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  1. So their evaluation aligns with everybody on the planet. Truly shocking.
  2. Because New England takes EVERYONE the Bills don't.
  3. The Bills wall? No way. No how.
  4. YOUR logic and YOUR common sense. Doesn't necessarily align with anyone else's, especially Beane and McDermott's.
  5. Is there a chance they test other muscles, or are they calling it quits after the hamstring?
  6. I think we're all just used to the Browns picking first.
  7. There's a big difference between trading up for a 2nd round receiver and trading up in the top 5 and giving up another 1st rounder in the process. I agree that trading up for Zay was probably a mistake, but it is nothing compared to trading up for Watkins. Watkins is clearly more talented, but what the Bills did to get him required him to become an elite WR, and he never will be. He's an average WR in this league.
  8. I feel like the Eagles have tried everything they could to give him opportunities to prove himself. Unfortunately I think he is just an average WR.
  9. The Raiders will become the new Browns and completely waste their numerous high draft picks.
  10. Oh. I forgot that he wasn't retired already.
  11. TE's are also among the lowest paid positions in the NFL. I view them as a luxury, not a necessity. I'd totally be fine with Hockenson if Beane and McDermott want him, but let's not pretend that TE's are an important element for an offense. You have a couple elites who ARE focal points in their respective offenses, and then the rest are just guys. I've been against taking TE's in the top 10 in the past and probably will in the future as well. I would accept an exception to that opinion in the case of Hockenson because he is one of those rare complete TE's who can be effective as a blocker and as a receiver, but I would rather trade down into the teens and take him if possible. For those who play fantasy football, you know how barren the field is for point producing TE's. They don't provide the impact that a RB or WR does.
  12. Yeah, that's why I view it differently. That's the culture that he grew up in and that's the parenting style that has been normalized and even praised where he's from.
  13. Yeah, but I look at his situation a little differently. It was a case of him trying to discipline his child, but clearly overstepping. Still abuse, for sure, and I'm glad he's not a Bill.
  14. Because they probably weigh nothing and simply having hamstrings gives them a leg up on the competition.
  15. If he abused his child I sure hope our team doesn't sign him after his inevitable release. And I hope he goes to jail and never sees the light of day again. There is NO EXCUSE for child abuse. Only the lowliest of humans would do that.
  16. Interesting. I'm not sure if Metcalf will slide that far, although I do think he might still be there in the teens. I also wonder if he will be the first WR taken or not. I highly doubt the Bills trade back into the first. The cost would be very great. I could see them trading up into the top of the 2nd, though.
  17. DK Metcalf (trade down into the late teens for him) Dalton Risner (trade up into the top of the 2nd for him)
  18. Lorenzo is a gym beast. It's a little crazy that it took him this long to be a major defensive contributor for a team. He's a quality defender.
  19. I felt similarly cheated, but I figured someone would pick up the slack. Good job!
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