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  1. Fellow Bills fans living in Illinois may have to head to Buffalo in order to meet!
  2. Week Two will have Greg Gumbel, Trent Green, and Melanie Collins the sideline reporter (bottom of the page): https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-sports/releases/view?id=53271
  3. My first trip to Buffalo (with my wife) for a Bills game! My first Bills game - as have been many of my Bills games, including last season - was in Indianapolis, 1991:
  4. Something old, something new(er), something borrowed (covered), something blue I'm a big fan of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats; first heard about them in 2015 when their debut album was released. I got to see them up in Peoria, IL in December 2016 play for about 300 people and it was a fantastic show full of energy. 'Coolin' Out' features Lucius on backing vocals; that band is one of the supporting acts for The Night Sweats. The 'Atlantic City' cover is from "The Tonight Show" sessions, as Jimmy Fallon is a big supporter of the band. They are signed to the Staxx Label and their Soul/R 'n' B sound really exemplifies the label's history. For context, their hit song 'SOB' (posted earlier) is about Rateliff's struggles with alcohol; how he had to kick it or booze would likely kill him.
  5. I've filled up my YouTube with lots of users with old Buffalo Bills/NFL content. Here's a few (be sure to click on 'Videos' to see their whole library)... Andy Provin - To me, the most comprehensive Buffalo Bills video content you'll find: Games, highlight films, compilation videos (Obscure Bills QBs who threw a TD and video of the throw(s), for example). John-Paul Müller - Buffalo Bills Late-80s through 2002 (not every year but a lot of the Bills heyday). FRANTHESCRAM - Name suggests a Vikings fan, but a TON of old NFL GOTWs and other shows. jstube36 - More great content (TWIPF with Summerall and Brookshire), plus late-40s/early-50s content. Comrade Dobler - Classic Cleveland Browns content. Randy Fast - Lots of Bud Grant-era Vikings videos. Grey Beard - Even more classic stuff. And, if you need your fix of NFL Films music (and you think Sam Spence was the only one who created great scores for the films), then Dave Volsky is your hookup. He has developed several playlists of the music that you can click on and enjoy for hours. I've taken a several of them and converted to MP3 and have on a thumb drive I'll bring with me to the Home Opener. Dave even creates his own compilations and re-imagines long-lost videos that only have an audio track. I have many more but that's a good starter to satisfy a classic NFL fan's needs.
  6. One in 2XL, please. Will pick up at The Opener.
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