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  1. Yep. Great feet, vision, and balance. Sign me up. The last thing I care about is long speed. What 40 did James Conner run?
  2. SWATeam

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    Yeah, and he's really flexible and bendy around the corner. I just don't think I ever really saw him with his hand in the dirt. I don't really see a fit, but who knows, getting to the QB is certainly at a premium.
  3. SWATeam

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    Really fast off the edge, but I don't see him fitting the scheme. He's a 3-4 OLB, IMO
  4. SWATeam

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Interesting that he was teammates with Kroft.
  5. It's tough because the home viewing experience just keeps getting better and better. Teams need to find ways to get people to want to go to the games.
  6. They need to hire Pete Rose to market this. I can see the commercials now.
  7. Sounds good, until a drunk fan set ablaze jumps through it.
  8. I heard Gillette stadium is upgrading to massage chairs.
  9. Slot machines would probably be pretty popular during the Pats* games.
  10. Who’s bringing wings to the airport?
  11. SWATeam

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    That's the problem with Gary. He has only really played edge, but people are projecting him to the inside. personally, I'd like to see it before spending a high draft pick on a projection.
  12. SWATeam

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    They couldn't be more different. Ferrell is lighting off of the snap. An elite get-off.
  13. SWATeam

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    I don't understand this narrative.
  14. SWATeam

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    It's easy to see who has watched the tape in this thread, and who has just looked at the stats. Watch the games, and there is really no question. Dudes a stud. For all the talk about his weight, I don't think I've ever seen him get pushed back. So powerful and quick. All with a relentless motor that never stops. We should be so lucky for Oliver to be sitting there at nine. Tremendous player that slides right in at a position of need.
  15. SWATeam

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    I think Clay has been misused most of his career. He's a great pass rusher off the edge, and I think would have been better off on a 4-3. I'd bring him in for cheap and see if he could stay healthy, rotating in as a pass rusher.