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  1. I think the evidence so far is in their favor. Playoffs in year 1. Bad contracts and underperforming players gone. Cap fixed (although some of it was obviously their doing as they tried to rebuild the team), a top 5 defense including a very good secondary. Young pieces to build around including Milano, Edmunds, White, Foster, Allen, etc. There's a reason many fans are excited and the Bills have been getting positive national attention this off-season. It's not just all smoke and mirrors. There are some tangible reasons to be optimistic.
  2. All it takes is humility. Unfortunately that is exceedingly rare in the NFL.
  3. I live on the west coast. I've only been to Buffalo once.
  4. Summer blows. Way too hot for me. I love the fall and spring the best. I even like winter more than summer. But it depends on where you live and your personal preferences. I'd rather be cold than hot. Bingo.
  5. I like to see the players do well and see how the starters do, but there really aren't any conclusions to make from preseason games about how the team will perform in the regular season. So yeah, I don't really care if they win in the preseason, but I suppose it is nice if they do. Those games are for evaluating individual performances, and even then we as fans only have maybe a 1/4 of the information necessary to make a conclusion about each player. I remember John Ross lighting us up in that Cincy preseason game. I thought he'd be a major contributor for them, and when the regular season rolled around he did nothing.
  6. Pretty sure threads about anything NFL related are allowed here. Discussion does not only have to be Bills related. However, you will have a few posters that get on you for it, because many assume (incorrectly) that it is a rule that everything has to be Bills related. The tag line for the Stadium Wall reads: "... Discussing the Buffalo Bills and the NFL 24 hours a day since 1998!"
  7. A lot of those don't even make sense. Speed is a signature move?
  8. Run stuffing linebackers don't win anything. You have to primarily be good in coverage. The really good LB's are good at both. The decent ones are good at coverage. The run stuffers are almost gone because they cant cover.
  9. That's why you have to have a good defensive line, I suppose. Luckily Edmunds can cover AND thump the running back. Milano, although small, is also good at knifing into the backfield and making plays. I doubt Singletary sees much of the field, but we'll see.
  10. Coverage linebackers are definitely important in this era of football. The run stuffing linebackers of old are pretty much obsolete.
  11. I think he is rated perfectly.
  12. I don't think they are too off. Maybe Foster, but he only had half a year of production on one of the worst passing offenses in the league. There's a couple guys you can argue should be higher, but nothing too crazy.
  13. If it's a risk for Allen to throw a football, we're already doomed. These guys know how to throw far without injuring themselves. Doesn't mean Allen should do it, but people saying it's an injury risk are not accurate. They used to have distance throwing competitions in the pro bowl. Nobody had a problem with it then.
  14. I agree. I am not one of those fans that insults Ralph Wilson all the time. We wouldn't even have a team without him.
  15. I'm assuming Ralph wasn't much involved. He was incredibly old at the time. Russ Brandon probably didn't care, as long as he got paid.
  16. I guess I need to brush up on all these acronyms.
  17. I'm confused why people believe Tomlin is not a good coach, personally. Just because of their latest crop of problem players?
  18. Richie was great as a Bill. Really no problems. I wish him well. I thought it would have been for throwing that weight at a guy in the gym.
  19. We'd have to give up draft assets and then pay him big bucks. I hate to say it, but running backs are not that worth it anymore. You can find guys through all rounds of the draft that can come in and contribute right away.
  20. Not sure I want to watch the video. What did they predict for the AFC East?
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