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  1. Think he continues to get better and better. Coaches have got to instill in him some self preservation We dont need Andrew Luck the sequel. Your a big durable guy but don't take needless shots
  2. That sucks for him. 49er's went on a nice run last year with him Hate to see players get hurt.
  3. Maybe Trent Murphy and Star are decent pickups Hughes was on a rampage
  4. KB has got the jitters Each catch he looked like he was really struggling overthinking it Those drops get in your head Still body catching too
  5. he did a great job, coverage unit did a great job When your coverage team is catching a punt in the air 50 yards downfield its all working I can believe Lorax still does special teams at age 35
  6. a Bill got tackled in the backfield on that last play How they miss that
  7. everybody savoring this game I know I am enjoying every snap
  8. Hopefully the Bills figure out how to pressure the qb They got to Rivers some in the second half last week so maybe that continues. Cousins will force throws under duress.
  9. not a Gruden fan He did win a super bowl but it was with team firmly in place from the previous coach Tony Dungy. I think giving him all the power is going to backfire.
  10. Defense gets some stops. Bills are able to get some running game going. Josh Allen is able to convert some third down throws. Someone on offense breaks out and makes a big play to help the young qb. No injuries. The announcers call a game without irritating the crap out of me
  11. JAG a bad pick even worse considering he was injured right from day 1 after being drafted Whaley was a epic fail
  12. Maybe on ledyards board but then again he had paxton lunch and cardale jones ahead of Carson wentz. Mayock, Mcshay, walter football, kiper, pete prisco all had allen as a top 10 pick
  13. He was a top 5 pick in almost every major draft board so I guess this guy is smarter than everyone else.
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