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  1. I'm an axe man. I'd have started the process in 2022.
  2. Unless you ask THEM. Greg tompsett is the exception, seems genuinely nice. But the rest lol
  3. The absolute worst, especially Aaron Quinn Guys wrong AND a douche
  4. Correct. But it would have been better had he done it last year
  5. Look at his catch percentage and depth of target. Marino has some great numbers on this. He was receiver three from week 7 to 28 and did ***** all in the postseason including a critical drop. Yeah, sometimes guys hit the wall quick
  6. Look at the numbers. They don't lie The dude is donezo, despite your caterwauling. I'd like to add Miller's dead cap to it and get rid of all the dead weight
  7. Tell me you didn't watch week 6-18 without telling me you didn't watch week 6-18 Diggs is COOKED, the trade was a steal
  8. Hopefully they look worse, because they cut von miller and ate his atrocious salary this all needs to happen all the old needs to go
  9. Von is an albatross, any anyone with half a brain knew that would be the case they day they acquired him
  10. Against better competition no less Bye Diggs, you're cooked, so getting ANYTHING for you was a steal
  11. he is, of course, correct wish they'd have cut MIller too he's useless
  12. Yes, yes, let the hate flow through you this is the right move, at the right time
  13. Hi, I'm back. How's that talent pipeline flowing?
  14. Awesome haven't had a nice chat about 13 seconds lately
  15. Enough with the skinny-shaming, is this place not moderated anymore?!?!
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