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  1. I expect these type of threads in June, not January. The offseason is hitting us hard.
  2. His Buffalo interviews were so lighthearted and dare I say, normal. The league is better with Marshawn in it. I hope he returns!
  3. Edibles aren't that challenging. Beginners should start with a 5-10mg piece and wait 2 hours. If you want to go on a lengthy magic carpet ride, go ahead and eat the whole chocolate bar.
  4. A few favorites: Cool bars: Cooper Lounge, Cruise Room, My Brothers Bar, Millers & Rossi, El Chapultepec Good booze: Crooked Stave, Zuni Street, Stem Cider, Denver Beer, Epic Good food: TTW, Blue Pan, Syrup, Linger, Sushi Den, Pizzeria Locale, Milk Market (several restaurants inside) Local attractions: Botanical Gardens, Museum of Science, Art museum, Zoo, Sloans Lake Short drive attractions: Red Rocks, Coors, Boulder Mtn Park, downtown Boulder. 1-2 hour drive attractions: Black Hawk casinos, New Belgium brewery, Echo Lake or RMNP (bring snowshoes) , skiing at numerous mountains Also, edibles.
  5. We can pay Shaq, Jordan and Yannick. We have a quality QB making pennies. This is the time that you spend / trade like crazy and stack the team!
  6. How would he not be a fit? You can't have too many pass rushers. Let's get him!
  7. Got any links to expected single game prices? I haven't seen anything credible to date.
  8. Assuming he continues to progress as a passer, his rushing attempts will naturally decline. I don't think you ever want to take away the threat of running though, he's deadly in the option game.
  9. Tell me about all the other mobile QBs that are protected at satisfactory levels.
  10. They are still leading their division. It's not that bad.
  11. Doubleback or Brown Sugar. ZZ Top is a top 3 concert, saw them at Erie county fair about 12 years ago. They paused during the La Grange solo just to stroke their beards for the crowd.
  12. Broncos fan are such chronic whiners. You'd think the team has been trash for decades. Chubb was an excellent LB last year, how could you not be happy with 12 sacks as a rookie? His injury does suck, hope he comes back to form next year.
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