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  1. The mock draft is someone's content that they worked to make. Why should it be free?
  2. He was a projected alpha maybe. There was very little college production.
  3. I remember a lot of those same concerns for DK Metcalf. He's elite at what we need the most IMO. We need to add more than one WR anyways, we can add versatility elsewhere in this loaded draft.
  4. I think Safety will be the position we address in FA
  5. They’re no more dangerous than any other breed! That’s why we have all these underground golden retriever fighting rings
  6. You would think the steam would be out of this argument considering the state of the world champs receiving corps
  7. Picture looks like Josh just reviewed his Wegmans receipt.
  8. Weren’t those games without Milano, White, DaQuan, and Von? Our D simply was incredibly decimated.
  9. The whole last drive he went into "hero mode." Fumbled the ball that we were fortunate to recover. Threw an ill conceived pass off the hands of a defender, and went for the kill shots instead of checking down to move the chains and milk the clock. It is what it is. That's what we get with Josh- a lot of brilliance, but he occasionally gets tight and spazzes out in the big moments.
  10. The white man can't get a fair shake in this country!
  11. Does Patrick Fitzryan only have one confederate flag displayed at his house, or is there one affixed to his truck as well???
  12. There’s no way they don’t restructure Josh. the problem is all the other crap contracts. Diggs, Von, and Tre mainly.
  13. Laviska Shenault is my value WR signing
  14. Glad to know you’re on the case! Keep us posted
  15. It’s as bad as climate change debating
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