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  1. Is this all their pay for access stuff? I've tried digging around on PFF and always recall running into a bunch of pay walls to see anything interesting.
  2. Sheesh. The fact that there's no consensus on some stats is beyond frustrating. If it's that high maybe we get past one or two more teams. I don't know, and frankly I don't really care to check anymore. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. I just went with the numbers I found. Also I realize that's a true adjusted completion percentage. I just couldn't find it, and I couldn't find any data regarding the number of passes thrown away.
  3. I did it by team because I've yet to see any data that says who the QB was for every team when a pass was dropped. Matt Barkley threw roughly 10% of the passes we attempted this year. Also we had 26 drops as per stats.com which is the source I used. Our team's completion percentage was still like 4th or 5th worst in the NFL including the drops. I assume most of that had to do with Allen, but I also don't know if any of our receivers dropped passes from Barkley. I assume they did. Anyway you slice it, Allen was near the bottom of the NFL in completion and adjusted completion percentage. Whether he's last, fifth last, or anywhere in the bottom ten, that's not good. When I looked through this, I just plugged in teams at the bottom of the NFL to see who came up with an adjusted number higher than the Bills. I didn't write it down, and I think I came up with 4 teams who were worse than the Bills. I think they were Cinci, Indy, Cleveland and Detroit.
  4. The amount of WR talent will push guys down in the draft. Go BPA in round 1 (ideally an offensive or defensive lineman), and then come back and grab a receiver in round 2.
  5. Hopefully this is true. The Bills are one of the best young teams in the NFL, who have a great defense and always keep games close. Seems like the type of team you'd want on TV, even if they're not a huge market. KC, New England, Seattle and Pittsburgh all seem like games that have a shot at Prime Time in Buffalo.
  6. I'm not using anything incorrectly. I posted the definition from NextGen's Glossary of what they mean by air yards. There should be absolutely no confusion about what a definition means. It's not exactly a complex paragraph for someone to read and comprehend. NextGen does not care about where the QB is in relation to the LOS when the ball is thrown. It has nothing to do with the data he posted, as is backed up by the definition provided in their Glossary. Unless you're blind, you're intentionally being ignorant. Open the files and watch the videos, then tell me how the biggest air yards Allen had on a completed pass. Really? You think that they've just ignored their own DEFINITION of how a statistic is calculated. You think that's a real answer to the problem here, and not that you're just refusing to watch the videos and own how incredibly wrong you are? LMAO
  7. Have you watched the videos? Obviously not. The videos show the data is clearly incorrect. If you're going to call other people biased, maybe try not being completely biased yourself. This is beyond sad at this point. The video is clear. They obviously don't support your bogus stats which have nothing on tape to support them.
  8. Maybe their data is wrong. Maybe the guy who recorded the data was drunk. Who freaking knows. Maybe spend 2 minutes watching the 5 videos I just posted and just take your medicine. They're right there, and they blatantly show that nothing you've said over the past 20 minutes is even remotely true. You've misrepresented what air yards are, and you're ignoring clear video evidence. If you're not trying to mislead people I don't know what you're trying to do. You're wrong. Totally, utterly, wrong. Own it.
  9. It says the largest file I can upload is 0.2 MB, which is tiny. I just found a link though. It's a very long read but very interesting if you find the time to read the whole thing. https://www.scribd.com/document/385295150/2018-Contextualized-Quarterbacking2-pdf My bad. It's tough having to respond when a poster is blatantly lying (that other guy). He's literally ignoring basic video evidence to try and prove his extremely misguided point. But Completion Percentage doesn't matter!!! Rabble, Rabble, Rabble!!!
  10. You're living in a fantasy land. You're literally just saying things you want to be true. Straight from NextGen's Glossary: Average Completed Air Yards (CAY) and Average Intended Air Yards (IAY) Air Yards is the vertical yards on a pass attempt at the moment the ball is caught in relation to the line of scrimmage. CAY shows the average Air Yards a passer throws on completions, and IAY shows the average Air Yards a passer throws on all attempts. This metric shows how far the ball is being thrown ‘downfield’. Air Yards is recorded as a negative value when the pass is behind the Line of Scrimmage. Additionally Air Yards is calculated into the back of the end zone to better evaluate the true depth of the pass. Give it up. Please stop making up blatant lies.
  11. Good catch! I'm just going off the list of plays that were given to me. LOS is the 34, Brown catches the ball 4-5 yards into the end zone and dives to the ground to secure the ball. It's probably somewhere between a 40-41 yard pass, which would land in the club house as the new leader in the clubhouse for Allen's longest throw this year. I don't think this is true. It makes things way too subjective. Every QB's air yards are calculated based off how far from the LOS the ball flies.
  12. Says the guy who didn't click on the obvious video evidence. Your bias is laughable. Allen can do no wrong. You'll believe fake facts even if they're easily disproven in about 30 seconds of video.
  13. The stats are wrong. Watch the videos I posted. They're all right there for you to click on. None of those stats are even remotely close to being true.
  14. Based on the video above none of this relating to Allen is true. The video evidence says your stats are completely wrong.
  15. I recall before Allen was drafted reading a detailed report that charted every throw Allen made his last year in college, and they looked at accuracy and at ball placement. Instead of completion percentage, they looked at which passes were thrown on target and I think they even excluded throw away passes. Anyways, I'll try to find the link, but Allen was a far and away the least accurate QB in the 2018 draft based on the study, which factored in all of the things you're describing. Having watched him in a Bills uniform, I think it's fair to say he makes his receivers work more than he might have to. Balls aren't always thrown in the spot where the receiver can easily turn and run with it. His deep ball is incredibly inaccurate, with the ball often landing no where near its target. EDIT - I found the study, but the link is broken and the PDF is too big to post. Any solutions?
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