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  1. I feel he’s just being petty for no reason. I watched Hard Knocks and sure, Hue sucked as a head coach. Never should have been given the second year. But does Baker assume that’s Hue’s decision to make? It’s not like Hue hired himself. How about just being grateful a team took you first overall. Then, he stares down Hue and trash talks him for going to a “rival team” as if Hue had job offers from 31 teams after being canned from the Browns for being the worst head coach in NFL history. Just a lot of pettiness for no reason.
  2. Reading comprehension I.E the very next sentence after the one you bolded. Also, I consider 2004 to be within the past 15 years 🤔 😂
  3. Yes, he absolutely has. What’s a better offseason that you can remember in the last 15 years than the two Beane has orchestrated? Prior regimes did not give a bunch of draft picks to go and get their guy, they waited and panicked (Losman) or they reached massively (Manuel). Going up and getting their guy would have been giving up whatever it took to get Rothlisberger rather than panicking and getting Losman. By all reports that’s what happened to Arizona last year as well, how did Rosen work out in their minds? The free agent signings, that’s the nature of the free agent game, you overpay for mediocre talent. Beane identified holes and moved to fill them. What past GM’s have done that? I remember being able to sleep through free agency because you knew the Bills were getting bargain bin trash. In addition to that, most of these contracts are crafted so that the Bills can exit relatively painlessly. How was the Dareus contract structured? Don’t we wish Beane was at the helm during that time. In general, the proof is often in the pudding. For my money, Beane has done his job. He has filled holes as best he can and as economically as available. He has drafted well and is not afraid to go up and grab someone he wants. Give me Beane over A LOT of the GM’s in the league right now (Gettlemen running the Giants anyone?). In addition, even if Allen busts and doesn’t improve any further, he is still the most fun QB we have had the pleasure of watching in a long, long time.
  4. Unless there a package deal, if the team regresses this year, I would get rid of McDermott before Beane. This team is fairly well constructed. IMO Beane has done pretty darn good as a GM. It isn’t his job to get the talent to play well, it is his job to get the talent. He has done that.
  5. Madden, while not the best, is light years ahead of their NHL franchise. EA NHL is literally recycled year after year. The best mode they ever had was GM connected and they got rid of it within two years.
  6. Ranking Tre White as the 19th best corner is borderline criminal. Even the biggest Tre hater can probably agree he’s top 10.
  7. Bell is extremely lucky that his situation worked out as good as it did. If the Jets were not there to outbid themselves in their overpayment then he would have not been paid nearly as much.
  8. Interesting off season for RB’s. Two are seeing the Le’Veon Bell overpay and thinking it’s the new market value. I think they are sorely mistaking.
  9. Belichick. His record with backup QBs speaks for itself.
  10. I love the idea of having an 18 game season with players restricted to 16. It would add another layer of strategy to this amazing game. Do you rest your starting QB the first two games of the season and hope your starter doesn’t get injured? Do you play your backup QB against a team who suffered an injury to their starter? Do you just go all out for the first 16 and hope you have the playoffs locked by week 17?
  11. Their customer service is maddening inconsistent. Even more so since they were acquired by ATT.
  12. Some people that happens to. No idea why everyone isn’t the same. When I went through that back in December I tried calling about five different times before it came to me actually cancelling. Was hoping I would get a decent customer service rep. Tried at different times of the month too. They were not willing to give me anything worth while until I actually cancelled.
  13. My contract was up at the time I called. I was told always remain a free agent if you can help it. I did end up giving in and giving them a year for what they gave me though. I figured a year locked in at around $50 a month with free Sunday ticket is not too bad. My bill total comes to 67 with taxes and fees and that includes the 9.99 I pay per month for HBO.
  14. If you call to actually cancel, you will get a deal as good as those who are newly signing up. But you have to actually go through with calling and cancelling. Here is what will happen. You call to cancel. The first rep is the basic retention department, they can’t do much. They will offer you some bare bones credit. When you refuse they will ask you what date you want to cancel and go through the whole spiel about how to send the boxes back and everything. Pick a date like 20 days in advance just to be safe. Now one of two things will happen. Most likely they will say something like “since you’ve been a loyal customer for so long we have a customer retention expert that would like to speak with you, would you speak to him?” Of course say yes. That guy can offer a lot. Last time I got a $60 credit for 12 months, $15 credit for 6 months, free movies and sports packages for 3 months, and free Sunday ticket max. It’s possible (unlikely) that you don’t get transferred to the special retention department. If not, don’t panic. Someone will call you from that department and offer you the same things. This scenario is why you want a cancel date 20-25 days out. To give them time to call you.
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