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  1. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Outside the QB role, which training camp battle are you looking forward to?

    OL, It is too important to the young QBs success.
  2. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Eagles give Jon Dorenbos a Super Bowl ring

    Happy for him. I was bummed when we let him go. I can't believe it was so many years ago....
  3. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    Dad was fresh off the boat and never cared much for sports. Later in life he did take up golf, much to my surprise and entertainment! He did move the family to Buffalo so I guess he was unintentionally responsible. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!
  4. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Kelvin Benjamin looking good ... where does he rank among AFCE WRs?

    I didn't see Zay Jones on the list. Obvious omission.
  5. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Don’t be a high maintenance poster

    No. AFC Championship game against The Raidas...What could be more perfect?
  6. Bills Fan of Maryland

    [Vague Title]Our bills need to consider this

    No, next season. Stop being obtuse.
  7. Bills Fan of Maryland

    [Vague Title]Our bills need to consider this

    ....and likely to be worse next year..
  8. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Does your dislike of the Patriots go into Boston's other teams?

    Hell yes, i hate Boston. I grew up a Bruins fan (and Bisons) until the Sabres were hatched. But then came five straight losses in the playoffs before we turned the tide. Lucic? Marchand? Really? How can a Sabres fan not hate the Ruins? NBA, who cares? Once the Braves moved I gave up on the run and gun no defense league. I'd rather watch college ball. As for baseball, the first game I remember watching was in the 69 world series. I've been a Mets and Orioles fan ever since. I thank Bill Buckner every time I think Red Sox. 1986. Ironically, I wore a BB glove as a first baseman in high school long before 1986. No hate for the Sox.
  9. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Edmunds Signed.

    I got mine as a gift. I've never bought a jersey.
  10. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Jordan Mills second team All-Pro?

    I think this assessment is closer. Best Right tackles from bleacher. Yeah, I know but I think they got this right. 21. Jordan Mills, Buffalo Bills Pass Protection: 17/25 Run Block: 16/20 Power: 18/25 Agility: 14/20 Position Value: 8/10 Overall Grade: 73/100 Buffalo's Jordan Mills is as tough as they come, and he plays with a physical mindset. Mills' pass protection is limited and inconsistent if he is facing speed, but he makes up for with is physical run blocking. Overall, the 27-year-old is an adequate starter. Buffalo knows it can trust Mills to line up and do the right thing, which is what helped him keep a starting job.
  11. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Edmunds Signed.

    LOL! I can give you a great deal?
  12. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Edmunds Signed.

    Still have my Poz jersey. Wanna buy it?
  13. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Mike Gillislee in danger of not making Patriots roster

    I think it was a case of one fumble too many at the wrong time and in the wrong game. BB has a long memory when it comes to TOs. If you can't hold onto the ball you sit and watch those who can. Not a bad philosophy if you ask me.
  14. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Josh Allen Picks Blue Cheese Over Ranch on his Wings!

    I can't believe ranch is evened offered in Buffalo! other than at a cheap salad bar in West Seneca!? Wings, hot, crispy...blue cheese with celery and pitcher of Molson. Duffs. Have a nice day! Boneless wings or nuggets should only be allowed on the children's menu if even then...
  15. Bills Fan of Maryland

    Josh Allen Picks Blue Cheese Over Ranch on his Wings!

    I am so so so sorry...Serve her up some suicide flats and rounds with blue cheese and let her make THE Choice!