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  1. LOL, still banging that drum Huh??? You miss the rest of the offseason with the heavy emphasis on offense?
  2. The one thing I notice about Oliver is that while he can be disruptive, he often flies into the backfield out of control and fails to finish the play. The QB slides one way or another and Ed flies by. Jerry Hughes used to do this a lot too, screaming off the edge out of control. That's why his pressure rate was so good but he had a hard time finishing the plays. It's great being disruptive but he needs to play with more control so he can breakdown and finish plays.
  3. I bet Hollywood is wearing a designer wristband
  4. Shocking! I figured you be through the moon with the focus on adding to the offense this offseason???
  5. It's a ridiculous point that people are making, not to mention that there are no assurances that this guy was even going to be there at the pick.
  6. I’m referring to AZ not being able to trade him
  7. Lol, the "over the top" takes that I see have been on the other side. We're practically planning the SB parade if we get him, I mean we had posters advocating trading everything under the sun for him... So far it seems the NFL talent evaluators more agree with 4mer
  8. @4merper4mer has a history of being right with his unpopular (at the time) takes. I don't think it's crazy to not love signing an aging, recently injured and popped for PED's player to a big contract. There's also always been questions about his practice habits. Bringing up this issues doesn't warrant the attacks on the poster.
  9. Don’t think that fully explains it. We spent all offseason acquiring multiple pass catching backs only to never throw to them. Also paid a TE and underutilized him.
  10. I wish Josh would hit more singles
  11. Dude’s turning into the Brandon Cooks of the defense
  12. Yep, Beane’s capital gains are going to be done in by the price of eggs
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