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  1. Bills2ref

    New rule to replace onside kick?

    Love the alternative to an onside. But one thing stuck out to me “The play could be attempted after any score, including a touchdown or a field goal. A team could also attempt the fourth-and-15 after giving up a safety.” Why on earth would a team that just gave up a safety have an option of performing an onside conversion. That’s just plain stupid.
  2. Bills2ref

    The AAF Thread

    Oh for sure. But even if a brand new stadium needed to be constructed. I just can’t believe no major sports owner or prospective owner hasn’t tried to enter the 7th biggest city in the country.
  3. Bills2ref

    The AAF Thread

    It’s definitely a bit dated. But I think a facelift would be pretty economical. The location of it is absolutely stellar. Literally a 5 minute walk from the river walk. The river walk contains as many bars and restaurants as you can imagine. Completely perfect for a downtown stadium/arena.
  4. Bills2ref

    Would the Bills select Josh Allen?

    If Josh Allen falls to the Bills this season I would do backflips down the sidewalk.
  5. Bills2ref

    The AAF Thread

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why San Antonio only has one big 5 team (NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA). 7th largest city in the country, and one hour away from the 11th largest city (Austin), which has ZERO big 5 teams. They come out in droves to support the Spurs of the NBA and support the Rampage of the AHL well. They have the Alamodome with a capacity of around 70k in the heart of the city which is sitting unused, other than the alliance now. At the absolute least, they should have an MLS team.
  6. Bills2ref

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    I would vote for option 3, work to extend him without exercising the option. Barring that, I would pick up the option.
  7. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Because I’ve already beat the drum ad naseum of the 4 successful conversions on 53 attempts. In this post I was illustrating how infrequent the play is. Read the entire thread and you’ll be up to speed 👍
  8. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    That team is more than welcome to put their kick return team out for the play. I just don’t think it would go very well 😂
  9. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    NFL is too scared of the lawsuits stemming from player safety.
  10. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    You would have no shortage of men risking their body for millions of dollars a year. That’s the opportunity cost that they can weigh. If they don’t want to risk it they are more than welcome to go work anywhere else they can secure employment. It’s completely up to them. With all the studies and medical information available today it is pretty easy to make an informed decision.
  11. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    I would think it would be the teams option. They are allowed to line up for a traditional kick (and do a surprise onside) or go for the 4th and 15 option.
  12. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    The 7.5% is somewhat misleading because of how little it was attempted. There were a grand total of 4 successful attempts last season. That number is far too low. By my calculation 256 regular season games were played. That means an onside kick was converted in 1.5% of NFL games last season.
  13. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    To elaborate more on why this has to happen. The historical fumble rate for kickoffs is 3.1%. Last year onside kicks were converted at a 7.5% success rate. Down from a 21.7% success rate the year before. Right now, it is nearly a better proposition to kick it deep and try to force a fumble! 4th and 10 conversion percentages hover around 20-30%. 4th and 15 conversion percentage is 10-20%. Therefore, by eliminating the onside kick and allowing a 4th and 15 try you are really just going back to pre-neutered onside kick numbers. Albeit a much safer alternative. Unfortunately I don’t think the NFL will consider that with today’s emphasis on player safety. Hence the alternatives start to fly. This one is actually a good alternative.
  14. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Because the onside kick has become a near 0% proposition and it is bad for business to not have some late game comebacks.
  15. Bills2ref

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Couple this rule change with allowing coaches to challenge everything.