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  1. Might want to avoid this thread then.
  2. I can't figure the rest out after- Soul of John Wawrow
  3. Trump rally in Tulsa would be a good start. Maybe they could just follow round the campaign?
  4. Right. People are not allowed to have opinions about Drew's opinions...
  5. So others are not allowed to give their opinions on your opinions?
  6. You are allowed to think whatever you want. And if you give your opinion, others are allowed to give theirs. That's how it works.
  7. Yes, protest when no one is watching, cares, or can be offended.
  8. I see. Maybe you could advise on a better time that would be more convenient for you?
  9. And many gave their lives so that we may live in a free country where protests are allowed.
  10. 100% For some reason, many love to make the argument that their free speech is being infringed upon because they receive criticism. LIke people have the right to say any dumb thing they want, but others don't have the right to call them out on it?
  11. I'd be shocked if the Bills did not handle this formality.
  12. Looks like @ScottLaw has a new favorite sports outlet!
  13. I actually think it came from draft night when they showed him and his family after the bills picked him. They were all just sitting there. Probably just weird timing with the different feeds.
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