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  1. Got it. I wonder if the stats support that theory. Of course, they don't. I'd love for stats to be in his corner for once, besides "throws the ball in air really far".
  2. Geez, this thread reminds me of Moneyball. If he's an accurate thrower, why doesn't he throw accurately?
  3. If Newton is the ceiling, which seems to be a common theme around here, is that good enough? I think you could make a case that it isn't. Carolina has invested in quite a few weapons for Cam and he's still been a pretty average passer for 7/8 seasons.
  4. I expect a jump too, although not as high. It would be pretty unprecedented to have a QB surpass his NCAA completion percentage within his first four seasons. Who would have thought that a QB who had poor NCAA stats would have poor NFL stats? Doesn't matter .... Josh is beyond statistics.
  5. Elway is wrong to try and force Kubiak on Fangio in the first place. You hire a coach for their vision and trust them to build a staff to accomplish that vision. Between this, the ownership issues, and a roster that is fading fast, it's a great situation for Vic.
  6. The whole trade scenario is dumb. You could propose sending 4 first round picks to KC and they still wouldn't bite. The _________ is not about what happens this year. The future is ridiculously bright even if they get blown out. it's about the long term likelihood that Mahomes will keep you in championship contention for a decade or more. Meanwhile, we've got Allen throwing more INTs than TDs and folks are acting like it's even remotely close right now.
  7. If Josh can improve with time, so can Mahomes. I'd love to see him score 60 TDs. But sure, let's keep pumping the brakes and pretend he'll regress into Blakes Bortles. The dude is going to torch the league for the next 15 years, and we should have taken him. Period.
  8. Quick skim...outside of Cam Newton, everyone on that list put up 30 total TDs or less. You are comparing that to Mahomes 52 total TDs and 5000+ yards? Geezus. Too soon to tell....give me a break.
  9. Good one, 480 yards and 6 TDs that game! I guess the Lions forgot to play defense.
  10. Yes, and no..... Can you think of a single example where a QB had a ridiculous season like Mahomes did, and then turned into anything but an elite, top tier QB? I can't. Not saying that it can't happen, but the odds are low. Your statement that he could become a journeyman is ridiculous . You could argue that Josh will have a tough time surpassing his rate stats in the NCAA, because history does support that, but at the same time, 5 TDs against the Dolphins doesn't lie. Can you think of a QB who scored 5 TDs against any opponent and turned into a bust? I can't. I've perked up about his potential. There should be improvements in his play based on comfort within the scheme, additional playmakers coming on board, etc. etc, but the gap between between where he's at, and what a elite, top tier QB looks like, is pretty immense.
  11. Nice! The blue steel Les Paul is gorgeous. I've got a Deluxe Sunburst Strat very similar to yours. We need a pic of your pedal lineup next!
  12. Dexter is certainly up there, especially with the sister love angle. WTF? How I Met Your Mother....universally panned, but it does make sense if you realize that from the beginning it was always about Robin.
  13. What's with the constant need to tear down Mahomes' awe inspiring season, while propping up Josh's?
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