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  1. man this great defense sure makes pedestrian QBs look amazing. can we stop a 3 and long? sure feels like we give up alot of them.
  2. good claim by Beane. Klein isnt an all pro but he can stop the run and rush the passer much better than Edmunds. id rather have Edmunds out there in pass coverage clogging up the middle lanes of the field, but Klein can be useful with Edmunds out for this game. coaching staff knows what they can get out of Klein, i expect to see him a bit.
  3. did anybody on the team play well today?
  4. book is out on Allen, pressure him? i thought Josh had been one of the best in the league when pressured? im pretty sure i heard that on tv or read it someplace.
  5. i dont like linebackers who get run over 6+ yards downfield on run plays. somebody needs to teach Edmunds about leverage. for a guy his size, hes playing much smaller. hes played better this season until the GB game. not sure if its him, or the better play by the new DTs.
  6. ill take this win. i was not happy with majority of the 2nd half though. 1st half felt like a win, 2nd half did not. run defense suddenly has become a problem again. i do not like Hyde and Poyer both being out. hope Po can get right quickly. i didnt like all the jawing and taunting going on. i dont care who starts it. if that crap costs us a game, and in the end homefield in the playoffs, imma be real upset. let the scoreboard and your play on the field speak for you, not your mouth. got real sloppy there late and it was much closer than it should have been.
  7. lol Harry Smith drinking out of a bowling ball. classic.
  8. ya sure Sammy. you couldnt wait to get the f outta here. now that the team is good, you wanna hop on the train. setting up for your next team when you get tossed by the Packers? theres a reason why Sammy has been shown the door by so many teams.
  9. my first thought is, neither. if we have to sign OBJ to keep him away from the Chefs then i guess make a run at him. personally i think the Chefs cleared room to sign a pass rusher. when it comes to CMC, hes expensive, and injured, alot. Devin is doing just fine. this offense runs through Josh, not the RB position. i dont think our run blocking gets better if we grab CMC.
  10. Elam for DROY? probably not, but hes playing so well that i barely hear his name called. thats a very good thing for a CB. means hes doing his job.
  11. f the NFL and their bullsh*t scheduling. we gotta play KC in KC again next year? f that nonsense.
  12. yep right on cue, here comes the part of the game where the refs hand the game to one team or another because of their ineptitude.
  13. finally some life in this offense. good way to go into the half. still a game. Go Bills!!!
  14. well we want the Chefs to lose, so im rooting for Brady tbh.
  15. Crowder was scared of getting blasted. i dont blame him. dont throw that ball. that is Crowders job as the slot, but cmon. somebody else had to be open.
  16. if this team cant convert 3rd and shorts, it doesnt deserve to win. end of story.
  17. just wasnt our day, nearly everything went against us. onto next week. Miami is not the better team.
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