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  1. Aren't they at 83? I thought the roster was at 89. Then -4 and -2
  2. He apparently played a number of special teams snaps, but I didn't notice.
  3. There is no point in "sitting" Jones. His value to the Bills is on special teams. If another player beats him out for the ST gig,he gets cut.
  4. I don't expect 8 rookies to make the 53. Those that don't are absolutely good PS candidates. Or eventually, injury replacements.
  5. Poyer? I have heard next to nothing about Lawson this summer. Is this the year for Mike Love?
  6. Maybe not this year but could soon replace Matakevich.
  7. Several of the young LBs could conceivably replace Matakevich on defense AND special teams. If they cut Kumerow they will need outside WR depth.. Hodgins? Or use a LB,DB,RB or WR. I think Jones is easily replaced as a RB but then team would need a gunner... There are plenty of candidates to RETURN kicks.
  8. Bills have the 'position depth" to let any of them go but they wont gut Special Teams. Jones is the oldest and I think I would let him go.
  9. There's nothing eye-opening here. Same observations as most NFL analysts and those of us who follow the Bills. But thanks for the effort. P.S. "Shorn"? Looking for style points? Did I see Anderson at left tackle,too? If Allen never gets hurt and Barkley never has to play, it would like a good move. I don't want Barkley in there ,long term, if Josh misses a few ganes.
  10. Kumerow and Pau'u are 6-4. If Bills keep 7 WR Hodgins and Kumerow coukd both stick. Stevenson and Austen apparently aren't needed for returns; Cook,Shakir McKenzie and Duke could handle them.
  11. So...why share an unfounded internet rumor? The BS continues? Little faith in unnamed sources.
  12. I think the NFL is smarter than this and has guidelines in place.
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