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  1. His prime was short, but I absolutely loved watching Bob Sanders.
  2. I find the potential size of the WR room to be refreshing. Lack of physicality at the position has hurt this team, especially in the postseason.
  3. The real million dollar question is do you trust the Pegulas to make a good hire?
  4. I feel like many are just stuck on results. We lost two coin flip games vs. KC which easily could have went the other way. Say we close out that 13 seconds and Josh hits Shakir for that score. In those scenarios we would have won 5 straight vs. KC. Would everything then be OK and KC would be the ones with a process that doesn't work? Everyone wants better players at all positions. But I have a hard time saying that our defensive investment has been a mistake, especially considering what I consider to be extremely poor injury luck to a majority of our impact defenders.
  5. Reality just doesn't bear this out. Last year KC had 9 drives and scored 5 times, two of which were FG's. They were 1-5 on third down. Cin also scored 5 times on 9 drives with two of those scores being FG's while we managed a grand total of 10 points. 2021 KC game wasn't a score fest until the end, with the Bills D also forcing 5 third down stops.
  6. Regardless of what you were replying to your point that the HC was willing to lean on his defense is completely wrong. They were attempting the exact opposite by trying to win it with no time left.
  7. Nonsense. they did a masterful job milking the clock while marching down the field to win the game. A touchdown was absolutely the goal, they were not playing for a tie. Just didn’t execute when it mattered.
  8. And Von and Jones rendered ineffective due to their injuries, along with our safeties
  9. Lee Smith is a blocking TE. While Knox hasn't really broke out like I thought he would, he offers a lot more than that. He is very athletic. I think he and Kincaid will be a very nice tandem.
  10. Knox is still the highest paid skill position player on the team. Kincaid is not his replacement, they want to play two TE's
  11. Not too hard to check the stats. Last year was a down year playing through the wrist injury, but the prior two seasons Dawson had 15 regular season TDs. And he has 6 postseason TD's in 10 games.
  12. I bet Shavers has a better shot at sticking. There's been talk about him staying in Buffalo and working all year and he has a reputation as a top special teams player.
  13. Yes Can you provide me with KC's WR2 statistics for last season?
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