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  1. I have always thought the term "Mafia" has a lot of negative connotations. Doesn't seem appropriate for a team's fans.
  2. You can relax , thats what you can do. I didn't consider it said with any ill will. We all know how much the WR group has improved each year
  3. What makes you think Fromm gets activated? That kind of defeats the purpose of him being isolated all season
  4. I don't think he has to go on waivers,he is a veteran with enough service time to become a free agent
  5. They among the most common names,anyway ,so not really a statistically significant theory. But, whatever floats your boat
  6. He is almost 29.....won't be around for 10 years. This should be an opportunity for him
  7. Bills can't afford guys like Gilmore . Somebody in the last year of a rookie deal for a late round pick,maybe
  8. Can now have up to 6 veterans on PS with unlimited service time. When Feliciano returns, I wonder if they will cut Harrison
  9. I hope to see good potential from this offense. Smart, disciplined, without signs of rust
  10. I don't want to risk Hyde back there....I'd go with McKenzie if Roberts is out Bates, Boettger, maybe Winters could play center if they don't activate Boehm from PS
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