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  1. I don't understand that flag. If anything I was expecting it on Ford
  2. I get it. He does come across as whiny sometimes looking for the flags. It really only burned him in time that I can remember and I don't think it's something that's going to hurt long term.
  3. He tried to but got hit as he threw. Then after he saw the result of the play pointed it out to the ref
  4. I think so too. You saw it on the first throw, the out to Beasley, it sailed in him and a few others have as well
  5. Daboll needs to scheme up about 5-7 touches for him per game. He's dangerous with the ball in his hands and can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. Then when you use him as a decoy the defense actually bites on it for another 5-7 plays a game. Honestly I'd rather him have touch the ball than Breida on offense.
  6. Yeah, I think he had one sweep and was just a decoy on maybe a few other plays. It makes no sense to me because in the limited action we've seen, he's been a playmaker when he does get the ball on those plays. Not that he's incredibly shifty, making people miss left and right, but he's good at seeing the creases in the defense and getting there before they close up. He looks to have pretty average hands and I can't comment on his route running prowess but it seemed like he got open well enough when the Bills used him more last year. We have know clue what the coaches see in practice though so we don't have the full picture
  7. It's a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma. Only known by an elite few here at TWS, the rest of us can only provide musings at the origin of this one
  8. I think so too.. I will say I thought Stevenson appeared to have more breakaway speed though. When he decided to go it was like lightning in a bottle. But it seemed to take him too long to actually decide when to go so he got caught up in the mix. I'm not sure Mckittrick would hold that job past this year Obviously I'd never call him that in public but I think on the boards it's the perfect thing to call him. When I'm watching the games at home I'm always rooting for 'McKittrick' instead of McKenzie when he's on the field.
  9. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but against the Bucs McK was active; specifically on offense, rather than, special teams. This is a clear indication of the Bills perceived use of him heading down the stretch. McDermott clearly wanted to send him a message about ball security by benching him on STs for two games. This allows him to channel that extra energy and unleash it on offense for a 2021 Superbowl run. There were countless times they set him in motion and looked the other way. Indicating to me that the would like to see those plays come to fruition when it truly matters. In a sense the Bills are counting on Mckittrick to help win them a Superbowl!
  10. Yes. Bc at that moment how much would it have hurt. If anything it would've fired the team up even more. You act like these plays happen in a vacuum. They don't. There are so many factors that go into every little interaction and I'm sure that the Bills were feeling that. If someone, anyone (Diggs) fed into that energy it could've completely altered the course of the game
  11. Yes. That is exactly the expectation they should go into the game with. Just go out there and beat the other team regardless of what the refs do. Win so convincingly, that the refs can't possibly effect the outcome of the game. Put the outcome of the game beyond a reasonable doubt. Show the world how great you truly are, that nothing can stop what's about to happen. The Bills embrace that mindset, they win the Superbowl this year. Refs be damned
  12. I really like your first point! That long run by Singletary was a huge unnoticed play for the Bills
  13. That's just a difference of opinion I suppose. I'm notorious for being using more aggression/ force than is necessary in these types of situations.. So I'm probably in the wrong here lol
  14. If only the rest of the board could just enjoy discourse after a game like you guys..
  15. If he literally stops his route because he is being held/ interfered with and then gets a PF unnecessary roughness that's still a win for the Bills. Have you ever seen it happen on a game bc I have not. It would take that DPI/hold to an entirely different level.
  16. In all fairness this isn't so much about the refs and penalties as it is the Bills response to what they perceived as penalties.
  17. Fair enough. The games are truly two different beasts, however, the physicality isn't lost in translation. Diggs should've turned and given the defender something bc the refs would've been forced to throw a flag since there's so many of them. They would've got into their little huddle and discussed the whole play and why the flag was thrown. The replay would've been looked at and in all honesty I doubt Diggs would've gotten a flag. If, at that point, they looked at the review, and saw the jersey tug which led to a Diggs response, could they not call it on the defense. The NFL would look even worse than it does right now in regards to officiating
  18. I don't disagree. It was absolutely DPI, or holding at the least. I'm saying Diggs should've either turned and thrown a shoulder or aggressively attacked the ball. Instead, he chose to put his hands out to B word to the refs. Either option at that point would've been preferable. I'm sure McD peaches not to do that but at some point just let the emotion flow over. Utilize that energy to do something rather than nothing Exactly. The Bills can't just look for these calls, bc they just don't get them. Do something different and see what happens.
  19. I'm saying that if the refs are gonna let it be physical be physical back. At that point "F" the rules and give the defense what they're giving you. If they throw a flag and then it's on the offense, at that point it's even more egregious what the defense did and didn't get called for. There's replay in modern sports so anyone with eyes would be able to see even moreso how that particular play, played out.
  20. Yeah, the Diggs play. He had the awareness to throw his hands out for a flag, at that point, plant, pivot, and give a two hand shove
  21. The Bills player should know what the expectation is at this point. They are going to be on the bad end of things. Deal with it If they get punched in the head they wouldn
  22. So either the kick is at the same field position or the bills get another shot at the end zone (and possibly a further kick, which is a chip shot for Bass)
  23. Send a message to the defense that they're either going to have to be more physical or back off. Its psychological. The refs at that point are irrelevant and if they do throw a flag. Odds are they'd look at the whole play again rather than just a penalty on Diggs Not entirely. But the team at that point must've known they weren't going to get any calls going their way. So force the issue. Make the refs throw the flag and from what we've seen in the NFL the offense generally gets the benefit of the doubt
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