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  1. I think it's the DBs, because everyone in college looks good deep. Tebow used to light people up like that. You have to be accurate with it in the NFL because coverage is better. He played in a super weak conference too. They basically stopped using Sweeney when Knox came back.
  2. It's going to be turnovers in the end. We're 1-6 when he has multiple turnovers. 8-1 in 1 turnover or less games and 8-0 if he scores a TD in those games.
  3. I find it hard to believe that Whaley had no part in this. He was amazing with Pro-personnel and had a lot of solid finds. IMHO Bills fans generally try to find a way to downplay anything Whaley touched. I think he did a really good job for a guy that never got to pick his coach and was constantly having to cater to a new scheme. The lack of QB killed him, but we have had good defenses multiple times.
  4. 1 or less and at least 1 TD they are 8-0. 1-6 in games where he turns the ball over more than once. That means that he has had multiple turnovers in 7 of 16 games that he has started. He has been very lucky on fumbles so far or that might be a different stat. It's very clear what needs to happen for this team to win. I just don't want to see another wild card game like the last one. After Miami we will have played the 30th, 31st, and 32nd ranked defenses, so eventually something has to click.
  5. Did you watch Jordan's games? That's a bad analogy. Maybe LeBron treatment is closer.
  6. I feel like every week the All-22 comes out and proves that WRs were open. It's possible that he is just bad at deep throws. A strong arm isn't the only thing you need to be good at it.
  7. Even Colton Schmidt was superior in placement. He also didn't fumble snaps, mess up holds on kicks, or shank nearly as often.
  8. Yeldon sits down in space when he stops there. I don't think that pass is to him either way. I don't like Yeldon, but I think maybe people are looking for a scape goat.
  9. Thank god that Vrabel is such and awful coach
  10. Who knew that the Bills partnered with the VA?
  11. I definitely didn't complete that thought when I wrote it out. My mistake and thanks for pointing it out. I was talking about towards the end with this Bills. His last year as a Bill he gave up 11.5 sacks. He looked terrible after requesting all those pay raises.
  12. The previous point was that he didn't get time to build up, that's what the then is for. Try reading it twice before fan boying on every single post. He looked like ***** and we didn't need an All-22 to see, but most of us appreciate the breakdown. He was actually very kind in attributing a lot of that to Daboll. Also, Ford looks ok at RG. He isn't the best we have there and that kind of questions the draft round. They absolutely have to justify drafting someone that nobody else saw as a RT and trying to force him there repeatedly.
  13. I don't know why you bother responding. He looked bad from the first snap he had. Throwing in stats from other games isn't going to sway anyone who actually watched this game. He is a turnover machine right now and doesn't score nearly enough TDs to negate that. You draft a franchise QB to not look bad in big moments or shrink against good competition, not just put up decent stats against bottom feeders.
  14. It really doesn't help that their line is straight trash. What good guys they have get injured or suspended. Poor team overall.
  15. Rosen is the new David Carr/Matt Schaub, just pummelled into submission.
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