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  1. 10-6 with a wildcard go to New England and Josh Allen throws for 360 yards and 4tds to put an end to the era and preserving the Bills being the only team to go to 4 strait super bowls and then throws the ball out of Gillette all the way to one Bills drive
  2. BoldBully

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I was in middle school in Oregon in the early 90s when the Bills were the hot ticket.... I jumped on the bandwagon and was never able to jump off.... never wanted to jump off
  3. BoldBully

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I live in Washington and I always wear my Bills gear... all day every day.... you can be embarrassed of a lot of things but if you still say you are a Bills fan after all we as fans have been through.... then don’t be embarrassed be proud that you are a real fan.
  4. BoldBully

    What was Josh Allen's Funny GIF to Beane?

    https://goo.gl/images/jC4WHg my 13 year old isn’t here to help me with posting a gif
  5. BoldBully

    TV Shows You Want Revived

    Fall Guy 6 Million Dollar Man Greatest American Superhero
  6. BoldBully

    Wanna be the next Billy Buffalo?

    I tried to talk the wife into a career change but she said no.... my wife the dream killer
  7. BoldBully

    Jarod Goff is a Buffalonian...

    Ok so maybe he was conceived in Buffalo?
  8. BoldBully

    Share Your Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    20-17 Rams....pats dynasty comes full circle that was the score when they played in 2002
  9. BoldBully

    Favorite, and Least Favorite, Stand Up Comedians

    Bert kreischer is my favorite right now
  10. BoldBully

    Updated: Flores new Phins HC

    I’ve been up all night working and it’s late and I’m tired.... and I have fat thumbs.... and I clearly don’t know how to spell
  11. BoldBully

    Updated: Flores new Phins HC

    Had to copy and paste her last name to make sure I spelt it right and not smart enough to figure out the whole weird font thing.....but you get the point right?
  12. BoldBully

    Updated: Flores new Phins HC

    The only real color the owners worry about is green.... they would hire Maya Angelou as a head coach if they thought she could build a winning program