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  1. Add another $25 - this fan base never ceases to amaze me. Good people with big hearts.
  2. I think you are very right. I can see them moving up or down in the first round and packaging a bunch of trades to get as many picks in the first 4 rounds as possible.
  3. Anyone want to bet a dollar that this rule change will cost the Bills at least one game this season?
  4. Whoever decided on her was asleep at the switch.
  5. Totally classless guy and horrible representive of western NY- his hit on Tre White showed his true colors - good riddance - dick
  6. The NFL should just adopt all college rules regarding reviews and overtime. The games are much more fair. However, the NFL is married to the 3 hour rule (games should be completed in 3 hours) for TV revenue purpose. They are willing to let fairness suffer in the interest of revenue. The sad part is that I do not think viewership would suffer at all, but they do not want to take the risk.
  7. It's a brutal business. I do feel for them in some sense, but it's the life they chose. If they have the talent, they will have the chance to make it presuming they work hard.
  8. You are correct, that is because they make many good moves and have the hardware to prove it. Not us.
  9. I guess we'll find out in September if I'm overreacting. We were down to our last two over 30 year old running backs. And behind that line we have build, really anyone can run for 1000 yards. It is literally a waste of money.
  10. My trust of the process officially ended with this news. Beyond stupid.
  11. This is really not shaping up too good for us. James gone, Pardise looks like a Jet,-
  12. Glad we are losing him to the Jets. We could really use the money on defense. SARCASM
  13. Receivers only matter if your QB is standing upright and not running for his life. Must fix the OLine first. The WR group is really deep. A lot of impressive performances yesterday. Let's see what happens in free agency. I still think the trade down scenario is good, if there is a partner. Then can use the multiple 4th and 5 round picks to move up an many grab a second 3rd pick. Could really play to have 2 first round picks, a 2nd round pick and 2 third rounders. Possible to get 3-4 day one starters.
  14. Now this is the type of signing we need. Automatic upgrade. Good stop gap for a few years. I 100% support. Good use of free agent cash.
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