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  1. It’s time to transition to the young guys we’ve been developing IMO
  2. Hodgins has a pretty nice release for a big guy. Intriguing for sure.
  3. Especially considering Barkley has been in the system and this is all new to Keenum.
  4. Well, if he can't find success with this oline, running game, coaching, and defense- he's truly washed. I have a feeling we'll see better play.
  5. Going into any given season I'd say even the very best teams top out at having around a 20% chance of winning it all. It's tough and injury luck ends up playing a big role. We're in as good a position to get it done as any team in the NFL, and we will be as long as we have 17.
  6. Yeah, they beat us up in the trenches. But, I don't see that happening again with our re-tooled Dline. I'm really excited about how nasty our front is going to be.
  7. Injuries are part of the game. All teams don't have starting caliber backups at every position. Bills are the SB favorites, enjoy it.
  8. The pass catchers are interesting from size alone Pittman- 6-4 Pierce- 6-3 Jelani Woods- 6-7 Cox- 6-5 Interesting weapons for Ryan. I agree that the Colts are going to be very good.
  9. It's just bizarre to have such a laser focus on the potential negative, especially when we are where we are- the consensus SB favorites...."But, but, but, what if someone gets hurt!?!?"
  10. Latest from Joe B- https://theathletic.com/3496118/2022/08/10/bills-camp-observations-khalil-shakir/?source=dailyemail&campaign=601983 "Shakir helps fill the Diggs void as Bills shuffle WRs We’ve heard some rumblings from quarterback Josh Allen that the Bills are working rookie fifth-round draft pick Khalil Shakir in at the boundary receiver positions. But Wednesday was as strong of a confirmation as we’ve seen that Shakir is on the Bills’ minds as a potential backup boundary receiver should anything happen to Diggs or starting receiver Gabriel Davis. Shakir mainly had been thought of strictly as a slot receiver entering training camp, but he is showing more versatility than what was projected externally." Looks like @BADOLBILZ was right!
  11. Especially since that would mean, I would guess, that the rest of the offensive starters would also have to play that long. Can't throw him out there with backups. Bet IND I guess
  12. Sanders was added to the team to be WR2 prior to any Davis injury.
  13. The nice thing is, if this were to happen, it wouldn't be like a Sanders situation where Gabe is relegated to WR3. OBJ wouldn't be ready for quite a while so we would still get to see what Gabe looks like as WR2, and then- possibly- add on another weapon.
  14. You must have missed the hard hitting turkey burger reports...
  15. It's training camp.................He's not really feeling it until there's at least 5 sunglasses emoji's per post as well....................😎😎😎
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