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  1. Mahomes has definitely been impressive. Lets see how he does when the weather turns, also how he handles playoff games. Can he sustain his current level of play?
  2. Jigsaw2112

    Which Trash-Heap QB Would You Have Signed?

    "This guy's dead!" "Cross him off, then."
  3. Jigsaw2112

    Matt Barkley Coming to town

    Honestly I think is be more excited for Charles Barkley. At least he's be a good interview....
  4. So I'm wondering what they do if he does throw multiple picks in the first half, which is quite likely. Do you put in Logan Thomas, or let Peterman set a new record for INTs? You don't have to be good to be famous.
  5. Jigsaw2112


    If the Bills leave, so long and thanks for all the fish.... Peace out.
  6. Jigsaw2112

    Predict the score vs NE

    Patriots 56 Bills 0
  7. Jigsaw2112

    Who to start against NE?

    This reminds me of an old south park episode about choosing a school mascot...
  8. Jigsaw2112

    Next week: BILLS 42, PATS 27!!!

    Perhaps Brady will try to add a 12 touchdown pass game to his legacy. Otherwise he's out by halftime after 42 to 0 lead.
  9. Maybe he'll outdo Percy Harvin and Vontae Davis and retire on the field after the first 3 and out. 😮 More likely scenario: 12 of 27, 89 yds, 2 int
  10. They could try kneeling 3 times and punting, and hope the defense scores on turnovers. Although that's not much different than what they've been doing...😒
  11. Jigsaw2112

    Songs that remind you of the Bills

    Why do you build me up, Buttercup, Baby, just to let me down, Then mess me around. But then worst of all, Ya never call baby when ya say ya will, But I love you still... 😕😧😖😱😡😓
  12. Jigsaw2112

    Pre Season's Over, Post Your W/L Prediction

    6-10 unless defense can steal a couple games or o-line becomes better than it has looked.