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  1. marching up the field until the end zone... Marching up to the opponents 35 yard line is another way of saying the same thing. Semantics semantics semantics
  2. Def delay it’s annoying. Adjust your time gap with DVR you’ll be 👌.
  3. Never was DK an option. This explains how highly McBeane thinks of his FA signings.
  4. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/14/buffalo-bills-sean-mcdermott-were-not-draft-receiver-2019-nfl-draft-david-sills/
  5. https://www.al.com/sports/2019/05/duke-williams-on-bills-opportunity-im-just-thankful-for-this.html Enjoy
  6. Think he learned a valuable lesson last year when we became thin at several positions.
  7. Q&A: Phil Hansen on his 11-year Bills career and recent airport run-in with Ed Oliver https://theathletic.com/968353/2019/05/08/qa-phil-hansen-on-his-11-year-bills-career-and-recent-airport-run-in-with-ed-oliver/ def worth the $2.99 per month.. for the the ones who won’t do the trial or pay the subscription fee here is what Phil thought of his time in buffalo (last paragraph of article). Wha As a former defensive player yourself, what do you think about Ed Oliver as the Bills first overall pick this year? I actually met Ed in the airport when I was leaving. We were flying back at about the same time, same flight. So I went up and introduced myself, and just told him a little bit about Buffalo and what to expect. Defensive linemen are at a premium and we got a good one. They can really wreak havoc on a quarterback, so yeah, I think he’ll do great. When you came into the league, Buffalo was one of the best teams in the NFL. You jumped right into the mix and got to be part of the Bills last three Super Bowls. What was that like? I was in awe just like everybody, maybe even more so because I had just watched the Super Bowl a few months before and these guys were in it. So now I was teammates with them. Obviously, it takes a little while to transition; they don’t quite accept you as a teammate right away. But I was playing my first year so guys like Daryl Talley, Bruce (Smith), and Shane Conlan took me under their wing. I was obviously the weak link early on, but they stuck by me and it was a good experience. You got to the quarterback a lot in your career. But in today’s NFL, some of those sacks might have been called for a penalty. What do you think about today’s rules regarding quarterback sacks? I’m a defensive guy. I think it’s crazy the way they changed the rules to benefit the offense and to get a bigger score, to appease the fans I guess. And I guess it’s the fans who pay our salary. But, I don’t know, I’m kind of a purest I guess. I don’t like all the new rules myself. I don’t know why quarterbacks get to have preferential treatment, which I don’t I know how anybody can say that they don’t. I understand that they are a big part of the game, but it’s like saying they are a bigger part or more important than you are. So, it’s probably not very popular, but that’s kind of what I feel about it. (Laughs) Consider the source! It’s coming from a defensive lineman who was paid to sack quarterbacks. We were judged on sacks and that was the best part. What was your most memorable sack? Sacking Dan Marino was memorable. I can’t say which one exactly, but he was such a competitor. We played Miami twice a year, they were our rivals. So just sacking him and looking at the look of disgust on his face, that was always good. And then the guy I went up against (on the offensive line) was one of my biggest challenges. So that was always pretty satisfying. Fans always loved it, too. What do you take away most from your time in Buffalo and with the Bills organization? It probably doesn’t have anything to do with football, necessarily. I mean, that’s why I was there. But the community, the people and the neighbors. I still get together with people from Jim Kelly’s golf tournament in June with some of my teammates. You know, when I was back (for the draft) I got to drive down some of my old roads and saw how downtown has developed. I got to go see some of my friends and people who I knew from just being my neighbors back then. They’re just good people and lifelong friends. It’s coming up on 20 years here, so there’s only a handful of people left with the Bills who were there when I played. Time moves on. But the memories don’t. ✌️
  8. Best bills coverage there is currently. 💯 glad I signed up just wish articles appeared every day but then it would cost much more.
  9. Great user name.. he will earn whatever name reality serves
  10. Hope it works out 💯 reminds me of what I thought about Corey Coleman 2.0 At least Williams is the top producer in the “Crack Farts League” lets go FOSTER another surprise 🙏🏼
  11. Beane has gone on record saying “Singletary” was the most fun player to watch he had scouted all year.
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