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  1. I'm really excited about our Defense. The secondary should be excellent, and I think Star and Murphy will go a long way in fixing the front seven. Add another DT and a LB or two, and we're all set.
  2. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    So Carolina has been bad against the run the last two years, then?
  3. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    The king was Mount Washington. Probably the most underated Bill of all time.
  4. Sammy Watwins to KC on a 3 Year Deal

    +1. TBD has already cemented Mahomes as elite, i guess... I don't really understand this move for Sammy. I expected him to go to a situation with an established QB for once, and build up his value for a monster next contract. Mahomes is a complete unknown. He could be EJ Manuel for all anybody knows.
  5. Interesting signing. Low risk high potential reward. He definitely looks the part.
  6. You must not have heard, Sammy opened up that whole offense! Best decoy in the league...
  7. You're nothing if not consistent!
  8. Bills Sign Ivory

    Ha, was he? We also got a pick out of Gillislee
  9. Landy would be a fantastic fit with Trubisky
  10. NFL Combine - Measurements, Times, and Other News

    My comp for Allen was drafted with Losman. Big Ben.
  11. NFL Combine - Measurements, Times, and Other News

    A lot of great size at WR this year. Beane loves his big WR's. I think we'll certainly take one in the first 3 rounds at least.
  12. NFL Combine - Measurements, Times, and Other News

    Josh Allen is putting on a show with that rocket of his. He is absolutely worth the risk of a top 5 pick. Massive tools.
  13. Bo Scarborough

    Ok, one more time. I was going for "high," as in high on marijuana.
  14. Bo Scarborough

    I meant "high"