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  1. Pacific Northwest all my life.... Puyallup WA if you want to get specific..... been trying to convert some of these Seahawks fans to Bills fans, haven’t changed anyone over yet.... but trying to turn this into Bills country as well
  2. I live in the Seattle area and worked with a guy recently who seen I was wearing Bills shirt and he said he was taking Josh Allen in his auction fantasy league not sure if this post should go here or I should make a post about Josh Allen in Seattle
  3. The shoe design drew concern from Kaepernick because the former NFL star said the early flag has connections to slavery, so if connections to slavery is a good enough reason to pull the original flag, maybe Nike should stop selling their product in all the states that fought on the confederate side
  4. Ya I looked to.... I seen it when it was on.... with no one else confirming he said it I am starting to question my sanity and if I really seen it
  5. Sean McDermott was just on NFL live on espn and was asked about the new wr corps and he called them the smurfs..... great new nickname in my opinion it was just on and I can’t find video of it..... but those were his words, seemed like he was making a joke about it.
  6. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g294265-d5269845-r393781591-Orchard_Tower-Singapore.html Not sure how it is now, but back in 2003 this was fun..... even if not looking for hookers
  7. I live in Washington and love it when I come to a Buffalo Bills website and find news about this state..... great story.... future of America!
  8. I actually bet a guy I work with who is a pats fan that we will win the division.....
  9. For round one I will be all alone in a hotel in Vancouver Washington and for Friday I will be home eating buffalo wings and trying to get my kids to watch the draft with me
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