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  1. Are we to assume that teams (especially that one) aren't terrible at evaluating QB's?
  2. SWATeam

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

  3. Yet our FO/coaching staff thought enough of him to give him a start in his rookie season.
  4. I'm amazed that so many here see AJ as some sort of superior talent. Crazy.
  5. SWATeam

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    RIP One of my favorites.
  6. That should set them back at least a week in the regular season...
  7. SWATeam

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    I remember the press conference after EJ threw that game winning pass against the Panthers, I think, at the beginning of his rookie year. Marrone was asked if EJ had arrived and he basically broke out into laughter. I don't think Marrone ever wanted to play EJ, and he was at odds with Whaley over it. At this point it is clear who was correct.
  8. SWATeam

    Josh Rosen already impressing in Arizona.

    Reports are that Arizona wanted Allen as well. Settled for Rosen.
  9. More like- "uhhhhh uhhhhh here's your dumbbell Mr. Incognito. Would you mind signing my face where you hit me with it?"
  10. I don't see how AJ is viewed as a better prospect to start than Nate? To me they have an equal chance with Allen being the clear favorite.
  11. SWATeam

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    From all accounts he was a model citizen while on the Bills. As to the bolded, you must not follow Bills football.