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  1. If Ed Oliver reaches his potential he will be a pass rushing force that Kyle, as great as he was, never had the ability to be.
  2. Seems odd to me that they would announce 2021 and 2023 and leave 2022 🤔. Working on an international location perhaps.
  3. If the Bills were going to give up any draft compensation, wouldn’t they have just outbid the Jets in the first place 🤔
  4. Replay, to me, is meant as a tool of correction for egregiously incorrect calls. If you need to look at ten slow speed angles for 7+ minutes, it isn’t egregiously incorrect, it is minute. At the very least, there absolutely needs to be a “replay clock” where they only get 2-3 minutes to look at it. Still looking when time expires? Call on the field stands.
  5. This will never, ever happen. With that said, I agree 100%. Part of the reason I enjoy High School Football so much is that it’s still pure football. No interruptions from a million different replays. My somewhat realistic solution to the replay problem is to give each coach 2 challenges, everything is challengeable. There is no booth review within 2 minutes, every challenge must initiate from a coach. You don’t get another challenge for getting one right. Replay reviews have a 2 minute “shot clock” and must be viewed in real time. If 2 minutes of viewing expires the call on the field automatically stands.
  6. Well said. This is exactly what I have been pining the table about since the Murray hype train started rolling. You are betting on Murray comparing to the extreme exception to the rule (R. Wilson), and gambling first overall talent to get it.
  7. Here’s the thing. Cardinals GM suffered from recency bias with this decision. Mayfield was said to be short (albeit much much taller than Murray) and he succeeded. If he busted, we aren’t talking Murray anywhere near first overall. The Cardinals GM looked at the one recent example of success of a short QB as the model to project future success. Murray could end up being good, sure, anything can happen. I feel like the risk of busting was far too large for him to be a first overall selection. He is going to be getting tackled by absolute beast athletes who are literally double his weight.
  8. The part that always seemed odd to me was that he didn’t have the height measurement done at his pro day, even though he was being weighed again.
  9. I can never fault a guy for wanting to stay close to his family.
  10. No more than a 2nd. Dee Ford Trade is the comp I would use far more than the Chandler trade.
  11. So if you realize the mistake do you think that league wouldn’t have succeeded if they followed their original growth plan?
  12. Absolutely redundant on a team that just signed Kroft and drafted Knox.
  13. I’m under the (hopeful) assumption that Brady will actually retire at some point in our lifetimes.
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