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  1. All the other dinosaurs feared the mighty TRex! All kidding aside, you might have to slide him to guard for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Go BPA, unless the guy is a total mismatch for your system or you're totally stacked at that position. Luckily the Bills aren't absolutely desperate for any one thing this time so they can manuever around a little to get who they like. There's a bunch of D line guys in their range this year, and with Kyle retiring, that choice makes a lot of sense. IMO, they could use a blue chip talent in several places on this team. For a high first rounder I would focus on D line, O line, or CB. If they trade down then open it up to include LB or WR .
  3. 9 is really high for a te.... Doesn't feel like a Beane move.
  4. The Bills need blue chip talent, not extra guys. The Bills need D Line looking forward, the top of this draft has it. Stay at nine unless someone gets stupid and offers something amazing.
  5. Fix your offensive line and passing game first. Running backs in teams that have good lines and spread the ball around effectively don't need to be highly paid superstars to be successful. Also it's a high risk injury position so putting too much investment in one player here usually doesn't pan out. Third, look at the recent history of the league. When was the last time you saw a feature rb dominant team win the Super bowl? Several cheaper rbs behind a strong line is a better strategy than trying to find the next great one.
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