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  1. Does any1 think it occurred from that second fall? So sad was woozy, stood up and hit sensitive occipital protuberance. Prayers for the young man
  2. Maybe blitz Jackson once in awhile Frazier with your lame rush 4. It's like we play so basic on D it's really frustrating
  3. That's exactly what I saw with the immediate decorticate rigidity of fingers and elbow
  4. My loss is your gain. Need to sell my bills memorabilia to afford my daughter's medical care in Boston. I have a framed signed authentic (psa certified) Tremaine Edmunds jersey, Allen, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Mark Ingram college jersey, bills replica helmet signed by josh, footballs signed by gore and Mccoy and enclosed as you may see. Would like to sell as a bundle but open to offers. Please PM me
  5. Bills 35 Rams 28 Keeping it in Allen's hands Wr core: Mckenzie with 120 yard game 1 td Gabe Davis 105 with 2 tds Diggs 1 td 80 yards Allen rushes in for one
  6. This is what Mike robinson on nfl network guessed as well My guess Bills 35 Rams 28
  7. Great fun competition and I'm surprised i won it because I don't win anything lol My birthday is today a full 34 years old and this will be the year of the superbowl for the bills. Can't be any better. I appreciate you guys for doing this and will PM you when I get home
  8. Did I get 4 or 5? Just don't know how it worked out order wise and what the color was at the end.
  9. Because our coaching plays scared and plays conservative until it's time to try and win Run for 1 yard, run for maybe 1 or 2 yards now get one shot to throw the ball on third down. Such creativity it amazes me
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