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  1. Of course he did. He's directly profiting off the presidency.
  2. I don't recall a QB ever suffering a major knee injury on a QB sneak. I think it was really terrible luck.
  3. No brainer. Mariota is absolutely terrible. Tannehill is a low end starter or high end backup. Tennessee should be better off in the short term.
  4. Shocking we got anything for Jones. Also shocking we traded up to pick him in the 2nd round. Hopefully that was a mistake we won't repeat.
  5. Thanks for the context. I appreciate your recap. Sounds like he did a good job managing the game. That's something I've felt he's needed to do better, so if he was efficient and smart with the ball, that's a plus.
  6. The Bills need an elite, big bodied receiver who is "open when they're not open". They've needed that guy since Eric Moulds left.
  7. If the Bills can get into the post season, which they should, this team could make a run. If they can spend the next 3-4 games developing an explosive running game with Singletary, and learn to be more efficient throwing deep off play action, an explosive offense teamed with an elite defense could do serious damage in the playoffs.
  8. I didn't realize that. As I said I didn't watch any of the game. Just going off the box score and what I heard from friends and family who did. They all said Allen was okay, and that the offense mostly did nothing, and that the pick was bad. Feel free to explain how his performance was "great" if you disagree with what I said.
  9. We scored 14 points. He can't have been that great. Anyways, the Bills D is arguably the best in the NFL, and the offense does enough to win low scoring games. The Bills should pretty easily coast to the playoffs given how horrendous their schedule is this year and once your in the playoffs with a defense like ours, anything can happen.
  10. I literally just got home after sitting on a beach in Charleston for 6 days. I didn't watch a second of the game (wasn't on locally and no one wanted to go to a bar). I heard Allen was okay but threw another terrible interception. Anyways, the Bills are 4-1 and should be at least 6-2 in four weeks which is great. I'm taking my son to his first game against Miami which should be a ton of fun.
  11. This. One guy is the best QB in the NFL, and the other guy is one of the worst starters. Our starting QB struggles to throw a 5 yard out. He routinely skips check downs so he can throw it into double coverage. I can't think of a single other QB who struggled so badly with the basics who ever succeeded in becoming a franchise QB.
  12. I agree with that. By year two there was an established supporting cast, and EJ couldn't have played worse.
  13. Woods and Goodwin were rookies. TJ Graham was actually our #3 receiver when EJ was a rookie. Scott Chandler was our leading receiver his rookie year. Watkins came in Manuel's 2nd season.
  14. There's no objectivity. Allen is 33rd in the NFL in passer rating and people are saying we shouldn't be concerned about his play. I want him to work out, but the decision making and difficulty he has completing simple passes is beyond frustrating. He's not a rookie anymore, regardless how many people want to try and pretend he is. He can't keep making so many boneheaded mistakes every game.
  15. You can't criticize Allen when he plays poorly. He's obviously on his way to being a franchise QB.
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