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  1. Makes sense with the great new facilities in Buffalo. They should be there as much as possible.
  2. Yes, after his 4 years with us- he stuck with the Raiders for 4 years. He's played for 2 teams. Teams really can't wait to get rid of him...
  3. Lee Smith has started a lot of games in this league and obviously has value to NFL teams- just not to message board posters fixated on fantasy statistics.
  4. This is inaccurate. They got a 2nd and Gaines for Sammy. They used the 2nd to move up for Allen. They spent a third on KB, which was obviously a disaster of a deal. Funny how people often mention this deal but not, say, the Tyrod trade...
  5. Do you think it will be better than the amazing 2014 WR class?
  6. I just feel like a 26 year old Clowney has immense upside in this defense. He's exactly what McD likes at end, and I think he has been misused in Houston. I hate looking at next years draft class this far out. Things always change.
  7. Fair point but I see no scenario where we would be using our 1st next year on a QB. Even if Allen is not the guy, we probably won't no for at least another year.
  8. Maybe, but Clowney is 2 years younger and much better- IMO
  9. My point is, though, that it will probably be for a 1st rounder. Not less.
  10. But is it worth not having Clowney in 2019? I mean they are in win-now mode, right? Watt isn't getting any younger.
  11. I'd do it, Clowney is a perfect fit for this D and could make it special. I don't think Houston would take less, I mean they could just keep him for the year, let him walk, and then get a high comp pick.
  12. Daughter Pegula must be tired of Croom. “Daddy, get rid of him! I don’t care if you need to sign Lee Smith!”
  13. Who's the third? I see two immediate.
  14. You don’t get how a limited QB might not be able to attack the middle of the field and utilize a TE? Are you not a bills fan?
  15. Sex tapes have been known to really jump-start a career. Maybe Kraft can become a reality TV star? "Keeping (it) up with Kraft?"
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