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  1. Actually, the root cause is free market capitalism which allows for unregulated wet markets for the sake of profits because we can't have regulations on business, right? We can't regulate the market for health and safety? Right? Isn't it the right of Chinese business owners to be able to sell their goods without govt interference? Right? That's the root cause. But we can't expect Americans to have a sense of political, economic, environmental or historical context. That would be asking too much of Americans.
  2. It's not greed. It has little to do with the moral character of individuals. The system is capitalism. We are all on the ride. When the system functions and commodities circulate and people work, things are relatively good (for a certain class of people in the first world). But when things go bad for capitalism, we all suffer. It's a system. It's not individuals. It's social. We are all involved. People die everyday to sustain capitalism. It just usually isn't so obvious to relatively comfortable first world people. We all need to stop moralizing all of this and aim to examine how capitalism functions. Oh wait Marx did that in 3000 pages in the late 1860s. Welcome to the latest crisis!
  3. I didn't buy any masks because I already had several bandannas, which I tied around my thigh over my jeans at both Ted Nugent and Toby Keith shows.
  4. "I expect 110% from every guy out there". This is why I love McDermott!
  5. That's good. But this expands beyond race and into economics. Which expands into capitalism and things like private property ownership. One of the main points of having the police and military is protect the interests of capital, both domestically and internationally (see Iraq War). Furthermore, since most working class folks don't own anything and must sell their labor or make other plans, black markets emerge and must be disproportionately policed. Hence, police brutality against black folks and the working poor. Thus, in order to combat racism, major changes to the economic structure must happen. I don't see Watt in favor of defunding our domestic and international police and redistributing that trillion dollars to education, for example. I don't see Watt and the like supporting those objective economic changes. Make sense?
  6. Is it still a protest if everybody kneels? It seems that if real American hero Watt kneels, it kind of deflates the whole thing. Because, while categorically Watt and the like may be against police brutality, I don't think they're for any real systemic change.
  7. Is that Utica Club? I've been to PB for a few games. I need four tickets. If none are left, no big deal. I've been to PHX for games and usually get the tickets real cheap. Right now they're going for over $70 for nose bleeds. But if he has four I'll buy them.
  8. I think it's unlikely that Raiders ticket prices will go down ever. Luckily I have season tickets. I plan to sell my Chiefs, Broncos, and Dolphins tickets. My tickets for the Chiefs game are getting 1500-2000 per ticket right now. My friend sold his 4 seats for the Chiefs game for 15000.
  9. I plan on going to LV, Ari, and San Fran. Can't wait! I already have the ticket for LV and San Fran. The AZ tickets seem overpriced right now (AZ games are usually really cheap). What prices have you seen for AZ?
  10. His comments should upset working class people, regardless of race. Speaking of guns, police shoot white working class rural folks at almost the same rate as black urban folks. So his statement is classist, as well.
  11. But you have to understand that people have different moral and ethical standards. They range from hyperindividualistic and hypercapitalistic to hypercollective and hypersocialistic with everything in between. We can see this spectrum right here in this thread. The main point is don't argue. It's pointless.
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