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  1. SWATeam

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    I thought the opposite. Landry works the middle, Tyrod does not.
  2. SWATeam

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Rookie QB on a short week... Browns win.
  3. SWATeam

    Brady and McDaniels lose their cool 😎

    If anyone knows how to help them chill out, it’s Josh Gordon.
  4. Pretty much. It did get a little interesting in the second half, so it was an improvement over week one.
  5. I need to start traveling more... He took over after the half.
  6. SWATeam

    Wow, Baltimore sucks

    Bills obviously took everything out of them.
  7. Umm, yeah, ultimately they bear all the responsibility.
  8. SWATeam

    Positives from ugly loss?

    Vontae Davis didn’t look bad.
  9. I think this is completely wrong. Currently Josh holds the ball too long and would be at a much higher risk behind our line. Nate processes quickly and let's it rip with an extremely quick release. Yes, I know what happened against the Chargers last year... But I put some of that on Dennison to go along with the oline- with Nate himself stinking. I think Dabol is going to spread it out and let Nate play point guard- using his excellent processing and lightning release to spread it around. I also anticipate the use of pace to keep those monstrous DT's stuck on the field. I think fans are actually going to like Nate. He is the anti- "Trentative" Edwards and Tyrod- who had to "see it" with no anticipation. Nate is going to surprise, IMO. The narrative of the Bills possibly being the worst team in the league is nuts, IMO. I think the D will be strong- I'm not putting a lot of weight on a poor preseason showing. It means little. This team (and especially Peterman) should have a huge chip on their shoulder with all of this talk. I like it.
  10. SWATeam

    Report: Martavious Bryant released

    Stop. does this guy scream “process” to you?
  11. SWATeam

    Bills @ Bears 2nd Half Thread

    Well, at least it's clear we only need to keep two QB's. AJM is plain awful.