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  1. I wouldn't mind the red helmets back for a couple games a season. Like the white ones as the usual
  2. Let's hope Allen avoids injury. Alot of these plays just seem to be so unlucky
  3. It will be interesting to see which Josh we get next week. Yes absolutely. Allen was amazing yesterday but in the second half he was slightly below his first half brilliance and held on to the ball a spilt second longer here and there, he seemed to then be a touch less decisive than the fantastic first half. I say this only because this is what had been his 'offgame' before yesterday and we had sometimes seen this regression within games and week to week. Yesterday I felt like he was manoeuvring players open more than I'd seen, accuracy was great and pocket awareness was top. I also think that the mental side of the game - you could just tell that he was completely on top of that yesterday, in control.
  4. Just mentioned in the Mcd presser that josh lost his grandmother last night.
  5. Seahawks were always going to score more than ten. Let's respond ourselves
  6. I'd like to see us go for 2 if we get a touchdown. Won't happen
  7. We want to see a touchdown drive from Allen and the offense now. Team needs it
  8. It's a highly intelligent move from Beane to draft a QB lower round.
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