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  1. Oliver is gone before we pick. I agree with Walter. Buffalo Bills: Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida The Bills absolutely need to improve Josh Allen's protection and receiving talent. It could be argued that Buffalo has the worst offensive line in the NFL. Or Alabama's Williams.
  2. Bills Fan of Maryland

    What does Josh Allen need to do in Bills last 6 games?

    Just Survive
  3. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Vontae Davis Makes Light of Quitting on the Bills in FanDuel Ad

    Even walks on his fantasy team....POS!
  4. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Trade Benjamin to rams for whatever the hell they will give us...

    Eric Ciano should be fired to allow KB be be so fat and lazy. He should at least be embarrassed....
  5. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Ok All Those Who Want Beane/McDermott Fired? Who Do YOU Want?

    No one is getting fired. This is a rebuild with 40% of the roster in their first or second year. Get a grip. As far as I'm concerned, this team is overachieving if they get to 5 wins.
  6. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Should The Bills Trade McCoy

    Yes, but only if the other team takes KB and Clay too. Addition by subtraction.
  7. Bills Fan of Maryland

    QB is always the root of offensive problems

    Giants, Washington, Dallas, Dallas would agree...
  8. Bills Fan of Maryland

    4 step plan to success for last 9 games

    SOunds like a midget league football strategy.
  9. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Mind Numbing Stat- Point Differential- this hurts

    Gurley has outscored the entire Bills team.
  10. Bills Fan of Maryland

    TBD "Kelly The Dog" - great writer

    I thought it was well done. Thanks!
  11. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Gimme your 5 star lock.

    I'd go Bears.
  12. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Worst injury you have ever had

    Fielding grounds balls in the spring indoors in the gym. Coach liked to hit as hard as he could. Got lazy and put my throwing hand in front of my glove and the ball hit the tip of my index finger. Picked up the ball and threw it in only to see an arc of blood follow the throw. Didn't hurt, then.... Only a line of red under my fingernail. Went to the ER where doc squeezed the tip from the sides and I saw the bright white bone that was supposed to be within my finger pop out and with the nail now at a 90 degree angle. The pain came with the anesthetic when he jammed a needle under the nail. Repeatedly.... The worst pain I ever experienced. He ripped the nail off and sewed the skin back around the bone. High ankle sprains, broken jaw, breaks, shot in the neck, nothing compared with that experience.
  13. Bills Fan of Maryland

    SNF - The Marquee Matchup of Week Six: KC vs. NE at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

    I cheer for any team against the Pats. Used to be Dallas and before that Miami. Go KC!
  14. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Bills @ Houston - White on Blue Jerseys

    Agreed. All white is weak. Send up the surrender flag. Might as well be French...
  15. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Is Allen the Starting QB No Matter What?

    No Matter What! Our future is Allen, for better or worse.