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  1. Because Andy Reid is a top offensive mind, it means that Benjamin is a good receiver because he signed him. I've read that logic countless times here.
  2. Well at least he has that going for him. It would be bad if he couldn’t care less.
  3. These discussions are amazing... Sammy was the 4th leading receiver on the Rams and the 3rd leading receiver on the Chiefs. He's still dealing with chronic feet issues, and yet, people still think it would have been a good idea to pay him 20M a year- or whatever ridiculous premium it would have taken to entice him to want to stay in Buffalo...
  4. So how is this different than the Bills realizing that they weren't going to be willing to match what Sammy would be looking for when he got to free agency?
  5. And Sean McVay didn't... Is he not a top football mind? I hate this type of lazy logic. It's like praising every move the Patriots make, because, they're the Patriots.
  6. Don't look at the stats! He is a master decoy that opens up that entire offense! He is the engine that makes it go! I mean look at the Chiefs offensive production last year (no Watkins) vs. this year (with Watkins). He was also the key to the Rams offensive resurgence last year that has even carried over into this year. He's incredible.
  7. That's it? I'm thinking best NFL QB ever.
  8. SWATeam

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    Does Kaepernick?
  9. SWATeam

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    Right. And it's understandable if no one cooperated with them. But the fact that they never questioned Hunt about the incident is inexcusable. That is why the NFL is taking heat.
  10. SWATeam

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    This applies exactly to Hunt as well.
  11. SWATeam

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    People tend to confuse legal rights with rights as an employee. You don't need to be arrested to be terminated from your job. Like they always say, playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right.
  12. SWATeam

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    Do you think that the NFL would need to operate like the FBI to simply ask Hunt about the incident?
  13. I can't believe this is actually a serious question. Do people even remember what Allen had to do to even get that throw off? It was an amazing play by him. Bad pass lol
  14. SWATeam

    Josh Allen Apparently Loves Popeye’s Chicken

    Diabetes is certainly a change.
  15. SWATeam

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    I'd agree that pro personnel has been a net negative. The KB situation is a disaster and Murphy hasn't worked out. But I disagree that Star has been bad. And McKenzie has provided a spark. Grabbing Gaines in the Sammy deal worked out last year as well.