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  1. Generally, I think, if a position group is considered especially deep- teams wait and fill other shallower needs first. I think we can still get a first round WR talent at the end of round 2
  2. Man, this thread has turned into a Mr. WEO special. trying to put some sort of weird negative twist on this Bills move.
  3. You don't know that. I mean the Saints already have Micheal Thomas, right?
  4. I didn't block him because I disagree with him   

    I blocked Teddy because he's ignorant.  

    He's the a typical PPP insult persona. 


    1. SWATeam


      I can see how he is easily blockable, no doubt.  Often gets on my nerves as well.

  5. RIP Buddy. I Enjoyed chatting with you.
  6. I don't know, they still need size and seem to be filling a lot of their needs in FA.
  7. Maybe a little propaganda hoping that Higgins lasts til 54?
  8. This should be the expectation now, right? It feels weird
  9. I don’t think either can or do really rush the passer
  10. I'm convinced @Mr. WEO doesn't actually watch football. He just follows the box scores.
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