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  1. As do I. He has zero elite traits; a below average arm, no mobility, no experience in a pro system or under centre, no experience reading a defense. I don't see any upside whatsoever.
  2. This isn't true at all. Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, Jimmy Clausen were all guys who were projected numerous times as first round picks. A lot of Bills fans would have been happy with any of them as our 1st rounder the years those guys came out.
  3. This isn't really true. Over the 17 year drought, we drafted one All Pro (Marcell Dareus, 2014). Over the 17 year drought, we drafted 10 Pro Bowlers out of 139 total draft picks (Kyle Williams 5x, Marcel Dareus 2x, Jairus Byrd 3x, Aaron Schobel 2x, Terrance McGee 1x, Nate Clements 1x, Stephon GIlmore 1x, Marshawn Lynch 1x, Eric Wood 1x, Travis Henry 1x). That's an abysmal draft record. Of the 18 first round picks we had, only five of them ever made at least one Pro Bowl, and only one ever became an All Pro. Just terrible.
  4. I agree with this premise. I'm higher on Mayfield than he is, but you can tell by watching him on the NFL Network today he doesn't think Allen has any chance of being a good pro. It's really hard to find a QB, and the vast majority of first rounders who don't go #1 overall bust. Teams need to be very careful with who they risk blowing picks on. Drafting guys just for the sake of it rarely works out.
  5. I just reread some reviews of Christian Hackenburg's pro day. Man oh man are they a lot like the ones being published today about Allen. Improved footwork Improved accuracy Huge arm strength Helped his draft stock Then he got to the NFL and was a colossal bust because despite looking good in shorts his accuracy never actually got better on an NFL field against defenders.
  6. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    Comparing college QB production from the early 80s to today is not smart. In 1982, ONE college QB passed for more than 3,500 yards. In 2017, NINETEEN guys did it.
  7. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    Mayock is obsessed with big, strong, mobile, rocket armed QBs. He always gets suckered in on physical attributes and often just completely ignores the game tape. Every year he says Player X had an unbelievable pro day and he's moving them up the board. He's really not a good scout at all when it comes to QBs.
  8. Someone convince me Josh Allen won't suck in the NFL

    No one is going to look this up for you. It's very hard to find college splits by passing distance. I've seen each of the top QBs adjusted completion percentage (excludes drops and throw aways) and Allen was still at the very bottom of the pile. Jackson and Mayfield had the highest drop rates from their receivers out of the top passers.
  9. Yup. If you're an elite NFL calibre QB, your supporting cast shouldn't matter a whole lot in college. You shouldn't have to make excuses for who a guy played with or who he played against. Cam Newton had zero supporting cast at Auburn, but because he was a transcendent talent, he still found a way to dominate.
  10. I'd bet any amount of money this guy has an advanced case of CTE.
  11. Yikes. Two decent teams and a bunch of cupcakes. If you put someone like Cam Newton on Wyoming last year (the Allen supporters seem to like this comparison), Newton doesn't struggle against that schedule. Cam Newton played with zero NFL talent in the SEC and ran the table to a National Championship. Allen was just a guy in the Mountain West.
  12. Yup. It literally happens every year. Every year a QB who is 6'5, 230 with mobility and a rocket arm goes in round 1, and four years later they're considered a bust. For whatever reason, scouts ignore the game tape and get drunk on a player's physical tools and it always ends in disaster.
  13. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    LMAO @ the thought of a pro day impacting a players draft stock.
  14. In all seriousness, when was the last time a highly athletic college QB didn't look good at their pro day? EJ, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Kyle Boller, Josh Freeman, etc - they all looked great at their pro day. I'll never understand how scripted throws against no defense have any bearing on a QBs draft projection. It doesn't make any sense to me.
  15. Mayfield is the only player in 15 years to post a college QBR Rating above 90 in back to back years. The only players to surpass that mark: Andrew Luck Marcus Mariota Sam Bradford Cam Newton Russell Wilson Jameis Winston Johnny Manziel Mayfield is going to be a really good pro.