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  1. My understanding is that forfeit only comes into play if outbreak is among unvaccinated.
  2. @4merper4mer has had some unpopular player takes in the past. He usually ends up correct.
  3. "Sees media member's nostril hair on a zoom call." Uh oh, shots fired at @john wawrow!
  4. Well, we know what kind of ads @Brennan Huff is seeing
  5. Good thing it's April and not September. They do need some deep speed and I assume it will be addressed.
  6. Hmm... About when did our deep ball receiver get injured???
  7. We definitely have a type with regards to our mid to low level FA acquisitions- guys with extensive playing experience.
  8. Maybe I'm projecting on you points I'm seeing others make. Seems like the consensus is that since the Bills didn't make any big FA splashes, and just retained their same guys form last year, we haven't improved and can not possibly get past the Chiefs. Then I read your point about the Chiefs losing in the SB due to the state of their injured OL. IMO, not nearly enough was made about the state of our WR corps for the championship game. I'm not sure I've seen a situation like it, I mean every single one of our pass catchers was banged up. And we're a heavy passing team
  9. I love how we make excuses for why the Chiefs lost, but the Bills are just the same team that lost in the AFCCG- and that is their ceiling as they have made no improvments... Nevermind the fact that they played that game with literally ZERO healthy WR's...
  10. Yikes, what a horrid display of “basketball “
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