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  1. Anyone can smoke pork...3, 2, 1... Brisket is an artform. That said, I'll take KC BB over central Texas, which beats Memphis and then St Louis. Carolina doesn't enter the discussion, but I love it too! Lived in all these places and therefore feel qualified to judge. Myself, its a simple Traeger job done right.
  2. Jam them at the line, Kelce and Hill. Don't allow them into the secondary. Even with a 5 yrd penalty, they burn clock and only have one play left. Then double team both play them over the top with safeties. Make anyone else beat us on that one last play from the 30. They'd need 35-40 yrds to get in FG range.
  3. Doesn't matter, just win. To be the best you gotta beat the best! Go Bills!
  4. Thought Dawkins played well considering he was coming back from a week off due to the COVID. Great game by OL overall. Losing IB is bigger than most think. We lose another IOL without Felicia coming back likely going to be a problem. Still like to see ore off tackle and wider runs than we have called. No push up the middle so we need to look elsewhere. Maybe some misdirection off tackle? Great game though!
  5. Run, stop the run. Football basics. If you can't, you lose to those who can.
  6. Edmunds is the worst probowl MLB I have ever seen! WTF? Jack Lambert would be in a frenzy knowing what this kid makes. Over run plays and also play soft, not sheading a single friggin block.
  7. No, failing to stop the run is the biggest reason we lost. Tough conditions for the pass dependent offense. No way the Pats should score any points throwing the ball less than 5 times! Not all the time, but I agree....we suck.
  8. Agreed. What was Leslie thinking? How many total passes did the Pats throw and yet we didn't stack the box with DL? Stop the run and make them throw should have been obvious pregame and certainly once the run got out of hand. We can't run or stop the run. Until we can, Josh and the Wrs are going to bein a difficult scenario.
  9. RU Kidding?! How many yards of rushing against and you blame the OC?! FGMAB! Leslie has to go and this isn't the fist game. Leslie's a dinosaur and he can't adjust to *****. What an embarrassment. Run. Stop the run. Or friggin lose. Again.
  10. Need to trade for an OL at the deadline. DL for OL? Morse is barely average, maybe.. when he's not concussed... The rest simply blow. Spencer Brown is a good find. He is the best of the group. Felecia has regressed, lost weight a plausible reason? Dawkins not back yet and was never a great run blocker. Williams never the answer as a RT. G play is very sad. That said, they aren't bad pass blocking as a unit, but cannot dominate at the LOS and will continue to be dominated by the elite DLs.
  11. I wouldn't recommend it. It is certainly possible, but a real iffy proposition and would likely leave you and your daughter stressed. Enjoy the game and find somewhere to get some wings afterwards. You're investing a lot in the memory with your daughter. Missing a day of school simply isn't that big a deal to ruin a once in a lifetime experience for the both of you. Tell mom to chill.
  12. Still feel like this is our Achilles heel. Wish we would bring in some talent for the inside. Love Feliciano, but he is a liability when passing. Always has been. The rest can't run block. Morse is one head bang away from retirement. Ford is looking like a possible bust (needs to step up in a big way). Maybe we need to change our run blocking scheme/approach? Short of Barry Sanders, no one can guarantee positive yardage with this group. It's not the RBs! Leaves us one dimensional again, but I guess it is a good dimension! Hoping the rooks can step up, but.... Really wish we kept Teller....
  13. Line is often overmatched when run blocking. Doesn't matter who the back is... I like a Moss Bieda combo but there have to be holes to run through. Dodging the first tackler behind the line or in the hole wont get it done.
  14. Neglecting OL again...still can't run the ball.
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