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  1. Somehow I had a feeling it was going to be a Bills player that did something to get me out of this playoff loss funk (and yeah... I was still kind of in it). 35 year old Bills fan here. A little too young to fully appreciate the SB teams, so this is probably the most fun Bills team I’ve ever known, and it started in year 1 with McDermott ,the coach we hired the same day my son was born, speaking of babies. I do believe the future is bright with this team; I just hate waiting through an entire off season to get started again.
  2. It’s amazing how many huge missed opportunities we could dissect from this game and to think, if we just had any ONE of them, we probably win. I know it’s easy to say this about a playoff game but I genuinely cannot remember a game with more missed opportunities than this one... and you can even add the top 3 controversial calls / non-calls to the list... any one of those go our way instead and we likely win as well. yeah, Texans had their dropped picks as missed opportunities but hell we had one of those too, and I wasn’t even thinking of that one yet, but if we come away with that pick we are up at least 20-0 and game is likely out of reach. SIGH...
  3. Haushka was on point in the playoff game. I actually thought he would have made the ~55 yard attempt that we earned only to have the refs rob us. Plus you had perfect conditions for a kicker in Houston (still sickens me to think of that bad call + the morse missed block on the Allen sweep play before that would have sprung a huge gain. I can’t get over it and hope I do soon). now Bojo on the other hand, it makes NO SENSE how he has been our punter for as long as he has. Almost every single game he’s got at least one terrible punt and is the worst punter on the field.
  4. Of all the things that happened yesterday, this is the one that stuck with me, because there is absolutely nothing worse than the outcome of a game being heavily influenced by a single call, when it’s a bad call. When this happened in the NFC championship game last season, it was the talk of the NFL and resulted in a rule change for this season. Everyone knew the Saints got robbed in the worst way, and yes I realize that was the NFC championship game but we are still in the playoffs. There is no room for that garbage in ANY playoff game and I feel the call in the Bills is being overlooked and deserves much more attention than what it is getting so far. if the call isn’t made, Haushka attempts a 55 yard field goal. I realize that could be a 50/50 kick; it’s no guarantee, but I know for sure if we had at least had the opportunity to attempt that kick, as we should have, I’d be over this loss by now, knowing that at least we had a fair shot at winning the game. And on a side note, I think he would have nailed the kick anyway. The guy was on point yesterday. If he attempts that kick and makes it, we are hearing about the incredibly clutch passes that Allen made to get us in position for the game winning attempt. honestly, none of that last part even matters, the point is there were a lot of borderline / questionable calls in that game, the delay of game on 3rd and 18 comes to mind as well, but this is the one that completely robbed us of something that we EARNED on that drive: a chance at a game winning field goal.
  5. I've also heard the Texans expect to be healthier than they've been all season... They're getting Watt back... seems like Fuller is more likely to play than not... and then Joseph injured his hammy today but completely downplayed it after the game and seemed 100% certain about playing. I think we've been healthier than our opponent every week of the season, so this will be a first...
  6. Yeah I hate the Watts. Truly. They terrorize the Bills whenever we play against them. My hope is that an older JJ Watt fresh off missing several weeks due to injury will only be a shell of his old self that tormented EJ Manuel some years ago and pretty much single handily won the game. I think he either pick sixed EJ or scored on a sack & fumble... but either way... (And yes... it was EJ Manuel... but after TJ's impact on the Bills-Steelers game, I've concluded that any Watt can give any Bills QB fits)
  7. So... do we really need to start Mckenzie if Wallace can't go? Was KevJo hurt too? Thought he was just sitting out to be safe. And if that's the case, wouldn't that mean Wallace is the only injured DB right now? Neal & Taron did not seem to be serious...
  8. Any updates on Morse? What is behind the optimism that he will be ready for the playoffs? I haven’t heard anything yet
  9. I don’t think it’s fair to evaluate him on the Pats game because the entire defense was making uncharacteristic mistakes like that. I think the combination of Pats extremely long drives plus the Bills offense unable to move the chains at all for an entire half resulted in the defense being gassed and it’s the reason you saw a lot of guys making the same mistakes. Certainly not coincidental when it’s coming from a defense that is normally one or the leagues best tackling units
  10. Yeah can’t be a coincidence that we tend to lose someone of importance every time we play them. I guess we didn’t end up losing Allen in the first game but it sure complicated the following week
  11. What makes you so confident about this? Has anyone said what the injury was yet?
  12. Isn’t it funny how every time we play this team the damage goes beyond the day we play them? We almost always end up losing someone important against the Pats. Today I honestly cared about coming out healthy much more than winning or losing because our playoff position was highly unlikely to change win or lose, but our playoff chances are highly effected by losing a key player. Then I think.. wow! Are we ACTUALLY going to get out of a pats game healthy?! Nope... Mitch Morse walking off the field with his leg sideways with just a few plays left in the game. Wonderful. Now I’m no doctor but... that can’t be good can it. Obviously we won’t have an update yet but what do you think we might be looking at? Return for playoffs? Out for year? Something in between? if he’s not ready for the playoffs it means our lineup will be worse in the playoffs than it was today, and that’s a scary thought. on a positive side note, at least we can rest starters against jets now. I’d hate to have to play our butts off in that game for the 1% chance of Miami beating New England only to lose someone else of importance
  13. Who cares about the missed calls. The most important thing in this game - more important than winning or losing - was to come out of it healthy... and we lost Morse. When do we not lose an important player in a Pats game? Seriously.
  14. I stick with this team every single season, but there have been several seasons in which I didn’t want to, but fortunately (I can say that now) there was not a damn thing I could do about it; my Bills obsession was too deep. Cool little side note: My only son was born on 1/11/2017, the day the Bills hired Sean Mcdermott .
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