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  1. Apologizes for being excited to be back at an NFL game. I'll double check with ya before my next post big dog!
  2. Was at the FT vs Pats game last night, my buddy had a few tickets and is a die hard FT fan. Was first row behind the skins bench. Was trying to get Fitz to come over all night. Had to settle with a couple smiles and a peace sign. Actually was able to get the attention of all the former Bills players I saw there besides Logan Thomas. Told Dustin Hopkins to shake off those misses (he was super friendly wish he the best) and even got a response from Patterson pointing to my Bills Jersey saying it all started in Buffalo (UB). He actually gave me the thumbs up and a laugh too wish COVID didn't exist and the players could have gotten a bit closer. GO bills
  3. Being from the Albany area I see far too many Giants and Jets fans. You bet I hop on the opportunity to salute anybody who feels the same pain I do. Go Bills baby
  4. He didn't play perfect but that's a veteran move at a pivotal moment in the game. That is exactly why you get a guy like that.. 4-0 LFG
  5. Pretty sure the snap hit the ground if its the one out of our endzone not the easiest punt. Bojo was actually fine against the fins but I would love to find an elite punter somewhere down the line
  6. Certainly couldn’t hurt us. Anyone know the teams who have a consultant/their kicking success?
  7. Let them rest. If this team is FOR REAL as we believe they are we take care of business on Sunday against a less talented Miami team. No sense in forcing them back this early only to get hurt for an extended period of time. Go bills baby
  8. Gotta swallow my pride here. Thought Rosen was gonna be our guy leading up to the draft based on a lot of articles/film etc, and where I thought the other QB's would go. I truly didnt see us getting Allen. Thought trade up could be in play for Darnold/ Baker (whoever didnt go 1). With that being said I couldnt be happier. I knew very little about Allen but I can say confidently I wouldnt want any other QB from that draft class representing Buffalo. Allen is a class act who will give his all every play of every game. Hard to root against that. I would love for Allen to be the one to bring Buffalo the super bowl and win it. How could you not? Guy represents everything Buffalo is.
  9. hopefully their new HC tears it down and we could grab some of their talented veteran players in the offseason who want to reunite with McD. Long shot but I certainly wouldn't mind Luke?
  10. I don't understand why there are so many no trade mock drafts that pop up before the draft. We all know there is going to be trades which render these useless. Thats my personal opinion, I get guys have fun making their own picks but it really seems unnecessary for me, especially having multiple threads about it.
  11. He led it this past year I believe! Awesome moment between him and kyle if you have the time to look it up
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000914519/article/malcolm-butler-patriots-gave-up-on-me-in-super-bowl?campaign=Twitter_atn After not playing a single snap in the super bowl, would you like to see Malcolm Butler come to Buffalo pissed off at the Pats? "I don't know what it was. I guess I wasn't playing good or they didn't feel comfortable. I don't know. But I could have changed that game." Working with McDermott and playing next to Tre White could form an awesome duo if we cant keep Gaines. What do you guys think too much $$?
  13. Giants go best talent with 1st round pick to capitalize on Eli's time left. One of Denver/NYJ will have Cousins, Redskins have Smith for next 4 years, Miami has their QB and Jacksonville has Bortles who they like. Aside from Cleveland and whoever misses on Cousins, its only really AZ and the Saints we have to worry about.
  14. Do you see us keeping Travaris Cadet or Taiwan Jones?? Do we not keep either, or maybe both??..Who do you prefer?
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