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  1. Wow, looks like he had two Truly's!
  2. He’s what, 24? Still might have some upside to develop as a WR. I wouldn’t assume he’s strictly a gadget guy.
  3. Sure, but our injury situation was a bit extreme- IMO. Not sure how a passing team can have success with no healthy receivers
  4. The main factor was the health of our WR’s. Amazingly every last one of them was banged up. This would be like congratulating our scheme if we limited a hobbled Kelce and Hill. getting lucky with health is huge.
  5. Chiefs roll out this dime defense and Allen is going to run for 100 yards, IMO.
  6. I think he's on all the units, honestly. He's a core ST'er
  7. Maybe he’ll be the new returner!
  8. People afraid of the snow, lol. Bring it. Let's see Lamar on a sloppy track.
  9. At least we had a nice tune-up against a team that was solid in the trenches
  10. Singletary excels at that also. He stoned a guy on the Diggs TD.
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