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  1. davspo

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    Love the analysis of someone giving an analysis- must be the off season.
  2. If you believe that the rate of any crime committed by the National Felon League's players, is not statistically significantly higher than all occupations, please post the link to that research. Interesting, do you have any research that show that the crime rate of NFL players is statistically higher?
  3. After looking at the video again, it just seems that he is being disproportionately punished. Many have done much worse- see Ray Lewis. Just my two cents.
  4. Just listen to Mary Kay on NFL radio, (Browns beat reporter), she said that Hunt's father was arrested recently on drug trafficking charges. Not sure how relevant it is, but questioning the support system he has in Cleveland with his family.
  5. Cleveland got better today. The Bills did not. If they had a chance at singing him for anything less than double what Cleveland is paying him, they made a mistake.
  6. davspo

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    I'm not a big conspiracy guy, although it does seem that certain teams get the calls more often than not. Regardless, the state of officiating in the NFL is a real problem. I really don't have any suggestions on how to fix it, or if it is even fixable. I do know that for me personally, it has impacted how often I view games. I will watch the Bills game and that's about it. I use to watch a lot more.
  7. When I hear them say they draft the best player available I cringe- they all draft the best player that fits their need. It’s so stupid when they say that.
  8. The way I view it, this team's highest priority - almost to the exclusion of everything else- is to build an O-Line. They need at a minimum center, tackle and guard. Only after that can they consider other position groups. Failure to at least attempt that first, all as we will get is more of the same.
  9. It’s either rigged or the refs are just horrendous- either way not a good look- yet we continue to watch- that one call determined to outcome of a season- unacceptable
  10. davspo

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    Very reasonable. I guessed it was $5 mil guaranteed. Great deal for the Bills.
  11. davspo

    Lorenzo is back

    Agree with that. I have always been skeptical of Shady as a leader. Between his run in with the law, baby momma drama, recent play on the field and refusing (as a captain) to address the media after games (its his job as a captain to protect his teammates and deal with the media win,lose or draw)-- I don't necessarily see Shady as a leader or positive influence at all.
  12. davspo

    Lorenzo is back

    Little doubt it would happen, but great news that the Bills understand what they had and got it done, and the Lorax recognized he belongs here. Good stuff from both sides. Any idea on the numbers? I guessing 5 mil guaranteed???
  13. davspo

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    Get er done. I'm thinking big pay day, promise to draft 2 lineman in this years draft in the first 3 rounds, suite at the Sabres game and BCC membership should do it.
  14. davspo

    Antonio Brown Trade Value

    A third tops- he has no value as everyone knows the Steelers are done with him. Huge cap hit, jerk and getting up there