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  1. Man, that sounds like a guy the patriots could use, instead of say Jakobi Myers...
  2. And Phillip Dorsett, Jakobi Meyers, and Gunner Olszewki are all probably better now too?
  3. Tell me about it... He should sue for libel, they are smearing his good name! lol. That said, I'd still take a shot. Maybe with a change of scenery he could keep his head on straight for half a year.
  4. What's your theory on why the WR needy Pats* that have spent the better part of a year trying to find a WR, and just gave up significant assets for Sanu, are so ready to move on from the superior Gordon? Just for fun?
  5. Past the trade deadline though
  6. And people wonder why we don't run more.... Josh needs to make some plays to soften up these boxes.
  7. That's fine, I believe you. My take is that Oliver has the far superior career.
  8. LOL. Salty hot takes after a week of crowing about how we are going to stomp the Eagles.
  9. We've proven that we're 5-1. Anything else is waste of time talking points.
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