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  1. QB Film Room: Josh Allen

    One thing that I notice watching his tape is that his interior Oline was dreadful. He had constant pressure right up the middle. I like him. Rare tools.
  2. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I agree. It's nice that he didn't die on that hill, and pulled the plug so quickly. Without reading the whole thread, what's your take on this hire? Know much about the guy? Based on my reading, this is the kind of guy good teams hire. Someone in demand and with options. Too many times in the past (Pre-Pegula) we've been left trying to rationalize uninspiring hires. We simply weren't in the big leagues. Now it seems we are willing to spend money with the best of them, in all aspects of operations. It's only a matter of time before we get it right.
  3. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I'm with you, he's obviously an impressive guy. Let him hand pick his QB room and lets go. I'll be excited to see what the O looks like.
  4. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    How would you call plays with Brady Quinn at the helm?
  5. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Welcome to fandom. Your site would be pretty boring if this wasn’t the case.
  6. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    These posts are a riot. Daboll has been at Alabama for one year
  7. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Nothing is wrong with giving an opinion. It's just that your response showed that you didn't know a thing about the guy. He's only been at Bama for one year.
  8. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Nice. Big time hire
  9. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    All you have to do is stop the run and dump offs, idiots
  10. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    How do they not !@#$ing do this! Either time...
  11. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    They actually work when there is the threat of a vertical pass
  12. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Conservative Marrone should give Pitt every opportunity to win this one
  13. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Steelers are idiots for not running more
  14. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    No he didn't. He thought he would be the head coach in NY
  15. Wow, that is big news. Should be the favorites to win it all now IMO