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  1. The Commanders putting him on PUP prior to releasing him; still not recovered from a hip injury. 31 years old and with the additions Beane has made, I don't see a reason to even consider him.
  2. Beane would have to sweet-talk Hopkins into a workable deal,maybe some enticing incentives. Restructure contracts: White,Dawkins, D. Jones, Settle, et.al.
  3. When did Bills talk to these two? I have read rumors I like Hopkins not only for the pressure he would put on defenses, but also as excellent insurance in case anything happens to Diggs
  4. Even if Bills only maintain status quo....they are still a Super Bowl contender. If they add Hopkins (or comparable WR) and a pass rusher, I would be thrilled.
  5. You think Bills win 'only " 11 games but go on to win the Super Bowl? Getting past KC and the Bengals; after losing to them in the regular season?
  6. The roster is fluid and Beane is always willing to tweak it. It's an okay move for camp,but I'll wait and see
  7. Not a "bad" move at all. Brown is younger with more upside They have, or soon will
  8. So...why would we care about Josh's personal life? Are you jealous?
  9. Trading Davis, assuming you can make it happen, is ridiculous. That would make the addition of Hopkins useless, and the two moves offset each other. There are a couple contracts that can still be restructured. And now that Hopkins is a free agent,the Bills have more salary flexibility with him and don't have to take on his Cardinal salary. Why do so many people want the Bills to TRADE away a player when they are trying to strengthen the roster. Trading away a player just creates another hole on the 53
  10. TRADE somebody? That would lessen the impact of signing Hopkins and would be pointless. And I'll ask again,like I always do,how do you force a team to trade with you just because it might benefit YOUR team? Why is that proposed so often?
  11. If Shorter makes the 53,I don't think Gilliam will. Shorter maybe can back up Kincaid as a big slot,or a wide TE Speaking of health and luck; I think Hopkins would be extremely valuable as insurance for Diggs. Diggs has been durable in Buffalo,but if he goes down, the depth hasn't been there.
  12. I think the Bills should keep 3 TEs. Kincaid will be an important piece of this offense ,whether you use him as a slot or TE . Need a backup who can play TE, not another" Bobby Hart fooling no one". I agree the addition of Hopkins likely makes Gilliam expendable.
  13. If Bills DO sign Hopkins: how many victories will he add? 1 or 2 or more? One of my biggest concerns has been the lack of depth behind Diggs. Hopkins could keep the offense going if Diggs misses any games.
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