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  1. They should take Epenesa to the buffet at Luxor. The Luxor buffet sucks, take him to the Bellagio.
  2. So if he's doing a Bills game, I have mute button and can listen on the radio.
  3. Having a flashback here to the bickering Bills of 1989
  4. Helmet - Red with Current Logo Home, Blue over White Away White over Blue
  5. They keep rerunning this game and it annoys me to no end. So many great games and this one gets played all the time.
  6. I was there for that game. It was a great night to be there and be a fan.
  7. Sure why pay attention to medical science when some antivaxxer who lost his medical license said be afraid of vaccines. Do you know anyone with polio since vaccinations started.
  8. Played JV in high school then got a job and a car
  9. I think they played a couple of those games back in the early 70's.
  10. As usual, the QB gets all the blame when the supporting cast isn't doing their jobs. And why is Josh doing better this year, great improvement in his supporting cast.;
  11. Yeah the hot film of a defense that could stop the run.
  12. I think Tremaine Edmunds is missing Star a lot more than we know.
  13. Hey don't really care what he does. He didn't want to be Buffalo and when he left my interest in him dropped to zero.
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