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  1. No. There's not. I think Jim Kelly was in the teens.
  2. There's little correlation between wonderlic score and reading a defense. Hackenberg's biggest flaw was his horrendous accuracy and poor pocket presence.
  3. Christian Hackenberg has plenty of similarities as a prospect to Josh Allen. Pros - big, strong, mobile, "looks" like a QB, good intangibles, smart Cons - questionable accuracy, poor game film, poor pocket presence Hopefully Allen is a lot better, but it shows how low the floor is for boom or bust prospects like this.
  4. It's hard to argue with a lot of what he said. Our schedule is hard. Allen is a project. Our offense is devoid of talent in the pass game. What he doesn't cover is our defense, which could be elite. No idea how good it will be, but if it's top 10 you can probably bank on at least 6 or 7 wins. The offense is going to be the major problem area. Will we be able to score points? How good or bad will Allen be?
  5. I agree I hope he doesn't harm anyone else. That would be awful and him picking a fight at a gym and throwing dumb bells at people seems like he came awfully close. Unfortunately if he has CTE, it's just going to keep getting worse and there's nothing that can be done to stop it. Humans aren't meant to play football. When I read stories like this I feel extremely guilty for watching a sport that might provide players with high salaries and a great lifestyle, but it's too often at the expense of not being able to be a functioning member of society after they retire.
  6. You don't get CTE overnight. It's a degenerative brain disease that some athletes in high school display symptoms of. Think of how many hits to the head he's taken over the past 20 years. Probably tens of thousands.
  7. I'd bet my life savings on him having an advanced case of CTE. The guy's brain clearly isn't functioning properly and it will only continue to get worse.
  8. That's the rub - guys don't improve their accuracy in the NFL in a meaningful way. Doesn't matter how hard a guy works off the field, once the bullets are real and defenders are actually trying to tackle him and intercept his passes, they all revert back to the inaccurate tendencies on film in college. Jordan Palmer literally said all the same things about Christian Hackenberg as he's said about Josh Allen. All the talk meant nothing in the past, so I don't get why anyone is supposed to believe Palmer this time around. Until Allen actually proves that he has the accuracy required to thrive in the NFL, all this stuff from "QB gurus" is just talk.
  9. Allen has a bigger arm, otherwise they're essentially the same guy. Same size and same mobility. Both have good intangibles off the field. Allen is a bit thicker. Jordan Palmer said Hackenberg could fix his accuracy in the lead up to the 2016 draft, but he hasn't and will likely be out of the NFL by the end of the summer.
  10. Jordan Palmer said the exact same things about Chrisitian Hackenberg 2 years ago, and he's been terrible as a pro football player.
  11. You need to put down the Kool Aide and stop making excuses for the guy. His college stats sucked. Hopefully he gets better in the NFL and bucks the glaring trend that guys like him rarely succeed at the pro level.
  12. If you just look at the names since 2000, it's a really sorry list of quarterbacks. This list does nothing to convince me Allen was the right pick. All this does is show me how rare it is to find a franchise QB who didn't complete more than 59% of their throws in college.
  13. jrober38

    Josh Allen: Analytics

    Yikes. I remember 2 years ago people telling me how awful Penn States' team was and how it wasn't Hackenberg's fault his stats weren't better. I also remember people saying Bill O'Brien screwed him over after leaving him his first year. At that time, James Franklin was a nobody on the college football landscape. They're both 6'4-6'5 with 4.8 speed. Allen has a bigger arm, but Hackenberg also had a "big arm". I don't put any stock in #4. Like Allen, Hackenberg worked the predraft process. He was over drafted due to his "potential" and the hope his accuracy problems can be fixed, and the result is he'll be out of the NFL as of sometime this summer.
  14. jrober38

    Josh Allen: Analytics

    In what way?
  15. jrober38

    Josh Allen: Analytics

    Everything I've read over the past couple weeks tells me there's no difference between Josh Allen and Christian Hackenberg, who just announced he's about to completely rebuild his mechanics this offseason as he goes into his THIRD year in the NFL. Both are big, strong, mobile QBs with great character, who were plagued by ineffectiveness and accuracy issues in college. Both worked with Jordan Palmer leading up to the draft. If you read up on what Palmer said about Hackenberg's mechanics, it's pretty much verbatim what he said about Josh Allen for the past two months. Hopefully the result is different for us than it was for the Jets.