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  1. Yep, and we already have leadership at that position.
  2. First, dude might be the best WR in the game
  3. A little light on the gift this year.. hopefully the gift will be improved play. I enjoyed getting a flag or beach towel or something.
  4. So the Rams decided to pay Cooks more than Sammy got, and to give up a 1st for the right to do so. Yeah, seems like they were real aggressive going after Sammy...
  5. Yes, they signed Brandon Cooks, but he filled a different role- to the tune of 80 grabs and 1,200+ yards. Who replaced Sammy as the master decoy?
  6. Isn't it obvious? I mean look at how the Rams offense fell apart after they lost him.
  7. Speaking of Head and Shoulders, did you know that Sammy Watkins is head and shoulders better than any WR on our roster? discuss.
  8. He didn't say that you wanted failure, just that you expect it. Anyone that reads your posts would come to the same conclusion.
  9. So you’re REALLY not all in on Allen?
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