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  1. EJ Manuel

    Is this serious or am I missing the obvious?
  2. Donate $17 to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation!

    Thank You For Your Donation! Thank you for your donation to the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.
  3. Baker Mayfield Man Crush thread

    Baker who?
  4. Ravens Board Game Day Thread When Bengals Scored

    He announced his retirement from the NFL a little while ago.
  5. So, 4-12 predictors...how's that working out?

    i think I was one of the 4-12ers. I was wrong, but not because I was overly or unjustly negative. Rather a realistic assessment of the talent on the team and the amount of change during the off season. Trading away the cream of the the team on both sides of the ball. Not upgrading the OL. Huge change over in the secondary, although they changed the defense to match the talent they brought in. What I didn't count on was the "process". The players really came together as a team and played hard for their coaches and for each other. This intangible was impossible to predict. For what it's worth, at least I wasn't part of the "Tank" crowd. Happily eating crow for New Year's!
  6. Playoff Bound Baby! - The Drought is Over!!!

    Fantastic! Congrats to Bills and Kyle Williams!
  7. Who agrees with me that this should be the 2018 OL?

    I have been very critical of Wood for quite a while, since he and Levitre were brought in together. They both were manhandled by bigger stronger DTs which are what we've played against in the AFC East for a decade. For that reason, I was fine with letting Levitre go in FA. Recently, I started asking myself why I am so negative about Wood. I've concluded that as a LG in HS, I was always over matched playing at 185lbs and against guys 250 - 280. I couldn't move guys either but relied on quickness and leverage (low guys wins) to often fight to a stand still. When I got beat, usually from a bull rush, I would cut their legs out and jump up looking for them or another guy asap. I would never get pushed back into the QB! Cutting the legs in the NFL seems to be taboo unless you are a Patriot or Bronco OL. I wonder why that is? It can be very effective and slows down the rush on the next play. Anyway, I need to give the guy some slack and seeing him push cars after a game swings me over to keeping him around. I guess we need another center so Groy can play too but I find it unlikely they both get hurt on the same play. I like Glenn if he is healthy after the off season. Miller is a mystery but could rebound. Ducasse and Mills are awful and I fear RI is heading for the cliff. I'd like to see two OL either in rounds 1-3 or a FA and one drafted. Line play is critical to success at any level of football. 1st pick QB. No trade up, use our pick at 15-18 to take the best QB on the board. I think there will still be a top 5 QB and that the first 5 are all potentially franchise worthy. Time will tell!
  8. Do the Bills Make the Playoffs?

    N.O. spells no - sorry....
  9. Alright, who wants a dome?

    NHL Winter Classic? How many events are there for 70K seats in the winter?
  10. Alright, who wants a dome?

    No dome, but no reason for it to be in the middle of the snowbelt either.
  11. Ridiculous Newsweek Article About the Bills

    LOL! I've been a fan of the team since the 60s and suffered through far worse times than this year (like the entire 1970s). Tickets to NFL games should not be had for $5. We like to pride ourselves in being hearty fans both during inclement weather and when we are having a down season. Yet today's fan base would rather sit home or when they do go to games, sit on their hands. Still alive for playoffs and the stadium may not be half full? Hated Dolphins coming to town and tix are $15. Yeah pal, I'm just sayin...
  12. Attendance Sunday?

    No, not coming in again. I flew in for two games (Jets and Raiders) Kelley club and being out of work, that's my limit. I'll be back next year. If I lived in WNY and could get a ticket for $5 you bet I would go to the game. The pre-game is worth the price of admission alone! Not sure you can blame Pegs, they hired respectable people but have suffered sour results along with the rest of us. Are you insinuating he (they) are a Cleveland ownership scenario? I think not..
  13. Attendance Sunday?

    Hey Bills fans - forget the record, embrace the cold and go to the game! You'll have a great time and will never beat the price of admission. Support your team!!
  14. Ridiculous Newsweek Article About the Bills

    Still, $4 as the going rate for an NFL game is pretty sad. Supply and demand model where there is little if any demand. If fans won't support the team, maybe they should pack up and head anywhere but Toronto.Portland, OK City, San Antonio, Austin, etc all deserve a team more than Buffalo if the fans won't back their team.
  15. T. White a Top Ten CB?

    Great pick after trading down. Solid all year. Best yet to come I hope so!