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  1. Tbh IMO zay has good route running, stone hands. I think he catches 6/10 balls thrown his way, if not less. Did you guys see the play that should of been OPI on him? The ball was caught in his forearms, they had to rush the next play because they weren't sure he held onto it hitting the ground. If the guy cant get separation from 3rd stringers there's an issue.
  2. He looked like he was trying to block a small high school kid, stance was terrible, so he got demolished by the LB and held. Zays time is over, he had enough chances He held him the whole way down to take him with him going down
  3. How come he didnt get more time with the ones? Feel like he could of shown he had better ability then Zay Route running, high pointing and tracking the ball was solid from what I've seen
  4. Sit Allen. Time for ray ray, mckenzie and cam Phillips to battle it out. Barkley will throw some dimes
  5. Agreed. That would be a challenged call in my opinion
  6. Eh to me pre means before. Before the season is basically off season. But to each their own
  7. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. But no for real, preseason is really to evaluate backups and see fundamentals. We aren't watching tape, scheming and doing what they would during the regular season so who cares if we lose a few in preseason. all comes down to real games and the preparation.
  8. Then we will have won the offseason...
  9. This maybe why McKenzie with the ones Quick burst and acceleration for these plays, he killed it last year with the jet sweeps
  10. Anyone see Oliver constantly rubbing his hip flexor on NFL network? Hope it's nothing
  11. Agreed I forgot about him. Hate his penalties but he's a good blocker as long as he keeps his temper in check
  12. Agree on the depth. Should be a fun season to watch for sure
  13. Qb1- Allen 2- Barkley Jackson cut WR1- John Brown WR2- Zay/Foster 50/50 Slot- Beasley/ McKenzie getting some time (backup returner) Depth recievers- Andre Roberts/Duke Williams Ps- cam phillips/sills RBs- McCoy most Carries, gore goal linebackers and some rotation Singletary will get less carries then you guys think coming into first year TEs- Knox and Croom will be 1/2. Sweeney makes roster OLINE- Dawkins, nsheke, Morse, Spain, Ford Long, Teller, Feliciano make roster
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