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  1. Stats don't tell the whole story. Watch the games. He doesn't have the same composure in the pocket as he did. Happy feet and bails on the play much quicker than last year. He has been throwing a lot as they have played from behind and he also has the best receiver in the game right now to throw to... I've watched several games last year compared to this year and he isn't close to being in the MVP discussion like he was last year.
  2. A week or so ago we heard he was done. What's the deal this week. He made some cuts yesterday that he did in his prime. He was patient and hit the holes when they were there. Took 1 yard when they weren't. Without 8 man boxes he could have picked up some bigger chunks at well yesterday. Was great to see him with some juice.
  3. Both. We won ugly and he learned he doesn't need to look downfield every play. One doesn't mean the other isnt happening.
  4. http://m.espn.com/nfl/playerseasonstats?season=2018&playerId=3929950&teamId=2 Dude has played every snap (didn't see him come off yesterday) and is producing and getting better every week. Big stars I like here. 2 FF and 5 PD. He's a playmaker.
  5. Seriously. This roster is ****. We are in full rebuild mode. Last year too essentially. Yet this team wins games. Give this guy some actual talent and we will be a very good team. Yes. He has some issues. And yes he shouldn't have anything to do with talent selection but he can coach. He adjusts. Doesn't yet mid game very well. But game to game he fixes stuff. Just as he did last year. This team should rival the 0 and 16 browns last year yet here we are 2-3 with a green rookie QB a ****ty oline and no wrs. He deserves some credit.
  6. I'm sure there are cases to be made for a handful of guys but is he in the conversation? No one throws his way. When they do he is in great position. Yes he had a penalty today but in general tre>lattimore as example
  7. No. What you need is a creative OC. Those creative OCs are the next offensive minded head coaches. Daboll isn't that.
  8. Watch the games. Hughes and crew are getting pressure because Star is occupying blockers. Our blitzes are effective because there are holes to go thru because they are putting a hate on him. Lawson well he was hurt and has limited playing time. But he does have a few pressures.
  9. Had more time vs taken more time are 2 different things.
  10. Will give you some of this. But 15M for Watkins will go down as one of the worst contracts the NFL has seen. Hurt. AGAIN.
  11. I will do you 1 better. This may be the worst in NFL history if KB misses extended time. Can we seriously match out zay Jones, andre Holmes, and ray ray mccloud as the starting wrs? Let's toss in Robert foster to boot. Point is to not get Allen killed with someone who he can trust and rely on.
  12. Still not working anyone out. Who's on PS if Benjamin can't go? That's an embarrassing unit without him. Hell with him.
  13. Watch all 22. They are covered like gloves 80 percent of the time. See the sacks today when they showed replay. Watch a game live and don't just follow the ball. Oh I don't know. Those are a few of 50 ways to know. It is obvious.
  14. Wr and it's not close. If we have people who get separation quickly we don't need to fix oline.
  15. Anyone is better than these guys. AMD eith Benjamin in CP...we can't March these bozos out there. None of them get any separation at all.
  16. Good for him. Didn't do much here but is a solid WR.
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