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  1. Follow up question: When do you bin the regime? What's it gonna take
  2. Ultimately, yes. They failed at the highest level. But it was still failure. As bad as Schottenheimer? No. But he couldn't hold a candle to Walsh, Parcells, Gibbs or Johnson.
  3. You know it. Just weird to think about parents that way haha
  4. So, can I count you thrilled with the outcome of the process?
  5. Bit harsh. McDermott should go, and Beane too, depending on this draft. If he's still at it with terrible first and second round picks.
  6. Which is why we should fire our guys and hire someone from there.
  7. Asking beane to be competent with the OL is a bit much, don't you think? There's a average DT out there needing a job
  8. No expectations except I expect a wildcard berth, and probably one and done. Teams just not good enough
  9. That's a horrible way of looking at the world unless you're Marty Schottenheimer
  10. Well, glad to know someone around here loves moral victories I guess
  11. Any season that ends without a championship is a failure. In fact the farther you go without winning it all is a worse failure because it cripples your drafting for no benefit
  12. Dont care about their PBP guy. Care about their scouting/management group. They obviously know how to draft the OL/DL and skill positions too In other words, they're competent
  13. They've built two contenders in the time we've built one divisional round team. Fire beane and McDermott and raid their organization.
  14. Yeah but they missed on every DL pick they've made. Multiple bad picks
  15. Eagles. And I want the bills to raid their coaching staff and FO. THAT is the kind of team I want. Physical and explosive.
  16. With good reason. Old folks have wisdom and experience, bit very often lack in energy and innovation
  17. Which is why beane should have a pink slip on his desk. He's ***** this team with his DL drafting/failures
  18. Love some underperforming DTs, do you? Sound like you'd fit in in the front office.
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