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  1. McConnel is smart. He knows they have to purge Trumpism from their ranks or face total political annihilation without Trump on the ticket in future elections. In two years, with Trump out of office and the GOP in a full fledged civil war between RINOs and radical MAGA supporters, the GOP is going to get destroyed at the polls, worse than they did two years ago. Trump and Trumpism may very well have destroyed the Republican Party. They either move to the right on the fringes of fascism and alienate any moderate GOP voters in suburban areas, or purge the par
  2. The treasonous ones who tried to overthrow the government after a free and fair election. Common ground would be great. But it's never going to happen. The US feels like it's at the cusp of a civil war. Almost half of the country completely despises the other half with some people in the middle who don't really care either way. The US has become unbelievably polarized, and people in dense urban areas have next to nothing in common culturally, socially or philosophically with people who live in rural areas. I honestly think the US is essentially a
  3. Hopefully similar things happen to the people who tried to overthrow the federal government last week.
  4. This is how the justice system has always worked. Throw the book at the person if they're black or brown. Slap on the wrist if they're a white "Christian".
  5. OK. After all the bad actors wind up incarcerated and we see who is left, we can discuss coming together. Trump's slogan for years has been you don't have a nation without laws. That applies here. They don't get to have attempted to overthrow the government without hundreds of people winding up in federal prisons for the foreseeable future.
  6. It's like a mob boss telling a soldier to go see a guy and take care of it. Everyone with a brain in their head knows what this means. This was no different.
  7. The things we agree on don't matter if they can't accept reality. Imagine someone broke into your house and trashed your home. Would you be willing to "move on" and not hold them accountable because you have a few things in common?
  8. Exactly. There's a difference between someone walking out their front door and rioting in their own neighbourhood and people from all across the country, being called to Washington D.C. on a bunch of lies to try and overthrow the government. Both are terrible, but one is worse. One is treason.
  9. Really? They can't even accept that Trump lost the election.
  10. Donald Trump belongs in a padded room undergoing extensive psych evaluations. He's completely insane and has entirely lost touch with reality. He hasn't been living in the real world for about 6 months now. These people need to be arrested and treated the same as any jihadist taken off a battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan over the past 15 years. They're all completely insane. Radicalized by four years of Donald Trump's lies and deception.
  11. There's no common ground to be found between the average person and those who were willing to try and overthrow the government on a bunch of lies for a want to be tyrant.
  12. The country would be in a state of emergency if these protesters were brown or black. Trump has radicalized tens of thousands, if not millions of people. The only reason no one cares is because these terrorists are white.
  13. Their fans believe Belichick can turn anyone into a good QB. They're about to find out that's not even remotely true. They'll continue to be well coached, and their defense will improve next year when they get a bunch of players back off their COVID list, but their offense is a disaster right now with no building blocks at QB or WR currently on the roster, and the odds of finding those things in free agency will be incredibly difficult.
  14. The Bills are an elite NFL team that will be set up for sustained success for the coming years as a top NFL franchise. We'll have our QB locked up after his extension, receivers are locked up, decent offensive line and running backs on rookie deals, and we can essentially just allocated all our draft resources into keeping the defense fresh with young prospects. The Bills and Chiefs look set to dominate the AFC for years to come. Could develop into a great rivalry similar to Brady and Manning from 2000 to 2010.
  15. He gets at least a half to break Bledsoe's single season passing yards record. After that you can sit him down in the second half and let Barkley ruin the Dolphins playoff hopes.
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