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  1. I am also 40.... and if a dude grabs my wife..... me and that guy are gonna fight. I understand where a lot of these guys are saying they wouldn’t..... but me I would
  2. If the team isn’t trying then yes in my humble opinion it’s okay to boo them....
  3. Andrew luck is coming out of retirement and entering the xfl draft...... haha
  4. When we moved to Seattle my wife told me it’s ok to have 2 teams and I could root for the Seahawks as well as the Bills..... I explained to her that’s like telling me I can have 2 wives. After that she agreed with me that you can only have 1 team
  5. I was thinking today.... since holloween is about going as fictional characters I would dress up as an knowledgeable patriots fan.... then just talk about tb12 and gronk and 4d chess..... but I would rather go as an orangutan anus
  6. I will say it is going to happen the evening of Dec 22. Tre White shuts him down that day and Buffalo clinches the division. Brown only went to new england to win the SuperBowl.... knowing that in division rivals the Buffalo Bills who he “voided” a trade to made that harder will make him implode!
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