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  1. I would be fine with Allen, but not if we have to trade up into the top 5 to get him. Rosen is the only one I'd do that for.
  2. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=AJ+McCarron+wife#id=1&vid=64fac5ca270f1259d3231bbc13c9054e&action=click Great signing!
  3. Haven't been this off-season giddy since the Mario signing

    Agreed. That's why I said either trade up to Raiders or go for broke... Not stand pat. There will be some amazing behind the scenes wheeling and dealing on April 26th.
  4. Haven't been this off-season giddy since the Mario signing

    A top 3 QB should be a certainty. Can either trade up with Raiders or go for broke with someone in top 5. Kudos to Beane!
  5. Bills Sign Ivory

    I'm good with this as long as he hangs onto the GDBall!
  6. Does signing Vontae say anything about EJ Gaines?

    Doesn't look good for us and EJ. Would love to have him back as a zone CB. He'll get paid somewhere. Good luck EJ!
  7. Anybody find the lack of Defense in the NFL boring?

    If the NFL had its way, all games would be played indoors and on carpet (retractable roof be damned). Yes, I miss the old days with a good balance between D and O. Purple People Eaters, Steel Curtain, Raven felons, 85Bears, Eagles early 90s, even No Name D as painful as it was... The only time defenses stand out is when the O is inept. "Modern" football is starting to be as boring as regular season NBA. Run and gun with no D sucks.
  8. 3 Simulation Mocks

    So do we draft James Washington at 21 or 95?
  9. QB Draft Analysis 2.0

    Did you apply a factor for QBs coming out early? I would think with that happening more often than historically, it may skew your results?
  10. Source: Bills all in on Peterman unless they can land Sam Darnold

    This has to be both the funniest and at the same time, saddest thread I've read all year. Give it a rest. Our starting QB is not on the roster yet.
  11. [Vague Title]Colts And Bills

    Didn't want the media circus that is NYC.
  12. The Eric Wood Fund Link

    $21,860 RAISED Still a ways to go!
  13. The Eric Wood Fund Link

    Took it over $18K. Next? $18,089 RAISED
  14. Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen are available at 12

    I'd take either, likely we get Alex Smith instead.
  15. Bills 2018 Mock Draft Watch

    Do we think that six QBs will be picked in the top 10? Seems unlikely to me, so we need to move up to anywhere 7-10 and likely get to choose between Rudolph and Jackson in my guesstimation. That equates to a 1,2 and 3rd to get to 7. Not too steep.