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  1. Isn't Star under contract for three more years (21,22,23) with a dead cap hit of 5 million next year?
  2. First of all,you have it backwards. What he actually said was "“This year, a pick you’d get in the fourth round might be the quality of a sixth-round pick NEXT year.” He was referring to the uncertainty of drafting so many players who didn't play in 2020,due to Covid, opt outs. What if he is wrong? Maybe some of these guys benefit, recovering from injuries? And,he's like 90 so I'm not sure how sharp he is.
  3. It would cost most of the Bills picks to move up for him. No thanks ...will have other spots to fill ,especially with all the one-year contracts
  4. Why would he come to Buffalo with all the backs they already have? Has to be a BETTER opportunity for him somewhere.
  5. I doubt he will start but intriguing pick up
  6. After signing Williams to that contract? What a wasted pick it would be. Draft a young DE; Hughes and Addison are 33,34 and on expiring contracts.
  7. BEASLEY will be in the slot. Ridiculous to draft a WR at 30 with the depth they have. Who sits? Sanders? Davis? McKenzie? Any player drafted at 30 must be an immediate contributor.
  8. This explains some of the details; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31159686/nfl-moves-17-game-regular-season-2021-means-teams-players-revenue-fans%3fplatform=amp
  9. Easier said than done. How will you know for certain " the time is right"?
  10. These "trade down" scenarios are iffy. How far down do you trade? How can you know for sure he will be there? You can't predict what other teams will do.
  11. Wasn't this all worked out when the CBA was approved,a year ago? I believe the players will receive a higher portion of revenue,48,then a bump to 48.5%? The 2021 cap was obviously affected by The Pandemic....2022 cap will benefit from the additional income, especially media dollars.
  12. Thats my guess....unless they draft IOL. Guard depth ,eventual replacement for Morse at center
  13. I dont know if the Bills even can afford the contract you propose
  14. Bills usually line up with just 2 LBs; Edmunds and Milano. If you are proposing Surrat as the first rounder....that seems like a wasted pick. When and where would he play?
  15. Nobody forced him to enter the program. He could have come to the States on his own. But he wouldn't have even gotten as far as the practice squad. Oh, you have also heard about contracts and collective bargaining etc?
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