted they're still winning lol
  12. Now were too good to have meaningful games in late December who saw that coming a few years ago 不
  13. Whoever they sign will get held all game and it won't be called lol
  14. Didn't this very same broncos team give the chiefs all they could handle a few weeks ago 不
  15. 2 seed would be a heck of a lot better than the 4 seed though
  16. It would be pretty interesting if we rested starters against Miami and lost to them in week 17 then got them first round of the playoffs...that probably gives us the best chance of winning that first playoff game. I dont think we'll rest starters though since the 2 seed will be in play
  17. I think maybe at the coaching level they try not to open up the whole playbook against an inferior opponent but players are playing for their careers and to earn that next big contract every week so I wouldnt think it happens at a player level much. What do I know though 不
  18. I dont think finding a decent quarterback will solve half of the patriots offensive problems...tom brady was playing at a pretty high level last year he just had zero help
  19. Sounds about right...you gonna take it? I feel pretty good about us winning out but chiefs dropping those specific two games is a stretch. On top of that it has to be a three way tie with the chiefs and steelers at 13-3...if the steelers drop 2 out of 3 and finish 12-4 we lose the head to head with the chiefs
  20. Tre doesn't get many opportunities to impress anymore because our cb2 was playing bad most of the season so why throw at white lol I feel like we have a mostly negative bias towards white so far this season that might be a little undeserved
  21. Now we need to win out and need the chiefs to lose to the saints and chargers and the steelers to finish 12-4 to get the one seed. Silver lining for those who care about season stats and records and such is I can't see our week 17 game against the dolphins not having huge implications on playoff seeding regardless of if we have clinched the division or not Could still reasonably end up anywhere between the 2 and 4 seed. 1 seed is possible but very unlikely as kc will have us in conference record if they lose to the Falcons and saints and beat the chargers.
  22. I think the op is relevant to the browns...im sure they would like to give baker the keys to the offense but don't trust him to do so. Greg roman doesn't seem to ever give his quarterbacks opportunities to sit in the pocket and go through progressions. I wouldnt say its lamar being figured out its more of an indictment of the Greg roman offense
  23. I can totally see that but at least have some logic behind a controversial take haha the point these josh haters are trying to prove had moved far into indefensible territory. Nick Wright is saying the bills are good and josh allen is bad? How have we been winning then? The defense is improving but I think its safe to say had a down year. We have no running game... we aren't impressive in the turnover margin category...and we've had a pretty difficult schedule. I'd love to hear his explanation of how we are winning games because josh allen is objectively the answer to that question.
  24. This schedule has been brutal...even the teams we play with sub .500 records are teams that could show out and beat anybody that lose a lot of close games (outside of the jets lol)
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