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  1. Tough tough assignment. If there is a chance, we need to bang Ingram at the line of scrimmage or behind it with o-line play. Oliver and Phillips will have their hands full. Must take good angles to Jackson when he runs outside the tackles. Must run the ball and slow the game down. It's possible- anything is, but the Ravens are monsters right now.
  2. Horrible time management by the ravens - I think our offense can score points on this team- however as good as our defense is, this kid is a nightmare!
  3. I can certainly say the refs are not going to be helping Buffalo- as usual
  4. Love love love the way the national media is completely overlooking this team- stay under the radar! This team is going to be motivated beyond words- Love love love the way the national media is completely overlooking this team- stay under the radar! This team is going to be motivated beyond words-
  5. Knew going into this one that they had to beat the refs as well. The NFL is a business and the business does better with the Cowboys, Patriots and other select teams in the hunt- the Bills went in there and punched them in the gut! No amount of officiating interference was going to stop the Bills from winning- kudos to this staff for the preparation on a short week, Beane for assembling the players and the players for staying focused. Unlike teams of the past this Bills team could be special. I have been fortunate enough to meet Jim Kelly, Kent Hull, Thurman Thomas and Steve Tasker and all said the same thing - they weren’t the most talented but they played for each other and they consider themselves family. When you have that anything is possible. Great team win. The future is definitely pointing up!
  6. This offense has regressed - drops, play calling, lack of Singletary (8 carries), Lee Smith penalties, zero confidence they are able to score- and I will say it Allen is never going to be a franchise quarterback- what you see at this point is what you get- receiver wise I have not seen a contested catch in nearly a decade ( some sarcasm but not much)
  7. True that is even more scary for sure.
  8. Cody Ford at right tackle scares me.
  9. He is completely reckless with the ball- promises to learn his lesson but never does- I want him to be the guy but growing wary
  10. Zay needs to be inactive - just not an NFL quality reciever
  11. So was that a total of 4 practices. Frustrating for the kid I'm sure but not NFL durable. Again, we sort of knew this going into it. Given McD's quote, I can only presume its not something that would enable him to play this week.
  12. To each their own. It’s a brutal game, but there is no excuse to leaving 1/2 way through a game. Stand on the sidelines to support the team for an hour and a half.
  13. Just society overall today for the most part. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! I'm so special. Say what you want about McBean, but they have been staying away from these type of clowns. Unfortunately, the OBJ, AB and Gronks (still pissed about the cheap shot on White) of the league cover all the good that most of these guys are doing (Foundation work, visiting sick kids in hospitals, school back packs).
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