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  1. better believe it. Funny thing is I didn’t start Beasley after all. When the Aaron Jones news broke last night I grabbed JAmaal Williams immediately. As good as I felt about Beasley, I figured Jamaal was just as much of a guarantee but with a higher ceiling as well. It’s always nice when the guy you started and the guy you benched both did well. In fact Jamaal had 3 more points than Bease
  2. lol good question. Really screwed myself with that trade didnt i? i had to scramble to pick up someone off FAs for this week....... and went with none other than Cole Beasley Beasley has been underrated all season. Low ceiling but a high floor. Has our scored his “projected” amount in every game except week 1... against the Jets..... oh, wait.... nah I actually feel good about it though. With no Brown we need Cole to step up and he will.
  3. This would be a typical bills game: 21-3 Bills At halftime 21-17 Bills at end of 3rd quarter with Jets driving jets take the lead 21-24 Allen wakes up and gets pissed off because it’s the Jets, not the Ravens/Pats/Chiefs/etc so he won’t play scared this time but instead we will have a 3 play TD drive and never look back. final score 28-24... way too close for comfort... but an extremely familiar feeling
  4. Crowder questionable (bet he goes but definitely isn’t right; hasn’t had a FP all week) Mims might not be activate Your kicker is hurt, i think so that is not entirely accurate, but you are indeed a lot more healthy than we are. Fortunately Jets have a lot of players that probably wouldn’t be starters on other teams to begin with though, so hopefully even if let’s say all things were equal (on the field) then hopefully we can at least count on McDermott and co to not be outcoached by Adam Gase? Don’t think that’s asking too much. that said, I’ll bet Gase is better at halftime adjustments!
  5. He’s pretty much the only guy we can’t stop on their offense whenever we face off, so yeah I’d definitely say his injury is just as important to monitor as the Bills we have been freaking out about. Yet, not a word about him missing practice... Their kicker, on the other hand..
  6. All this talk about Jets having their WRs for the first time this season... Crowder popped up on the injury report yesterday with a new groin injury was limited yesterday and OUT of practice today. I don’t think he’s a lock to play at all, and he’s the most dangerous WR they’ve got...
  7. thank you... because I accepted it... haha only problem is, Jefferson ain’t playing this week so I had Claypool in at Flex, but I did the trade knowing I could put Crowder in at flex which is a solid matchup as well, but come to find out Crowder has a new groin injury and has been limited for 2 straight practices. as a Bills fan, this is good’ish news, but as a fantasy player having just traded Claypool for a guy on Bye because I’m banking on Crowder this week, it’s a bit concerning
  8. This one is driving me crazy. My gut feeling has been "do it" because Jefferson seems to be targeted more in general, Vikings will always throw a lot and play from behind and Jefferson is solidified at the WR2 spot on his team, whereas Claypool is on a team with a lot of WR Depth and has benefit from Diontae Johnson being out (and he might be back this week). Having said that... I've been playing fantasy for years and in my experience it definitely helps to have players on playoff contenders that still have a lot to play for down the stretch. Claypool is the better athlete overall and obviously plays for the better team. In addition, I ran this offer by a good friend of mine that - like me - has won a lot of his leagues and he says keep Claypool. For the record, the last couple times I went against his advice I got burned, so I am definitely putting more stock into it this time around. Still, can't shake the gut feeling that I should pull the trigger and take Jefferson for Claypool... so now I'm looking for some more opinions. What would YOU do?
  9. And each time Brown was targeted he would come up gimpy. Makes me think he was probably better off missing the game. Side note... it's still mind boggling that, no matter the opponent, we are still a trainwreck in the 3rd quarter. I'm still waiting for the day we can either use the 3rd quarter to seal the victory with a big lead or shift momentum in a game where we are trying to turn it around after a poor first half. It is indeed concerning that we are a terrible third quarter team because it reflects on coaching and half-time adjustments. Although sometimes it has also been poor execution. The one exception is the Raider game. I believe we came out of the half with a TD, but defense had a complete meltdown and nearly let LV take the lead, only to turn it on in the 4th quarter with a couple of huge turnovers (which almost happened yesterday too and - who knows - if the RB's knee isn't down before that ball starts coming out, perhaps the momentum shifts to Buffalo and never turns back? Doesn't matter now, but football is funny like that.)
  10. very true. Team seems to be quite dependent on building the early lead, but I’ve yet to see us come back in a game where we really fall behind from the start. You don’t really see him snap out of a funk. If that’s how he starts the game, he usually ends up being wildly inconsistent throughout. I’ll still give him the benefit of the doubt because he has shown incredible growth overall since his rookie years, but he will have to get himself back on track very soon otherwise the “I will learn from this” quotes will get old very fast.
  11. Seems like he misses more of the “easy” throws against better teams, which can include teams like KC that do not necessarily have a “good” defense. He plays a lot more cool and confident in games we are expected to win. Same thing with the fourth quarter comebacks. He’s got several to his credit, but they have always been in situations where we were the better team throughout the game, but let the game get away from us (3rd quarter, as always) and Allen had to bring us back. but I am still waiting for that comeback against a top tier opponent. baltimore... New England... Texans (playoffs)... chiefs today... in all those games against playoff teams we just needed a late drive and couldn’t get it. I thought he may have turned the corner against the Rams, but after taking a couple steps back, here we are again. Not to mention, the Rams are not on the same level as the other teams mentioned. It’s kind of like the question of who did we actually beat last year, when someone answers “Well, Dallas.....” ehh.. not really. If we are being honest with ourselves. now I will say in his defense, he never really had the chance to put together the game winning drive for us today. Still bummed that their RB’s knee was Indeed down after our TD when it looked like we had recovered a fumble. I would have liked to see how Allen would have finished the game in that scenario, but I guess we will have to keep waiting. with all the quality opponents left on our schedule, if we do not see Allen bring the team back against a genuine playoff caliber opponent at SOME point this season, i would be a little disappointed. until we see him put together an improbable comeback against a contender like Mahomes and Wilson have done repeatedly, he does not deserve to be in that conversation.
  12. For me the concern is simply our schedule. It seems like every week we are going up against another playoff team, which was rare last season. Frankly we could be a better team than last season and end up with a worse record. We were also incredibly lucky with injuries last season. You take this year’s offense with last years schedule and I think we are at least 13-3, regardless of the defense. On the bright side, however, the division seems a lot more attainable this season and this is our year to win it.
  13. Do we know which players on the Titans will remain out due to COVID? Sorry if already posted but have not seen anything.
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