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  1. They have the garbage plate of Ohio in Cincy chilly. It is something you have to try once!
  2. Pre-draft narratives are hard to kick, especially when there were zero statistics supporting Josh as a top tier guy. Fair or not, that will follow him for years. Tua will be "injury prone" for years, and Lamar will be a "RB pretending to be QB" for years. Josh is JUST starting to kick the "extremely erratic gunslinger" shtick, but plenty of people have their responses all queued up for when he has a bad game or two. There are fair critiques of every player, but there are no shortage of inflammatory and sensationalized takes out there. Elite play buries most of them, bu
  3. We're not talking about Metcalf vs Peterson, that's irrelevant. On this single play, Diggs ran right by Peterson. Peterson didn't touch him. With <30 seconds left, allowing a #1 receiver a free dash to the end zone is joke coverage. Of course, this all works out to our benefit. I'm glad we got it done. Josh probably was shocked to see Diggs running free like that.
  4. Josh should only read coverage, not the name on the jersey. Thankfully, the coverage was a joke, and he delivered an accurate ball. Peterson didn't even slap Diggs arm, he ran right by him!
  5. The "ceiling" is really tough to call out, I think he's establishing the floor right now. If it's 4000 total yards and 30+ TDs, life is good for years to come.
  6. Ya'll think that the Diggs TD was that insane of throw? Really? It was a 30 yard throw to the corner with plenty of cushion. Great throw, great catch, very clutch, but I didn't walk away thinking it was an "exclusive to Josh" throw. I know we're all drooling over the concept of a franchise QB, but the "OnLy He CaN do ThAt" takes are way overdone.
  7. Just we need, Lars Ulrich's ***** drumming on the big screen.
  8. Geezus, some of you dudes need your 97 Rock bubble burst.
  9. They've had a good roster for years, but there was a switch that flipped the day Lamar started. Since then, they've been an elite team. Playoff wins are next, but they've got many chapters to write with #8 leading the way. Crazy that he is younger than Burrow!
  10. ...round and round and ROUND we go. We're fully dug in now. The Ravens have a great roster, but point blank, he's the "straw that stirs the drink". As he goes, the Ravens go, and I don't think we've seen his ceiling yet. Plus, isn't some adversity a good thing? He's been sloppy since the Chiefs, but he continues to find ways to win. The Steelers beat him up all game, but he kept his team in it until the final play. I think playoff wins are on the horizon. Hell, Bills v Ravens for the AFC crown would be a GREAT game.
  11. https://www.nfl.com/videos/baldy-s-breakdowns-lamar-jackson-flawless-in-second-half-vs-colts
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