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    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    Bills need a #1 receiver, Julio Jones qualifies. If they want a big name, either him or AJ Green are interesting. Neither will come cheap, though.
  2. Jigsaw2112

    Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

    No, the Niners / Chargers blowout was worse. San Diego was dead before the end of the first Quarter. Also Niners blowout of Denver was a joke. Seattle's destruction of Denver also not entertaining. Plus the First Bills/ Dallas super bowl was excruciating. More fun when it's actually a contest, even a low scoring one.
  3. Jigsaw2112

    The Offseason I Want to See

    The off-season I want to see? 1. Brady retires. 2. Belichick retires. 3. Get significant upgrades at WR and offensive line positions. By any means necessary. 4. Dolphins tank for rebuild. 5. Did I mention Brady retires? 6. Find young, viable replacements for Shady and Ivory.
  4. Not a big fan of trading down here...the Bills could use elite talent on D as well, but I understand the urgency on offense. Perhaps free agency would be the place to get some o-line or wr help if its just not there in round 1. I know we need oranges, but if the apples are in season, pick apples, not substandard oranges. Unless someone gives you a crazy good offer for your pick.