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  1. It's a great system. Trump gets way too much flack for trying to implement the same policy. Unfortunately the Republicans who cater their policies towards helping business owners have no interest in solving immigration and reducing the supply of cheap labour. The penalties for employing illegal immigration should be much steeper. Immigration laws are similar to drug laws in my eyes in the sense that too much emphasis is put on penalizing the low level people and not enough emphasis on stopping the people who make it all possible. Yes immigrants are breaking the law, but they wouldn't come here in the same numbers if it was harder to find work.
  2. Canada is great. Taxes are high, but the trade off is a fair one in my eyes.
  3. Unlikely. Canadians live longer, are happier, safer and Canada consistently ranks ahead of the US in quality of life. Who exactly is the US protecting Canada from? The boogeyman?
  4. Agreed. His personality and behaviour has deteriorated over the years. Too many hits to the head.
  5. Brown has gone crazy. Way too many hits to the head. No, he's just showing multiple signs of severe CTE.
  6. I assume we're talking Blue, Blue Light, Bud Light, and Bud Heavy. #LiquidGold In all seriousness, is this actually confirmed? That's about $19 Candaian which means I'll be doing zero drinking at the games this year.
  7. Antonio Brown took too many hits to the head and now appears to be suffering from severe CTE. When it's all said and done, I'd bet his brain is completely mangled, causing severe personality behaviour problems and what appears to be paranoia.
  8. I have no issues with the electoral college. The system is what the system is. In roughly 10 years when Texas turns blue, the system is set up to allow the Democrats will cake walk to Presidential victories over and over again.
  9. Of course they don't. You've been brain washed into thinking the US is the best country on Earth.
  10. The poll isn't telling you who will win the election. They're projecting what percentage of the population will vote for each candidate. The polls are clearing showing, as they did in 2016, that Trump is going to get fewer votes in 2020 than most of his potential opponents. If I was Trump, and I'm consistently down 8 points to Joe Biden, if he's my opponent I'd be very worried.
  11. They were pretty close, with Hilary getting 48.2% of the vote and Trump getting 46.1%. What they didn't account for is where the votes would take place.
  12. China isn't part of the developed western world. They're a communist country with a totalitarian regime. Everyone else in the developed western world has severe restrictions on guns and is doing totally fine. There's actually an index that ranks how "free" each country in the world is. The USA is currently ranked 42nd in the world. Countries with severe gun restrictions make up the top 10.
  13. Allen looked poised in the pocket, but his accuracy was still suspect. At least a couple uncatchable passes to guys who were open. The defense looks amazing the offense should be better. If Allen doesn't crap the bed we should make the playoffs as a wildcard I think.
  14. What a weird story. He obviously wasn't in the store, but thank goodness he was stopped. I think the issue remains though, that laws have to change to keep guns out of these lunatics hands in the first place. The entire developed world has essentially turned in their guns and are doing just fine. This is such over the top fear mongering it's outrageous.
  15. What about "well regulated"? Probably most of them, because that's where most of the American population is concentrated. If there are more people, the odds are pretty clear that something will happen more frequently. I imagine the same holds true for speeding tickets. Well in this specific situation, the rest of the developed world doesn't have anywhere close to the same issues with mass shootings as the US has. It would probably be smart to study why people don't shoot up Walmarts, schools, movie theatres, etc in other counties, to understand why it only seems to happen with any frequency in the USA.
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