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  1. Wondering if Wade hangs around for a third year on PS. Also have Antonio Williams
  2. Well...besides McKenzie; Powell ,Stevenson, Simms and Sanders, supposedly even Hodgins,can play the slot.
  3. 1 down....15 to go? Wonder if Beasley, Davis,Lotulelei and others will wake up
  4. He had no shot at WR or DB unless a lot of guys got hurt,sick,or suspended.... What does that have to do with roster moves? They didn't draft him. You knew that, right?
  5. I never wanted TWO rookie tackles on the 53. Brown looks like he can play. Bates and Ford can also play tackle if needed.
  6. How can you assume that Daboll's new team,if he does move on, will automatically sign Trubisky? What if they already have a QB they like? As a new head coach, Daboll won't be all that powerful.
  7. Hollister? No way they go with only Knox and Gilliam at TE. 8 QR seems excessive . And 12 DL? This is nuts
  8. Can't put them on the practice squad NOW. Not until after final cuts
  9. What are you talking about? Teams were required to cut 5 players today . Might see starters play more this week.
  10. Edmunds, Milano, Klein, Smith, Dodson, Matekevich and Giles-Harris apparently outplayed Adams.
  11. "Training staff". I would guess like strength & conditioning.
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