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  1. Minutes before Tiger teed off in the US Open in 2008, he said he got a piece of putting advice on the practice green that changed his outlook on putting and catapulted him to the win. Every QB holds the ball, sets his feet, turns his hip, releases and follows through slightly differently, by millimeters. Romo shared what he did, Josh tried it and it felt comfortable. Jim Kelly told him at one point too, and Palmer, and Barkley, and Darnold, and every other QB he's close with. It's his coach's job to record that Josh has changed what he's doing, and how. If things come off the rails, they can revisit these changes and discuss if it was worth it, or if they are contributing to a mechanical fault that may not have shown up in shorts, but doesn't lend itself to game action. Coaches aren't guru's, they're acountability buddies that hold you to a schedule, a routine, and a path that they are continuously revising based on your input and the input of other coaches. Results matter.
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