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  1. They are checking to see if his he has hands or pegs
  2. Shaq is looking like a man playing for $$$
  3. I have known Jarron since his AQ days. Nice kid, great family. Was an interior DL at ND and moved to OL. Hope it works out for him.
  4. The kids who get into the restricted areas- rick kid, I guess.
  5. The Shady thing is actually pretty easy. With the cap number he as exactly zero trade value. The Bills have plenty of cap space so don't need to worry about that. So if he has any value he stays, if not he gets cut.
  6. Cam Phillips- Josh Allen lover him last year
  7. It better be the Bills or McDermott and company are in trouble. This is the 3rd year, excuses should be getting more difficult to come by.
  8. Cam Phillips- Allen and him had a definitive bond last camp
  9. RIP Amigo. Prayers to your family. I know they are hurting, but are proud of your courage. To the Bills Mafia and Organization: I am proud to call myself a Bills fan today. The outpouring of love and support for this man and his family is remarkable. It came from Mafia members, players (who didn't have to do it), administration and owners. Class through and through. Say what you want about western New York, but they don't make people like this everywhere else. Godspeed Pancho.
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