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  1. Barry White indeed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0BSy1IQE-4
  2. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/watch-allen-and-barkley-surprise-military-mothers
  3. I was just thinking about that conversation reading this thread. Actually it was Chris Brown on with Murphy, and I remember thinking that Chris Brown was going out of his way to say nice thing about Jason Croom [a Peugula daughter's boyfriend thing?], but then he has nothing but positive things to say about all the players - which is why I don't find Brown at all interesting. Murphy and Tasker will both gently call out Bills players/poor play.
  4. The word is David Sills can't beat press coverage - judging by the way Duke Williams famously ran over a DB in the CFL, doubt that's as much of a concern.
  5. Still under $400 out of Rochester, one-connection - doesn't seem to bad.
  6. Nsekhe is monstruously large in that clip - seems like a good dude off the field, too.
  7. Two new receivers in FA, plus Duke Williams, along with the old crew. When does he schedule a get-together with his new receivers and do a little meet and greet/throw and catch?
  8. Ben Maller on Fox Sports Radio - this was early am when Brown was coming to Buffalo. Typical LA cheap shots from a hack personality. .
  9. Paradis grew up on a ranch in Idaho. Continues to go back home to work on the ranch. Small-town kid. Sounds like Josh Allen - Buffalo should be a good culture fit for Paradis. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/10/matt-paradis-denver-broncos-center-idaho-ranch/
  10. I'm a fan of 1 Bills Live, Murphy particularly, and appreciate that Murphy and Tasker actually enjoy each other's company, but the first hour can be brutal. I'll start listening at 1pm. They save all their guests - and they get a lot of good national guests from a variety of "takes" on the Bills - for the second and third hours. It's a matter of taste, I imagine: a show for glass half-full people.
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