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  1. And the Mike Thomas disaster season continues...
  2. I'm a fan of guys that are really good at something, even if it's only one thing. He's elite on the jet sweep. Could someone else do it? Sure, but not as well.
  3. When you have a weapon like Klein, you have to use it.
  4. Fox again? If the road team is AFC, isn't it CBS?
  5. I imagine they keep him out next week too with the bye on deck.
  6. Maybe we can get Jauron back? only 3 playoff years out of 4 after a 17 year drought??? This "process" crap needs to go.
  7. Heads up play by Matakavich was huge
  8. This is probably your best prognostication!
  9. You know what would make this game monumental??? A $15k wager!!!
  10. I thought he went in and out of the break very carefully. Wasn't sudden.
  11. Usually you just get a jersey in exchange for a BJ, not the actual player.
  12. Bills not putting him on IR was a good sign.
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