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  1. People better than Favre defraud people/states all the time. That being said, I doubt he knew where the money was coming from, but that much for nothing should've at least tipped him off. Even the beloved Rudy got caught scamming people.
  2. As long as he sets the edge it works. After Shaq it was hard to find anyone in position last year.
  3. There was a scout talking about how so many WR prospects had 2nd and 3rd round grades that a bunch would fall. Can't draft all of them, just a super deep year.
  4. It's the coach for them that I don't like. They could grab the whole 49s team and lose I think. I was impressed with Flores and they have a knack for bouncing back fast.
  5. I'd take anyone vs the Jets, but i think most Bill's fans have been sleeping through the Miami off-season. They made some really good pickups.
  6. He is awful and I doubt he even pushes Barkley. Anyone NFL backup worthy would've won a championship with those Georgia teams.
  7. 8 passes wasn't going to make that happen. That's all that separated them from the average. It's a problem, but so is he.
  8. There is just nothing to back this up. The same guy who didn't have enough information to draft a QB just happened to take over for the rest of it? Poyer and Hyde are just a few FA finds in the Whaley era and White would be the 3rd very good to great DB. He might have had input, but I doubt very much that McD ran that off-season on his own.
  9. CJ Mosely when healthy almost singlehandedly beat the Bills. That dude's a beast.
  10. Our special teams and offense is terrible. He is a very good defensive coordinator, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are major deficiencies in his game.
  11. Everyone wants a pass rusher until the other team literally runs around your out of position DE (Murphy and Hughes). I wonder if this means DE in the 1st.
  12. You mean until the penalties cost a game. He isn't exactly the most stable or team oriented player. Hopefully he just quietly improves our DB2, but chances are they grab someone else too.
  13. This to me would be a disaster. There are still many holes on this team that can be addressed, but I agree with you that his statements are off putting. I think the lack of urgency from the Sabres is bleeding over for me though.
  14. Don't sleep on the newer, bigger, more improved Kong. He is about to drop some elbows off the top rope.
  15. I think he showed good quickness out in front on rushes, but he is horrible at the snap and when backpedaling. He was consistently slower off the snap than anyone else. That's a big reason he was projected at guard. Keeping him at RT will only put more pressure on JA, who already has ball security issues.
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