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  1. Their peaks were all much lower than what was projected without any social distancing.
  2. States like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan flattened the curve. They got smashed initially but seem to have it almost completely under control now. Florida and Texas are still in the first wave. In two weeks once the vulnerable patients testing positive now start winding up on ventilators in the ICU their systems will come under pressure. It seems inevitable that those states will have to lock down again in the coming weeks (both took steps today), further damaging the economy. The charities that proved to be total frauds? Just like Trump University?
  3. What's happening in Florida is incredible. Two weeks ago 1,900 new cases. Today, over 9,000. Without another total lock down, the number of new cases will keep doubling every 4-5 days like NY did in March.
  4. Things getting really bad in Florida for new cases. The last three days have been 1371, 1698 and today 1902. The trend clearly shows it's going to continue going higher.
  5. This is true, but it's mostly been confined to urban centres across the country because that's where the population is most dense. I agree that measures should be different from area to area and not necessary blanket rules for entire states. The stock market crashing today suggests there's real worry about a second wave coming which would be absolutely devastating to the economy. This thing moves like a train and if things break through and it looks like new cases are starting to get out of hand in California, Texas and Florida.
  6. Infection numbers are steadily climbing in California, Texas and Florida. The 7 day moving averages for those three states is a big concern.
  7. In all seriousness the old man might be severely hurt. The brain is a fragile thing and smacking your head on cement can cause major, lasting damage.
  8. He should be fired immediately. I'd consider charges too.
  9. https://twitter.com/i/status/1268716877355810818 This is so messed up.
  10. Drew can say whatever he wants. But he has to live with the consequences.
  11. Esper just went on NBC saying he had no idea Trump was planning the photo op. He thought they were going to observe the damage and talk to some of the troops.
  12. No one is paying attention and I think the reason why is because they're all owned by big corporations who essentially are the freight train. Don't let people know what's going to happen and that millions of them will all be out of a job within 10 years because that's not what your political donor class wants. The sad part is it's going to affect everyone. From the restaurant worker working a cash register at a fast food chain, to the truck driver hauling freight, all of those jobs are going to be gone sooner than people think.
  13. We agree on a lot. I appreciate the time you took to respond. Fiscally I'm also conservative, and I hate waste, however I believe that social programs are essential to maintain a functioning society. I view many of these as being necessary. I think a lot of those programs fall way short of the mark, but I think their intended purpose is the right one. Trying to keep people out of poverty will lead to prosperity for all of society, because there will be less crime. The issue is that so many good ideas get ruined by the bureaucracy. I totally agree on the need for a third, centrist party. I think it would probably win every election in a landslide. I don't understand how a party that wants to allow people to exercise their basic freedoms, while providing an adequate safety net of social programs to the most vulnerable doesn't exist. Take the huge number of things all Americans agree on and just run on those things. Let the fringes run at polar opposite ends of the spectrum and let them disappear into obscurity.
  14. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and respond thoughtfully. I think UI is something that needs to be explored further, otherwise the job market and poverty are going to deteriorate further. I think people fail to realize how many millions of jobs are going to be replaced by computers over the next 10 years. Those people for the most part lack any education, and they're going to be left with nothing to do. It doesn't have to be a lot, but Andrew Yang's idea of $1000 a month per adult is interesting to me. Maybe not yet, but in 2-3 years I think it'll be a necessity to keep millions of low wage earners who have been rendered obsolete out of poverty. Again, I appreciate your response.
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