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  1. As opposed to the San Diego Chargers East right now? They haven't won anything yet, and the 9/11 jokes weren't exactly helping.
  2. He had two good games but then a bunch of stinkers as well. He even had the coveted 0 reception 0 target game. You should really look at the game logs.
  3. You troll a message board to...not read about the team? You could always just stick to listening to One Bills Live if you want straight homer content.
  4. Not nearly in the same way. QBs do not develop the way he developed in that department. Brady was far more polished out of college and is still considered a lucky find so late.
  5. That team was built so that he had to run because the line and weapons were bad. They poured a ton of money and capital into their defense that only really shined when playing with leads. The types of beatings he took definitely shortened his window. That being said, I think JA id s much better QB, but building Carolina 2.0 isn't going to get it done. Maybe this Calvin Benjamin will pan out though.
  6. How? Getting into cap trouble? Not having WR weapons? This FO hasn't proven anything yet outside of the luckiest QB pick in history. JA is the only QB who got more accurate after college and is saving their jobs.
  7. Because we've never seen a team turn it around with a rookie QB
  8. You realize he gave up picks they needed too right?
  9. He's much more talented than Wade as far as Rugby goes, but WR is going to be tough. He would've been one of the old guys on this last 6n squad lol, he probably made the right choice this year.
  10. The perfect game was a dream I guess lol Anyone with eyes saw Diggs start to fall off. No plan in place will doom this team.
  11. I'm not going to argue what he should do, just that other teams would probably be willing to spend on more than one quality option at a time. Diggs is dropping off and I don't think Kincaid will be Gronk or Kelce soon.
  12. I hope this doesn't go the way of Rodgers where they just disrespect the position until the guy wants to leave. Luckily he isn't even a fraction of that kind of crazy.
  13. Their stats aren't comparable. He ran a fast 40 which they train for, but straight line speed is very overrated in the NFL. Tyreek is a freak because of his agility.
  14. Don't forget what a ***** show the league was last year. There were so many starting QBs out that will be back on playoff contenders. Cinci is probably back in the mix with a better Pittsburgh and the same Ravens. Chargers will probably improve based on the coaches record of improvement and KC will still be a monster. God forbid if the Jags get it together and the south had them plus Houston. Last year was probably the best it's ever going to be.
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