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  1. DR I am sorry but you are wrong here, the reason he is comfortable with the situation is he trusts DeSantis to handle as well as anyone. Now obviously if he did not trust DeSantis then his actions would be the horrible and I believe all would agree.
  2. There a few levels I can see the doctor saying he does not have a concussion, all predicated on dolphin organization not sharing full info with doctor 1) not seeing video, that alone should have required he go into protocol and be done for day. 2) delay the exam for 15 minutes until he gets his wits about him 3) doctor being given a strict set of standards that the NFL and NFLPA agreed to, which Tua did not fulfill. I would be shocked if a doctor would put his license on line to help the dolphins win the game.
  3. I am not a Bucs fan and I am insulted by the notion- now if it was all Bills regalia it would possibly be me.
  4. I plan to- my first hurricanes were 2004 and the best advice to all at this point is stay hunkered down and be vigilant. I have water, food, and batteries for flashlights. Probably, and hopefully, just a boring 48 hours. Yes- I live outside of Orlando- it will most likely not even be an actual hurricane by the time it hits here.
  5. Billsy i can stop the next Jan 6th- every date we will we confirming an election we have a few extra security on staff. Everything else would make most protests illegal
  6. Tomorrow morning at 8 am the eye will most likely be less than 20 miles from my house. I think DeSantis has done well in prepping the state as much as possible. I hope everyone is safe and as little physical damage happens along the coast
  7. Not only is your your statement off point, because I asked for a working definition, but also incorrect, most founding fathers accepted slavery as the cost of the union, but did not like it
  8. @Tiberius do you have a working definition? The words themselves seem to apply to our founding fathers so I am for this idea unless it is like all these PAC that just take money and never give it where it is intended, intentionally the opposite of what it really means.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/two-years-being-doxxed-trump-185159627.html Headline should say that after threatening to stab anyone who disagrees with her she was not given internship. She never had a job offer and was told during offer for internship to not post political items on social media.
  10. If it had been called a TD on field I might have stood, but I am not confident, since it was called incomplete there is no way it gets overturned
  11. So then we can't know until February if this a great roster by your standard, why are you getting worked up now?
  12. I am curious if people do not recognize the great team that Beane has put together. I believe by the end we had 17 players out/hurt but still came within a hair of beating a quality opponent? I am very confident that if we get healthy we will be great but the league is built to stop anyone from being able to stockpile talent beyond starters. Our backups are an average NFL team, which is amazing considering on 2018 our starters were mainly good backups.
  13. I believe this is real- there is a real person who this could be - basically she will never debate because the winner of the debate is always the other person.
  14. The protocol requires you to pass certain cognitive function tests and doctor should have immediately checked his eyes when he hit the sideline. If the doctor waited to do the physical inspection upon reaching locker room he knew he was not doing properly
  15. This is why it is not meaningless- these injuries worry me for seeding in playoffs. The rest of the issues such as play calling and finishing catches I think are solved with injury solutions.
  16. you think a dude who wanted to kill everyone is a white supremacist? He raged against cops and threatened people at school multiple times which caused him to be transferred from schools 5 times in 3 years. Finally he was thrown out after making a specific threat that he was gonna shoot up the school. He just wanted to kill people and was openly insane. BTW I know people who were higher ups in that district at the time and the way he was handled is why many of them are no longer there, some forced out and some left because they know that if not for the racist policy of not suspending him due to his Hispanic race that the shooting would most likely not have happened.
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.insider.com/trump-high-school-baseball-stats-scouted-mlb-2020-5%3famp I am helping you out Billsy, here is article showing the fact that this writer can not find the local copy of the paper to prove how good Trump was, and what they found made him look bad. And if a reporter can't find proof from a 1960s high school baseball program we can be certain that the guy is lying. Of course you can't find proof my friend was on ESPN in 1998 for a slam dunk contest but he was the video on VHS, so maybe high school sports is hard to research year later.
  18. You refer to former Presidents as President for the rest of their lives, what kind of idiotic point is this post making? Only people who deny elections would ever say otherwise
  19. How do you argue with someone who calls a Hispanic man who was diagnosed with mental illness a white nationalist? He is correct about threatening the school multiple times but when you hire a superintendent mainly because he refused to suspend minority students when in Chicago terrible things happen.
  20. It has been 9 straight games with 27 points, so pro coordinators are not exactly beating me convincingly
  21. Sounds like they are going to be racist bigots against those poor black people who are just looking for a place to park but can't afford to live there because of racism.
  22. If she is claiming his property values are lower than what he claimed does that mean NY property is not worth as much as usually thought? But her claims that she a superior appraiser is a joke because even very successful people can disagree on an assessment, on Netflix they have a show like shark tank with real estate and these experts can value a house by 30% differently.
  23. I put far too much thought into it but if I am Defense Coordinator I am going to play a Dime defense most of the game, and try and force Bills to run it between tackles. Make the Bills best me with what they are less good at, power running. Basically it forces Josh to make more plays to get his TD, therefore more chances of mistakes.
  24. I did see someone call this white supremacy, and I do agree. She is white and far superior to him, though most of my high school students would roast him also
  25. I thought CNN had turned the corner and become real journalists, but this is pretty pathetic. Dude was trolling 20 years ago while in college, this article has as much integrity as the people calling Josh Allen a racist for using rap lyrics on Twitter
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