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  1. Yeah, that wasn't the intent of this thread. I'm not about to give up on the team, not after 40 years of following it. But I AM given up on this regime. They had a lot of promise 2017-2019, and since have been...underwhelming.
  2. I've said it forever: moral character on the football field is overrated.
  3. I can think of four, maybe five guy on this team who have the "want it." The rest could all go for all I care
  4. Here's why: 1) draft malfeasance: starting with the atrocious decision to to draft an undersized DT in the top 10 (a guy who's been rotational and not game changing in any way instead of a top offensive talent on the line or receiver) and ending with drafting a CB who isn't a scheme fit and therefore really didn't contribute all that much, Brandon Beane has failed in the draft post 2018. That failure was a DIRECT contributor to the divisional round ceiling this team now has. 2) misplaced loyalty: McDermott is loyal. I get it. He doesn't want to throw his guys under the bus. Star L, Trent Murphy, Leslie Frazier, I could go on, but why? The man can't recognize cancer and lets it fester. 3) complete lack of situational awareness: this coaching staff is incapable of seeing the forest for the trees and is all too willing to continue doing what isn't working on and off the field in the name of continuity. 4) defensive malpractice: for guys who claim expertise in defense, this team's defense sucks, on ice. It's a worse version of the colts finesse defense under Dungy. It plays zone 90% of the time but can't stop a third and long if their lives depended on it. I'm over the soft zone. Time to go. 5) it's just time. Sometimes a guy comes in, cleans house, gets things working. A guy may succeed in that job, but find himself incapable of taking the next step. That's Sean McDermott. He's a great culture builder and I mean great. But he's hit his ceiling..bring someone in who can get the job done.
  5. It's gonna take more than bounces. This team is replacement level outside of 17/14
  6. Don't hold your breath, best to keep expectations very low for Ed.
  7. Chiefs don't scare me. Win this week and kick them while they are down
  8. They need to put a tattoo on Mahomes here
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