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  1. P51

    DE, Brian Burns Should Be the Pick

    At 9 he is a initially a DPR (50% snap count in Nickel +, opposite Hughes in pass rush situations) who is a future Lorax, A. Barr type SLB (he showed stand up coverage ability at the combine in the OLB drills as a zone drop defender, natural and smooth movement skills, made a nice athletic INT play during drills) who can or does drop down to DPR/DE in rush situations. He initially allows for Shaq to drop inside to DT (where he is a better pass rusher)and have a NASCAR like rush package, balances (opposite Hughes) and helps diversify the front now and into the future, providing an spark to the pass rush which is needed for immediate team success. If he can add more functional weight and strength in addition to what he did at the combine, I believe down the road he could be a full time DE, but not initially, and more likely a hybrid player long term. Nickel is the new base, Burns affects passing attacks. Burns only similarities to Maybin pass rush wise is Burns playing at a lower weight in college, unlike Maybin however, Burns put weight on and did not lose his athleticism, in fact his combine numbers at a higher weight were “Von Mlleresque”. Burns ability to change directions and bend agility wise at 249 pounds are superior to anything Maybin could ever do, Maybin was a pure straight line and pray speed rusher, and only at 230 pounds, he had no counters, no hand moves, and no ability to change directions or vary his pass rush, literally a one trick pony. Burns however has a counter jab or inside side step, and spin that are affective and uses them by design, while maintaining elite balance and body control, allowing him to get to scrambling QBs and run them down and finish, Maybin never had, nor developed these abilities. Burns has Maybins collegiate first step, pure upfield speed and that is the last of their similarities rushing the passer, that is the only redeeming quality for Maybin, only Burns can turn the corner and finish, another thing athletically Maybin could not do as Burns ability to dip balance and flatten, and feet are better. Burns also uses his hands much more effectively than Maybin ever did, he has improved every year in this ability, has improved his versatility as a football player every year as well and is still an actively ascending talent. Something Maybin never did in college and was not in the pros, Burns is vastly superior to Maybin in not only rushing the passer but as a college player who is interested into developing as a professional football player.
  2. P51

    The Athletic's 7 Round Mock

    Warring would be the easy pick for me at 74 then, I think there is a good chance he doesn’t make it out of the 2nd though. I could see them going with Wilkins over Burns, who I’m surprised isn’t getting more love in general from draftniks and I’ve even heard several critiques for adding weight and going down the Maybin path, but it’s actually the opposite with Burns. I think he has the best tool box regarding pure pass rushing skills of anyone in the draft, athleticism and techniques are both plus’s for me. I agree reed with you on DK, but the medicals on him are huge, something id love to know/see, but won’t and we’ll find out at the draft, he’s got top 10 talent imo. Pre Fa I thought he was a possibility at 9, now I don’t but I could see them taking him later one way or another.
  3. P51

    The Athletic's 7 Round Mock

    Thank you for posting those options, I appreciate it! At 9: Wilkins (fits character traits and positional need to a T, ideally IMO trade down target), Burns (Added 20 lb's and still athletically dominated the combine, fits Character as well, pick 9 is fine with me), Williams (if they believe he can play T dtaLB is not a need and Dillard does not fit the physical style, but as a pass blocking LT would fit, especially if they believe Dawkins could slide over to RT full time. Tough choice for me between Hock and Burns, but I go Burns (positional value primarily) here. Immediate impact on the pass rush opposite Hughes and a long term solution given the contractual and age state of the DE position and pass rush. Would be really comfortable moving down to 15 in this situation w/5 guys I like still on the board and a QB being picked at 9. At 40: DeAndre Baker is an easy value pick, although Im trying to figure out his character concerns, Risner could be a back up C, and RT option for now or the future, good value. Lindstrom would be a fantastic value pick, but I think they are happy at G for now. Going Risner here, positional versatility and long term RT. At 74: Is Kahale Warring available? Im just starting to evaluate Knox, but like what I see for sure and think he can be more productive all around TE in the NFL than he was at Ole Miss. If Warring is available I go him for now, but Knox ability to get vertical and block works as well given what I think they want in a TE. 9 - Brian Burns (Edge/DPR - FSU) 40 - Dalton Risner (RT/C/G - Kansas St.) 74 - Dawson Knox (TE - Ole Miss) Thats what I would do.
  4. P51

    The Athletic's 7 Round Mock

    This (top 3 picks) would be Aaron Maybin level awful for me. Even though I cant see who is available at those spots, I'd imagine there are better options. I do like the 4th round picks and the punter!!
  5. Cajun, Gary at 9 is my personal nightmare for this team, I see the potential athletically but the lack of production IMO stems from a lack of development and body control in relation, to his CoD skills and agility when playing with speed in space, he cant turn at the top of the arc, something is off with his full body coordination when it comes to play angles. He's a power rusher, little else IMO, I described him the other day as a Shaq Lawson with a better first step and fewer counter moves. If he cant power through a guy, he's pretty much dead in the water, I think he's more comfortable in a phone booth than out on the edge where one needs a plan. Him going before Buffalo at 9, along with 2-3 QB's would be an ideal situation. wppete, I appreciate the award! As for Gary you could be right, especially if he develops his hands, pass rush techniques and consistency among other things. I just hope its not Buffalo that over drafts him. He is going to need a developmental plan for whomever takes him, watching him always leaves me wanting more and expecting more. If they took him in the 2nd round Id be ok with it, 9 is way to high. He is not all that much different of a player leaving college as he was when arrived, that kind of shallow learning curve is a cause of concern for me, with his tool box, growth should have happened, IMO not enough of it did. I think he's way more of a developmental player than most realize and it'll be interesting to see how far he slides on draft night if the league doesnt over draft him.
  6. Thanks Bandito, I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts! J-Love is a favorite of mine, he's going to need safety help over the top, but in the right system he is going to be a stud, C2 man/zone he'll excell. Really enjoyed watching him play live and then again on tape, excellent feel for the game and a heady player who has plus technical skills. Despite speed concerns im confident he'll play in the league for a long time. I thought Lance Zierlein's scouting report on NFL.com was spot on. Okereke is IMO the best of the developmental Off-ball OLB's in the draft given his athletic ability and skill set, as the class (off ball olb) as a whole is putrid, probably the worst I can recall in my 22 years following the draft. He needs some time to marinate on a practice squad IMO and focus on playing the Sam or Will, I dont see him at ILB in the NFL. I thought Stanford misused him, playing him at ILB and he'll be better off focusing on playing OLB, his lack of functional strength and physicality was obvious on tape in the 3 I watched.
  7. For you viewing pleasure!! Ill respond when I can to any comments, enjoy!! 2019 NFL Draft Rankings, Top 10 Positional and Top 100 Big Board V1.0 QB 1 – Kyler Murray (QB – Oklahoma) Grade: Top 20 2 – Dwayne Haskins (QB – O.S.U.) Grade: 2nd Round 3 – Drew Lock (QB – Mizzu) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Daniel Jones (QB – Duke) Grade: 3rd Round 5 – Tyree Jackson (QB – U. Buffalo) Grade: 4th Round 6 – Clayton Thorson (QB – Northwestern) Grade: 4th Round 7 – Ryan Finley (QB – N.C. St.) Grade: 5th Round 8 – Will Grier (QB – W.V.U.) Grade: 5th Round 9 – Brett Rypien (QB – Boise St.) Grade: 6th Round 10 – Trace McSorley (Ath/RB/S/QB – P.S.U.) Grade: 6th Round RB 1 – Josh Jacobs (RB – Alabama) Grade: 1st Round 2 – Miles Sanders (RB – Penn. St.) Grade: 2nd Round 3 – Damien Harris (RB – Alabama) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Darrell Henderson (RB – Memphis) Grade: 3rd Round 5 – David Montgomery (RB – Iowa St.) Grade: 3rd Round 6 – Justice Hill (3RB – Oklahoma St.) Grade: 3rd Round 7 – Devine Ozigbo (BR – Nebraska) Grade: 3rd Round 8 – Bruce Anderson (RB – N.D. St.) Grade: 3rd Round 9 – Devin Singletary (RB – F.A.U.) Grade: 4th Round 10 – Trayveon Williams (RB – Texas A & M) Grade: 4th Round TE 1 – T.J. Hockenson (TE – Iowa) Grade: Top 10 2 – Noah Fant (TE – Iowa) Grade: Top 20 3 – Kahale Warring (TE – S.D. St.) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Irv Smith Jr. (TE/HB – Alabama) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Josh Oliver (RTE – S.J. St.) Grade: 3rd Round 6 – Isaac Nauta (TE – Georgia) Grade: 3rd Round 7 – Foster Moreau (TE – L.S.U.) Grade: 3rd Round 8 – Kaden Smith (BTE – Stanford) Grade: 4th 9 – Caleb Wilson (RTE – U.C.L.A.)(RF – Med) Grade: 4th Round 10 – Jace Sternberger (TE/HB – Texas A & M) Grade: 5th Round WR 1 – D.K. Metcalf (WR – Ole Miss)(RF – Med) Grade: Top 20 2 – Andy Isabella (SWR/WR – U. Mass.) Grade: 1st Round 3 – Marquise Brown (SWR – Oklahoma)(RF – Med) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Paris Campbell (WR/SWR – Ohio St.) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Deebo Samuel (WR – S. Carolina) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – A.J. Brown (WR/SWR – Ole Miss) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – N’Keal Harry (WR – Arizona St.) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Hakeem Butler (WR – Iowa St.) Grade: 2nd Round 9 – Riley Ridley (WR – Georgia) Grade: 3rd Round 10 – Kelvin Harmon (WR – N.C. St.) Grade: 3rd Round T 1 – Jawaan Talyor (RT/T/G – Florida) Grade: Top 20 2 – Andre Dillard (LT/T – Washington St.) Grade: 1st Round 3 – Jonah Williams (LT/G/C – Alabama) Grade: 1st Round 4 – Cody Ford (RT/G – Oklahoma) Grade: 1st Round 5 – Dalton Risner (RT/C/G – Kansas St.) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Greg Little (LT – Ole Miss) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Tytus Howard (RT – Alabama St.) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Yodny Cajuste (LT/T/G – W.V.U.) Grade: 3rd Round 9 – Max Sharping (LT/T – N. Illinois) Grade: 3rd Round 10 – Trey Pipkins (LT/T – Sioux Falls) Grade: 3rd Round G 1 – Jonah Williams (G/LT/C – Alabama) Grade: Top 20 2 – Chris Lindstrom (G – Boston College) Grade: 1st Round 3 – Cody Ford (RT/G – Oklahoma) Grade: 1st Round 4 – Dalton Risner (RT/C/G – Kansas St.) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Bobby Evans (G/T – Oklahoma) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Martez Ivey (G – Florida) Grade: 3rd Round 7 – Nate Davis (G – U.N.C. Charlotte) Grade: 3rd Round 8 – Connor McGovern (G/C – Penn St.) Grade: 4th Round 9 – Dru Samia (G – Oklahoma) Grade: 4th Round 10 – Nate Herbig (G – Stanford) Grade: 5th Round C 1 – Garrett Bradbury (C/G – N.C. St.) Grade: Top 20 2 – Dalton Risner (RT/C/G – Kansas St.) Grade: 2nd Round 3 – Elgton Jenkins (C/G – Miss St.) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Erik McCoy (C/G – Texas A & M) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Micheal Jordan (C/G – O.S.U.) Grade: 3rd Round 6 – Ross Pierschbacher (C – Alabama) Grade: 3rd Round 7 – Connor McGovern (G/C – Penn St.) Grade: 4th Round 8 – Lamont Gaillard (C – Georgia) Grade: 5th Round 9 – Nick Linder (C – Indiana) Grade: 6th Round 10 – Jesse Burkett (C – Stanford) Grade: 6th Round DE 1 – Nick Bosa (43DE – O.S.U.) Grade: Top 5 2 – Josh Allen (Edge/SLB/DPR/43DE – Kentucky) Grade: Top 5 3 – Brian Burns (Edge/DPR/SLB/43DE – F.S.U.) Grade: Top 20 4 – Montez Sweat (Edge/DPR/SLB/43DE – Miss. St.) Grade: Top 20 5 – Jaylon Ferguson (43DE – LA Tech.) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Clelin Ferrell (43DE – Clemson) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Rashan Gary (43DE/3DT – Michigan) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Zach Allen (43DE – Boston College) Grade: 2nd Round 9 – Charles Omenihu (43DE/5DE – Texas) Grade: 3rd Round 10 – Joe Jackson (43DE – U. Miami) Grade: 3rd Round DT 1 – Quinnen Williams (3DT/DT – Alabama) Grade: Top 5 2 – Ed Oliver (3DT – U. Houston) Grade: Top 10 3 – Jeffery Simmons (DT – Miss. St.)(RF – Med) Grade: Top 10 4 – Christian Wilkins (DT – Clemson) Grade: Top 20 5 – Dexter Lawrence (NT – Clemson) Grade: 1st Round 6 – Rashan Gary (43DE/3DT/DPR – Michigan) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Jerry Tillery (3DT – Notre Dame) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Khalen Saunders (NT – W. Illinois) Grade: 2nd Round 9 – Dre’Mont Jones (3DT/DPR) Grade: 2nd Round 10 – Renell Wren (DT – Arizona St.) Grade: 3rd Round ILB 1 – Devin White (ILB – L.S.U.) Grade: Top 10 2 – Devin Bush (ILB – Michigan) Grade: Top 20 3 – Mack Wilson (ILB/OLB – Alabama) Grade: 2nd Round 4 – Germaine Pratt (ILB – N.C. St.) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Tre Lamar (ILB – Clemson) Grade: 3rd Round 6 – Terrill Hanks (ILB/SLB – N. Mexico St.) Grade: 3rd Round 7 – Tre Watson (ILB – Maryland) Grade: 3rd Round 8 – Joe Giles-Harris (ILB – Duke) Grade: 4th Round 9 – Cameron Smith (ILB – U.S.C.) Grade: 5th Round 10 –Josiah Tauaefa (ILB – U.T.S.A.) Grade: 6th Round OLB (Edge - On Ball) 1 – Josh Allen (Edge/DPR/43DE – Kentucky) Grade: Top 5 2 – Brian Burns (Edge/DPR/43DE – F.S.U.) Grade: Top 20 3 – Montez Sweat (Edge/DPR/43DE – Miss. St.) Grade: Top 20 4 – Oshane Ximines (OLB/DPR – Old Dominion U.) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Chase Winchovich (Edge/DPR/43DE – Michigan) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Jachai Polite (Edge/DPR – Florida)(RF – Hrt) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Christian Miller (DPR/Edge – Alabama) Grade: 3rd Round 8 – D’Andre Walker (DPR/Edge – Georgia) Grade: 4th Round 9 – Justin Hollins (DPR/Edge – Oregon) Grade: 4th Round 10 – Jalen Jelks (Edge – Oregon) Grade: 5th Round OLB (Off-Ball) 1 – Mack Wilson (ILB/OLB – Alabama) Grade: 2nd Round 2 – David Long Jr. (WLB – W.V.U.) Grade: 4th Round 3 – Terrill Hanks (ILB/SLB – N. Mexico St.) Grade: 4th Round 4 – Booby Okerke (OLB – Stanford) Grade: 5th Round 5 – Kendall Joseph (WLB/CLB/ST – Clemson) Grade: 6th Round 6 – Vosean Joseph (WLB – Florida) Grade: 6th Round 7 – Dakota Allen (OLB – Texas Tech) Grade: 6th Round 8 – Andrew Van Ginkel (OLB – Wisconsin) Grade: 7th Round 9 – Te’Von Coney (SLB/ILB – Notre Dame) Grade: 7th Round 10 – Drue Tranquill (OLB – Notre Dame)(PF – Med) Grade: UDFA CB 1 – Greedy Williams (CB – L.S.U.) Grade: Top 20 2 – Byron Murphy (CB – Washington) Grade: 1st Round 3 – DeAndre Baker (CB – Georgia) Grade: 1st Round 4 – Julian Love (NCB/CB – Notre Dame) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Trayvon Mullen (CB – Clemson) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Rock Ya-Sin (CB – Temple) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Justin Layne (CB – Michigan St.) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Amani Oruwariye (CB – Penn St.) Grade: 2nd Round 9 – Lonnie Johnson Jr (CB – Kentucky) Grade: 3rd Round 10 – David Long (NCB/CB – Michigan) Grade: 3rd Round S 1 – Johnathan Abram (SS – Miss. St.) Grade: 1st Round 2 – Nasir Adderley (FS/S – Delaware) Grade: 1st Round 3 – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S/NCB – Florida) Grade: 2nd Round 4 –Juan Thornhill (FS/CB/S – Virginia) Grade: 2nd Round 5 – Darnell Savage (FS/NCB – Maryland) Grade: 2nd Round 6 – Taylor Rapp (SS/S – Washington) Grade: 2nd Round 7 – Deionte Thompson (FS – Alabama) Grade: 2nd Round 8 – Amani Hooker (SS/NCB/S – Iowa) Grade: 3rd Round 9 – Marquise Blair (FS – Utah)(RF – Med) Grade: 4th Round 10 – Mike Edwards (S/NCB – Kentucky) Grade: 6th Round Top 100 Big Board Tier 1 (HOF Talent – Generational Talent - #1 Pick) Tier 2 (Elite Talent – All Pro Rookie Potential – Top 5) 1 – Quinnen Williams (3DT/DT – Alabama) 2 – Nick Bosa (43DE – O.S.U.) 3 – Josh Allen (Edge/SLB/DPR/43DE – Kentucky) Tier 3 (Elite Talent – Future All Pro Potential – Top 10) 4 – Ed Oliver (3DT – U. Houston) 5 – Jeffery Simmons (DT – Miss. St.)(RF – Med) 6 – Devin White (ILB – L.S.U.) 7 – T.J. Hockenson (TE – Iowa) Tier 4 (Instant Starter – Pro Bowl Rookie Potential – Top 20) 8 – Kyler Murray (QB – Oklahoma) 9 – Jawaan Talyor (RT/T/G – Florida) 10 – Brian Burns (Edge/DPR/SLB/43DE – F.S.U.) 11 – Jonah Williams (G/LT/C – Alabama) 12 – Montez Sweat (Edge/DPR/SLB/43DE – Miss. St.) 13 – D.K. Metcalf (WR – Ole Miss)(RF – Med) 14 – Devin Bush (ILB – Michigan) 15 – Greedy Williams (CB – L.S.U.) 16 – Garrett Bradbury (C/G – N.C. St.) 17 – Christian Wilkins (DT – Clemson) 18 – Noah Fant (TE – Iowa) Tier 5 (1st Year Starter – Future Pro-Bowl Potential – 1st Round) 19 – Chris Lindstrom (G – Boston College) 20 – Johnathan Abram (SS – Miss. St.) 21 – Andre Dillard (LT/T – Washington St.) 22 – Byron Murphy (CB – Washington) 23 – DeAndre Baker (CB – Georgia) 24 – Andy Isabella (SWR/WR – U. Mass.) 25 – Dexter Lawrence (NT – Clemson) 26 – Josh Jacobs (RB – Alabama) 27 – Nasir Adderley (FS/S – Delaware) 28 – Cody Ford (RT/G – Oklahoma) Tier 6 (2nd-3rd Year Starter – Future Starter/Pro-Bowl Potential – 2nd-3rd Round) 29 – Dwayne Haskins (QB – O.S.U.) 30 – Dalton Risner (RT/C/G – Kansas St.) 31 – Jaylon Ferguson (43DE – LA Tech.) 32 – Clelin Ferrell (43DE – Clemson) 33 – Marquise Brown (SWR – Oklahoma)(RF – Med) 34 – Rashan Gary (43DE/3DT – Michigan) 35 – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S/NCB – Florida) 36 – Mack Wilson (ILB/OLB – Alabama) 37 – Julian Love (NCB/CB – Notre Dame) 38 – Elgton Jenkins (C/G – Miss St 39 – Erik McCoy (C/G – Texas A & M) 40 – Paris Campbell (WR/SWR – Ohio St.) 41 – Jerry Tillery (3DT – Notre Dame) 42 – Trayvon Mullen (CB – Clemson) 43 – Rock Ya-Sin (CB – Temple) 44 – Kahale Warring (TE – S.D. St.) 45 – Juan Thornhill (FS/CB/S – Virginia) 46 – Darnell Savage (FS/NCB – Maryland) 47 – Miles Sanders (RB – Penn. St.) 48 – Irv Smith Jr. (TE/HB – Alabama) 49 – Oshane Ximines (OLB/DPR – Old Dominion U.) 50 – Drew Lock (QB – Mizzu) 51 - Damien Harris (RB – Alabama 52 - Deebo Samuel (WR – S. Carolina) 53 – Taylor Rapp (SS/S – Washington) 54 – Khalen Saunders (NT – W. Illinois) 55 – A.J. Brown (WR/SWR – Ole Miss) 56 – N’Keal Harry (WR – Arizona St.) 57 – Greg Little (LT – Ole Miss) 58 – Justin Layne (CB – Michigan St.) 59 – Tytus Howard (RT – Alabama St.) 60 – Yodny Cajuste (LT/T/G – W.V.U.) 61 – Deionte Thompson (FS – Alabama) 62 – Dre’Mont Jones (3DT/DPR) 63 – Zach Allen (43DE – Boston College) 64 – Chase Winchovich (Edge/DPR/43DE – Michigan) 65 – Amani Oruwariye (CB – Penn St.) 66 – Jachai Polite (Edge/DPR – Florida)(RF – Hrt) 67 – Germaine Pratt (ILB – N.C. St.) 68 – Daniel Jones (QB – Duke) 69 – Riley Ridley (WR – Georgia) 70 – Josh Oliver (RTE – S.J. St.) 71 – Darrell Henderson (RB – Memphis) 72 – Max Sharping (LT/T – N. Illinois) 73 – Amani Hooker (SS/NCB/S – Iowa) 74 – Renell Wren (DT – Arizona St.) 75 – David Montgomery (RB – Iowa St.) 76 – Isaac Nauta (TE – Georgia) 77 – Justice Hill (3RB – Oklahoma St.) 78 – Trey Pipkins (LT/T – Sioux Falls) 79 – Lonnie Johnson Jr (CB – Kentucky) 80 – Micheal Jordan (C/G – O.S.U.) 81 – David Long (NCB/CB – Michigan) 82 – Christian Miller (DPR/Edge – Alabama) 83 – Charles Omenihu (43DE/5DE – Texas) 84 – Devine Ozigbo (BR – Nebraska) 85 – Bruce Anderson (RB – N.D. St.) 86 – Tre Lamar (ILB – Clemson) 87 – Foster Moreau (TE – L.S.U.) 88 – Bobby Evans (G/T – Oklahoma) 89 – Terrill Hanks (ILB/SLB – N. Mexico St.) 90 – Joe Jackson (43DE – U. Miami) 91 – Tre Watson (ILB – Maryland) 92 – Ross Pierschbacher (C – Alabama) 93 – Martez Ivey (G – Florida) 94 – Tre Watson (ILB – Maryland) 95 – Kelvin Harmon (WR – N.C. St.) 96 – Terry Mclaurin (WR/SWR – O.S.U.) 97 – Kaleb McGary (G/RT – Washington) 98 – Nate Davis (G – U.N.C. Charlotte) 99 – Gerald Willis III (DT – U. Miami) 100 – Sean Bunting (CB – Central Michigan)
  8. P51

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Never, my last car was bills Blue with red and white lights, license plate covers and flags were all Bills, just had half a meal comped by a restaurant manager in D.C. this past weekend for myself and kids wearing Bills and Sabres gear into the restaurant, almost got into a fist fight in the Denver airport a couple years ago over wearing Bills gear, I have met many great people because of wearing Bills gear from coast to coast. I Wear it proudly every where, Sabres gear as well, had a random Sabres fan buy me a Blue at a Hurricanes game (not playing the Sabres fwiw) a couple weeks a go in Raleigh for wearing my Eichel jersey and Sabres hat to the game, saved me 10 minutes in line...
  9. P51

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    There were questions regarding his age when he was drafted, hasnt had a healthy full season since 2015. He'll be 30 in May, production is there when healthy. http://www.nfl.com/player/ezekielansah/2539931/careerstats
  10. P51

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    This thread should have a poll.
  11. P51

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    I watch a ton of the Skins down here, guy is a quality swing tackle and a potential starter in the event he needs to be, this is another quality signing. Also keeps options open moving forward through FA and the draft for the oline.
  12. Love this signing in addition to Brown's earlier! The Bills are going to be able to go spread/empty and force teams into 2 deep coverage, allowing Allen to run if needed, while having the parts needed threaten all areas of the field in the passing game. If they get the oline figured out, they will have the components of a fully functional offense.
  13. Really sounds like McVay needs to read the Art of War, or at least chapters I, III, VI, VIII, XI and XIII for good measure... All battles are won before they are fought... The Super Bowl it appears to have been lost before and during the fight.
  14. Another coach on the field, more flexability and instant depth, sign me up!
  15. P51

    AlphaMock V1 - 4 round mock (pre combine)

    I agree with all of this, I am not big on the Lock or Jones love myself, I havent gotten into them much yet, but my initial evals on them have them as closer to 3rd round guys than 1st... Elways a wild card for sure, I could see him doing about anything, which fits the mold, I thought he lucked into his situation initially as a GM and recently his true ability is starting to show through.