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  1. Donald scares me far more than Ramsey. Even if we have to sacrifice Smoke or Diggs to Ramsey Island, we have enough playmakers that we should still score plenty of points.
  2. As mentioned before, Josh and statistics historically don't mix, which caused years of takes that JA was trash (I'm guilty). The last two games have been uncharted territory. If he continues to play like a top 5 QB, the statistics will match up fairly quickly. The 'PFF is ####" takes are pretty dramatic, as they've' clearly shown value to NFL teams. Data is only part of player analysis, and you have to known when to take it with a grain, or gallon, of salt.
  3. This is year 5 in the "Josh Allen vs Statistics" bout. Josh has never been an analytical darling, so at least their consistent. Whatever - dude balled out yesterday. Bring on the Rams!
  4. Smoke's deep TD in the 4th. Josh had just missed him and knew he'd beat the coverage again. Great route and a great throw.
  5. Josh served some crow appetizers last year, but today, he served a feast. He did what great QBs are supposed to do against bad teams - kick the ***** out of them. It was the most complete performance of his career - bring on the Rams!
  6. There have been some massive wildfires in Canada the past decade https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fires_in_Canada
  7. "LiVe SomEwhErE eLSe" is such a lazy take. There are countless examples around the globe of society thriving in resource poor or hazardous areas. That doesn't mean we should allow uncapped growth and completely pillaging of the environment to make it work (Ex. Insane diversion of the Colorado River), but people have to live somewhere, and that doesn't make them reckless.
  8. It has its pros and cons, like anywhere. The weather, mountains and coast are a pretty big draw. CA is not one size fits all....you can't compare Del Mar to Santa Clara, or Ontario to Truckee. Some places are absolutely nuts (ex. starters homes in San Jose going for ~$1M) and I really don't know how people make it work.
  9. LOL - good laughs man. Wake me when he truly can go toe to toe with the elite.
  10. I'd be stoked if he was a unanimous top 10 QB. Unless Mahomes, Jackson, Russel Wilson and Rodgers have a meltdown of the likes we've never seen, this isn't happening.
  11. The content was certainly different and best read occasionally. They had a few gems over the years (ex. SI becoming a content mill, Nathan Peterman).
  12. In the digital space, not by banner ads, cookies, pop ups and autoplay videos. These all degrade the user experience, and the conversion rates are pitiful. We often see <0.01% leads/site visitors at my company, and those are just leads! Say what you want about Defector, or any of these sites, but $80-$100 a year really isn't much to get content you value without being pummeled by spam. Sales + business development, doing the dirty work, always have and always will be the revenue generators.
  13. This was their best burn McDermott will be the longest tenured coach in Buffalo since Marv Levy. That sounds impressive until you learn that the current holder of that title is Dick Jauron Not their best...it felt rushed. Even the WFT and Cleveland ones were meh. I dig the site though. In their "About Us" section, they provide a great read on how they got here. Peak Deadspin filled a unique niche and was a nice break from the usual sports takes. I hope it works out for them. Marketing is sales without accountability. Digital marketing / advertising needs to die. Talk about a waste of resources.
  14. There is a Buffalo type/mindset...it's easy to see when you leave town, but hard to put into words. That's for another conversation. Josh is showing improvement, and I think this will be best season yet. I want to see him square off against Mahomes or Jackson in January
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