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  1. last time we took a giant human being to block for a Bills QB, it didnt work out so well. a high schooler that large is crazy though. can he run routes and catch the ball though? surely a spot for him there if he can.
  2. still dont think Lamar can win if hes forced to only pass. still dont believe in Lawrence.
  3. probably not. even with a dome, none of the upper tier wealthy people who show up because its an event and dont care its a football game, would be willing to shell out the $$$$$
  4. lol @ Fox trying to make us interested in Pats vs Broncos. good stuff.
  5. soon as the ball wasnt taken out of his hands after 1 play.
  6. wonder if the Cowboys can decipher anything from the call sheet if they kept it.
  7. ill let that drop by Phillip pass, just this once.
  8. wheres the numbers? like others have said, the ball gets taken out of his hands. all the media cares about is numbers. like i said, Cook is good. doesnt change the fact that the media is sleeping on him because hes not getting enough touches.
  9. hes not consistent enough yet, not putting up godly numbers. hes good though, dont get me wrong.
  10. think Gilmore pulled both arms back as Diggs was trying to put the ball away. happens.
  11. i so very much want Gilmore to get torched for 2 or 3 tds today.
  12. was very happy when beane signed him. low key sneakiest signing ever. guy always shows up.
  13. Cowboys punter has some, Anger. ya ya i know. lol.
  14. watched the play a coupla times, not sure if Rapp had already started his dive before Dak went down. really close.
  15. "Cowboys like to move Parsons around" every play he lined up over Spencer. targeting him.
  16. old dood, probably doesnt want anymore concussions or leg injuries.
  17. lol great start, Cowboys with the stupid penalty, Gilmore with the bad coverage, Bell throwing Gilliam into Parsons knee, Bills pushing the pile and running on them, good stuff.
  18. nah theyre used to it, better draft spot now.
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