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  1. I live in Washington and love it when I come to a Buffalo Bills website and find news about this state..... great story.... future of America!
  2. I actually bet a guy I work with who is a pats fan that we will win the division.....
  3. For round one I will be all alone in a hotel in Vancouver Washington and for Friday I will be home eating buffalo wings and trying to get my kids to watch the draft with me
  4. Kyle Guy is an ice cold mfer
  5. Maybe he got confused and thinks he is in Spain for the running of the Bills
  6. Since this site is where I check first for new news, every time there is a new post in this thread I think the video is released....
  7. I mean if I was in the nfl and my agent said it’s the dolphins.... I would tell him not to waste his time with them..... clearly dude is just not a bills fan.....
  8. Just happened that way and glad it did..... being a bills fan has pretty much defined a large part of who I am.
  9. 10-6 with a wildcard go to New England and Josh Allen throws for 360 yards and 4tds to put an end to the era and preserving the Bills being the only team to go to 4 strait super bowls and then throws the ball out of Gillette all the way to one Bills drive
  10. I was in middle school in Oregon in the early 90s when the Bills were the hot ticket.... I jumped on the bandwagon and was never able to jump off.... never wanted to jump off
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