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  1. I think Murphy can really help a lot of teams out there. It would be nice to get something for him instead of a release.
  2. Shady, Lawson for Clowney and a 5th seems pretty fair.
  3. You idiot. The news was hard to believe from anyone. When I posted that, there was no information on the board in regards to it. Get bent you little moron. Ok? My posted was yesterday around the time it happened. Nothing was 100% confirmed at the time. This board is full of idiots. Agreed. If he kept going he'd have made millions more, but at what cost physically? Smart move by Luck and I'm surprised more people don't get out while the getting is good.
  4. Seriously, get bent you little troll. Thanks, Captain obvious.
  5. I wonder if Indy goes on a fire sale now
  6. Its legit. I was wrong.
  7. I haven't heard this and would be money on it being false.
  8. Guess he can't take getting hit by someone his own size.
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